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The Homecoming Dance at Micahton High had ended around 9 PM on Saturday night. Many of the couples who'd attended that event, had rooms reserved for them in a local Motel, where they now coupled in the horizontal dance.

Gwen and Jimmy were members of the Junior Class, who'd also attended the Dance. Now they were also both naked and horizontally coupled on a bed in room 103.

Gwen lay stretched out on her back with her legs apart, and Jimmy atop her firm but soft, warm body. He'd stuffed his rigid, safely condomed, male shaft, deep inside her warm and wet, tightly gripping female "squeezer". He rhythmically thrust it forward, while she grunted, wiggled and giggled playfully with each playful thrust.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhh…Uh!" She giggled. "I love your male shaft Jimmy. Uuuuuuu…Uh!" She giggled again. "It's so big, fat, hard and hot. My squeezer is coming."

He chuckled. "And I like how tight you've got your squeezer gripped around it, and how you're wiggling your hips. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I wasn't sure you would."

She laughed. "Why not?"

He told her, "I got the idea that you don't really like sex all that much."

She laughed, "Are you kidding?" She wiggled around his shaft and purred. While she continued wiggling, she chucked, "Where'd you ever get that idea?"

"I saw it on one of the student website pages."

"You've got to be kidding! How could anybody at Micahton High write that about me? Everybody knows I like sex just as much as the other girls. Which website was that?"

"You know the one 'Hot Squeezers'?"

"'Hot Squeezers'? Oh I see. You're a new student. Only enrolled two weeks ago. You wouldn't know. You see, Hot Squeezers' very out of date. That was actually written by me, all the way back when I was in the 9th Grade, right after I had my very first sexing. Does any girl ever really enjoy her very first sexing?"

"I have no idea. I've never sexed a virgin."

She laughed, "Neither have I. But now I do like sex." she laughed, continuing to wiggle around his shaft. "I just don't do it as often as a lot of other gjrls…Uhh!"

"Then I'll check out an up to date student website. I've seen one page called 'hot pussies'. Would you know if your name is included?"

"It sure is."

"Then I'm really complimented. that you're the one, who's making me, the new boy at Micahton High, feel very welcomed. Thank you Gwen"

"You're welcome Jimmy."

"Let me explain something." She told him with a laugh, while continuing to wiggle while he thrust. "I might not have sex as much as a lot of other girls…But when I do have sex Uh!…I like it just as much…Uh!…as they do. Uh! I just like to save it…Uh!... for special …Uuuuh … Uh… cay…juns! You see…Uh…'It's not…Uh…how much you do...Uh…it's how good you do it…Uuuh!"

"And you're doing it really good." He asked, "Special Occasions? Like tonight? The night of the Homecoming Dance?"


"Then I'm really glad you're my first date at Micahton High.."

"Uh! So am I Jimmy!...Uhhhh! Thank you."

"Your welcome."

They continued their horizontal thrust and wiggle, with Gwen purring for about two minutes. Then she sighed loudly.

"Uuuuuuuuuh! You've got me coming againJimmy! You give great thrust."

"Thank you Gwen!" He continued to rhythmically thrust into her while she wiggled and purred. "I think we'd both like it even more, if we had sex with each other, regularly."

"'Regularly'? Uuuuh! But only with you? You want to be my steady boyfriend?"

"What do you say?"

"Maybe I will. I don't know. Uuuuh! I'll have to think it over. Uuuuuh. I'll let you know on Monday."

About two hours later, 16 year old Gwen Sandrell returned home, with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye.

Her mother Irene was waiting up for her.

"It's almost 1 o'clock in the morning Gwen." The woman told her. "I know the Dance ended hours ago. From that look on your face girl, I get the impression that once the Dance ended, you didn't stay in that dress for very long?"

"I sure didn't Mom." She grinned. "Jimmy and I did the 'naked horizontal thrust and wiggle dance'. No music, but we had great rhythm and a good beat." She laughed, "We spent the last few hours naked, having sex, laughing and talking dirty; using dirty words as words of love. And that boy gives great orgasm. He also said he wants to be my steady boyfriend. I told him I'd think it over, and let him know on Monday."

"Good for you." Her mother told her, "I'm glad you had a good time; and I'm glad to know you were practicing safe sex."

"You don't have to worry about that Mom. I always do.

"'What every girl should be doing

While engaging in screwing;

So the slutty, skanky, bimbo ho,

Won't bring on herself, any woe."

"It's a relief to know that my daughter's a responsible young woman; but it is getting late, and I want you to get a good night sleep. I want us all to be ready in the morning, so we can get to Church on time."

'I'm sorry Mom." Her daughter laughed, "But after all that I'm just too excited! There's no way I'm gonna get any sleep tonight at all."

"I thought you might feel that way."

Gwen asked her, "Would it be okay if I stay home and just turn on the TV and watch one of those Fundamentalist Preachers?"

Her mother sighed. "Okay. I understand; but whatever you do, don't tell anybody that you watched a Fundamentalist Preacher instead, for God sake. It'd be just too embarrassing."

Gwen went to her room, and got ready for bed. She got under the covers, but like she'd said, she was just too excited to sleep.

She wondered, Jimmy's a brand new student, but he wants to be my steady boyfriend already? When I told him I'd have to think that over, I was just being polite. Now I don't know. Maybe I should give it some thought.

At 8 o'clock the following morning, Gwen stepped into the kitchen, where her mother and 13 year old sister Sarah were already seated at the breakfast table. When she sat down, Sarah smirked at her, and chanted with a laughing tone.

"Gwen and Jimmy,

Under a tree.


Her older sister told her, "That's not true Sarah. We were not under a tree. We were on a bed in a Motel room. A safe and private place; unlike the backseat of a car in a parking lot."

The girl still smirked. "Let's see.

"Gwen and Jim

In a motel room…hmmm?

"I'm not sure. What rhymes with 'room'?" She though it over. "How about 'f-u-c-k-i-n-BOOM!'"

Their mother said, "It's nice to know I have such a clever daughter.

"Listen Sarah." She now spoke seriously to the younger girl. "Next year you'll be entering 9th Grade. That's when you'll probably start having boys entering you. When they do, I want you to always be careful like Gwen is. Never, and I repeat, never engage in unsafe sex. Always use something to protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases."

"You don't have to worry about that Mom. I have no intention of ever being careless about that."

"Good. Just one more thing. Make sure you know how to use it properly."

"I already do Mom." The girl told her, "About two weeks ago, I was with a boy from my class, in the back seat of a car, in a Mall's parking lot. I helped him put a condom on properly. I made sure it fit him correctly first, and after that I let him shove it in my squeezer."

Gwen said, "That's always the correct way to do it."

Her mother asked, "Two weeks ago? In a back seat? In a Mall's parking lot? You mean you've already stopped being a virgin?"

"Not for a lot longer than that Mom."

"Well it didn't sound like it was your first time."

Gwen smiled. "That's right Mom. My little sister here's had her very first sexing."

Sarah corrected her, "That's 'very first sex-ings'." She said proudly, "Plural."

Now Gwen teased her sister back.

"Sarah sexed What's His Name

In a back seat,

While she giggled and she wiggled,

With her squeezer so sweet."

Sarah sat up fully erect and spoke proudly. "I am now a complete woman."