"I have the nicest Mummy in the world!" you told Charles.

"Really? That's nice. My mum hits me, so she's a bit of a twat."

The two of you walked hand in hand through the hallway of your house. You hoped he wouldn't be as scared of your mummy as everyone else was. You didn't understand why people thought she was scary.

You stopped in front of the door to your mummy's room. You told Charles again that your Mummy was very nice and then opened the door. You really hoped he wouldn't get scared.

"Mummy, I brought a friend over. His name is Charles."

"Really? That's fantastic, my sweet honey baby," your mummy said. "What a handsome young man you are."

"Go say hello," you told Charles.

You'd noticed that the humans couldn't see as well in the dark as you could. Charles took slow careful steps toward Mummy, and she waited patiently for him to see her. The three eyes on the top part of her head looked down at him and the two eyes that sat underneath her huge mouth full of sharp teeth were looking at you. She took a three fingered claw and brushed some of her hair back.

Charles screamed and started running back toward you. You sighed. He got just as frightened as everyone else. He didn't get very far because Mummy scooped him up in one hand and threw him into her mouth. Blood dribbled down her chin and onto her long skirt as she chewed. You could hear the bones crunching and the soft parts squelching. After she swallowed, she stuck a hand in her mouth and pulled Charles out, his body blue and a little wispy. He was asleep. Mummy laid him down on the floor carefully so she wouldn't disturb him.

"I'm sorry the humans are scared of you, Mummy. I think you're beautiful."

Mummy smiled and you walked up to her so you could finish the process. She placed two thin, clawed fingers on your forehead and you felt the life force of Charles flow into your body. The human shape you were in grew more solid as you absorbed more energy. When you sucked in the last drop, Mummy scooped you up and sat you down in front of her.

"That will last you for two months. After that you can make a new friend," She said as she began to braid your hair. Her thin fingers worked through your locks deftly.

"Two whole months? That's so long."

"Shh, my sweet honey baby. I can't have you go outside so often. It's bad for the body, and we can't have that wear off before you make a new friend."

You pout, but nod your head the slightest bit.

"And remember to only make friends with people your age. If they're older your body will grow too fast and then you'll have achy bones."

"Yes, Mummy."

You flinch when Mummy accidentally pokes one of the eyes under your hair. She apologizes and gently kisses the spot before she continues braiding. You watch Charles sleeping on the ground. You wish humans didn't have to be in that form to play with you and not get hurt. You would have more friends if that wasn't the case.

"All done, my sweet honey baby."

You tilted your head up and looked at your Mummy. You saw her squishy black heart beating softly under the skin of her sloping chest. The band of her skirt that sat around her narrow waist had begun to fray.

"Mummy, I'll mend your skirt for you," you said.

She responded with a toothy smile that made her eyes squint a little.

"You're such a lovely girl, Josephina. Come here."

She bent her big head down and you kissed the space between the two eyes on her bottom jaw. The hunch of her back cast a shadow that looked like a mountain on the wall behind her.

"Go and take care of your friend, Charles, my sweet honey baby. I'll make some biscuits later."

You smile, nod, and then gently coax Charles' wispy blue body into a standing position. You take his cold hand and lead him out of your mummy's room. You think you'd let him lay down in your bed to rest. He looked really frightened before.

You said, "I love you, Mummy," before you closed her door.