She went "Wow!".

He went "Yowsa."

They went "Hi/hiya", and suddenly there were giggles and everything was really awkward.

Her heart beat fast. His palms begun sweating. Shoes moved, fingers curled. An elderly lady lifted her lace curtain and looked out her window, smiling at the view. She remembered a time of insecurities and awkward pauses. The hesitation, the heart fluttering, the anticipation, the sweaty palms.
After a short internal debate, she let the curtain back down with a knowing smile.

"Ehm," said the boy, "I'm Jake!" and he thrust his hand forward. The girl hesitated, smiled shyly. Her hand trembled as it rose to his. "I'm Lu-lu-lus..." she cleansed her throat quickly, swallowed. "Eh, Lucy." Her voice faded, her cheeks flushed.
His heart beat faster by three. Lucy... whispered between his ears. Her hair was blonde, sweet, and about to escape from her hair bands. Her lips were... orange? Pink? Red? He couldn't tell. He only knew he liked them. Liked them a little much. He wanted to... he did not know what, but it would bring him closer, probably even as far as to touch...

He was taller than her. His eyes were so dark in his face, yet she somehow knew they weren't black. There was a faint stubble, early growth, on his chin. She wondered what it would feel like if she were to touch... Her hand seemed to lift of its own volition, only to stop halfway, as she realized. She laughed shakily, self-awareness at the highest point possible.
They kept saying "eh" and "ehm" and "ah-", but nothing came out. A car ran by, startling her. Her shoulders went up, dislodging a strap on her top. He lifted a hand to put it back, stopped himself, pointed. "Ehm, your..." Flushed. She looked over her shoulder, back at him. For a moment she felt a need to understand, stronger than ever before. Then he moved his hand, still pointing, and she looked at her now-bare shoulder, flushing scarlet. She could hear him make a sound suspiciously like laughter, and opened her mouth to tell him off, still scarlet all over, while trying to pull her strap back up. He put a hand up, stopped her. "I'm... Sorry." he giggled. "So-orry."
She could tell he was trying to stiffle the laugh, yet she was annoyed he wanted to laugh in the first place, yet somewhat fuzzy with his presence, and still...
"Yeah right, you're sorry!" she ended up near-shouting, halfheartedly, "Stop laughing at me. It's not funny..." Her voice gradually vanished, so did his chuckles. "I'm sorry," he said again. "But it is, a little. I mean,-" He started sputtering. She started giggling.

They agreed to go out. He mentioned the Stranded Whale. She nodded. She asked for saturday. He asked where she lived. She agreed to be picked up at six. Then they both hesitated again. Then they said "Bye.", and he stuttered, and she smiled. They waved and begun walking past each other.

A shoulder grazed.

Eyes met eyes.

A hand rose, hesitated, dropped. Hearts fluttered, feets shuffled. Saturday... whispered through their minds.