The ginkgo

Skirting in my pockets

As I smile secretly

To my school desk

I listen like an angel

Waiting for a chance

To shove the ginkgo in Teacher's desk

Before anyone can ask

I will then wait for the scream

Then the laughing will take part

Because Teacher will be humiliated

Before the school starts

I kick the thing to her desk

She yells with galore

As I laugh in delight

Because my name is Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler is commonly known as the head of the Nazis, a racial group that hated all Jews. They poisoned the Jews, starved the Jews to death, or did painful experiments on them. The calamity ended when the Russians and other countries attacked Germany (World War 2).

Hitler was known for being very bad in school. According to his French teacher, Hitler lacked discipline and often criticized other people's works.