The Double W

Winslow Williams returned to his hometown after an odyssey that took him through rural America mostly on a bus during a largely insignificant and unsuccessful minor league baseball career that saw him playing for four different organizations over the span of seven years before an injury ended his fledging career.

Luckily, WW's knack for humor and his gift for gab allowed him to become a small market media darling and he was often on the air at local stations joking and horsing around with the local talent. The Double W's reputation landed him a sports reporter job at an independent station in Iowa when his baseball career unceremoniously ended and he was grateful for the opportunity to start over after baseball.

Winslow was able to parlay his minor league baseball career and his minor television success into a best selling autobiographical humor book that got some national exposure with a book tour followed by a short lived television series based on the book. Winslow served as an executive producer and lived in LA for a few years.

But the ride ended quickly when the show was cancelled after a season and when other options dried up Winslow headed home to Hillsboro as a minor celebrity which got him a gig on the local radio station's afternoon talk show, leaving him plenty of time to perform area promotional appearances and make motivational speeches at local high schools, colleges, and sports groups.

The Double W used humor and the survival skills he learned in the minor leagues to present funny feel good testimonials reminding his audiences that they could overcome any obstacle to achieve success. Winslow was great at name dropping, mentioning minor leaguers he played with who went on to make the Big Show as well as popular actors he met and worked with during his short stint in Hollywood.

Returning to Hillsboro High to make a speech was especially poignant for Winslow. He cherished special fond memories of his high school years including an impressive baseball career that earned him a college scholarship and an eventual ticket to the minor leagues. Winslow even made a return to the local amateur Serguci League at Beano Field where he played during his senior year in high school and through college. Now thirty-two, Winslow was a backup first baseman/DH with his original team the Hilltop Browns and although he couldn't run worth squat he could still hit the ball a country mile and that made him a welcomed feature at Beano Field. The Double W enjoyed the notoriety!

Winslow gave his usual pep talk to the Hillsboro assembly although he was able to make it much more personal and familiar, dropping familiar names of faculty and administration members, coaches, and even popular students from the past. The kids enjoyed his presentation and Winslow was amused to see some recognizable faces as he paced the stage describing the various photos that popped up on the power point screen behind them. WW enjoyed seeing some of his old teachers chaperoning the students and he did a double take when he saw another familiar face.

Holy Christ! Was that Regina Montgomery!?

Winslow tried not to lose his focus and concentration as he continued with his routine but he was flustered to see his would-be high school girlfriend after so many years. Was she a teacher here now? He hadn't seen Ginny since graduation and he had lost track of her over the years. But there she was, standing against the wall with their former history teacher Mr. Mackin keeping one eye on Winslow on stage and the other on the students in front of her.

God, she looked great!! Regina still had a shapely figure with sharp hips and black shiny hair to her shoulders. There had always been something extra about Regina, an understated sexiness that attracted Winslow to her from the moment they met in sophomore English, the year Ginny moved to Hillsboro. There was a subtleness to her that made Winslow want to open up the top of her head and peek inside to see what made her tick.

They were friends through high school and although Winslow desperately wanted to be more, Regina was forever hesitant and resistant to his seductions, flirting, and outright pleading. They got along well together and The Double W couldn't understand why Regina wasn't interested in having a relationship with him until the truth finally came out just a few weeks before graduation when Regina tearfully told Winslow that she was attracted to other women.

The revelation came as a complete and total shock to Winslow who was devastated by the news. The manly jock was unable to reconcile the notion of Regina being with other women and he pretty much avoided and ignored his best friend during their last few weeks at Hillsboro High together. It was one of his true regrets and once they left Hillsboro for college, Winslow never saw Regina again. Until now as he stood on the stage of Hillsboro High School working the auditorium for laughs and suddenly he wanted to cry.

Winslow kept looking at the smiling Regina as he continued with his routine.

She had lovely breasts that peaked out above the scoop neck of her t-neck sweater. Her skin was still tanned from the summer and her lips sparkled in the light. Winslow had been thrown off of his game as he avidly watched her and he realized he was rambling to the audience before somehow managing to make it to the end of his presentation without totally messing up.

Winslow was warmly received by the audience as he took his bows and on a whim he decided to ad lib his finale by leaving the stage and marching into the audience, heading straight for Regina.

"I'm told this is the best teacher in the school," Winslow grinned as he approached Regina who was suddenly blushing as the audience began cheering, clapping and offering various cat calls.

"Who is this?" The Double W asked a kid sitting nearby.

"That's Ms. Montgomery," the girl answered. "She teaches English."

"Well, hello there, Ms. Montgomery!" Winslow grinned.

"Hello, Double W," Regina replied pleasantly, trying not to smile too much.

"Okay, true confession time," Winslow told the audience. "Ms. Montgomery and I actually met before."

"You were classmates!" Mr. Mackin yelled out.

"That's right, Mac, we were classmates, way back in another life time," Winslow acknowledged. "And it's nice seeing you again, Ms. Montgomery!"

Winslow leaned in and kissed Regina on the cheek which got more cheers and cat calls from the audience before he bounded back onto the stage and thanked the students for being a great audience.

Winslow left the stage and shot the breeze with Principal Thompson and Theatre Department Chair Hugh Morton while peeking out from the wings and watching Regina lead her students from the auditorium. She was wearing a khaki skirt with the yellow t-necked sweater and The Double W kept his eyes on her shapely legs and noticeable hips. Winslow was actually holding his breath as he watched her go while Thompson and Morton told him how great he was.

Winslow ran a hand through his long but styled blonde hair and let out a sigh as he made small talk with the two men who escorted him from the building. Once outside, Winslow put on his expensive sunglasses to deaden the bright autumn sun as he climbed into his classic convertible Mustang, one of the few over the top purchases he made during his brief success that brought him a lot of money.

Winslow headed for the radio station thinking about Regina, the only girl he ever loved. There had been countless one night stands during his college and minor league days and a few unsuccessful relationships along the way, but spending six months a year on the road playing baseball was no way to have a romance. Winslow lived with an actress during most of his stay in LA but once the television show was over and he had nothing to offer, she was gone with the wind and The Double W returned to Hillsboro alone.

He bought a handsome townhouse in one of the better neighborhoods in town, not far from the Blue River. It was nice to be around family again and Winslow chummed around with a few old pals and the Serguci League guys, but ironically he was just as lonely now as he had ever been in those forgotten minor league towns despite his fun job at the radio station and his minor celebrity status around Blue County.

Winslow did his three hour afternoon radio show ("The Double W Show, Weekdays, 3 to 6") talking local and national sports and pop culture before heading home

where he grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and crashed in front of the television. He was lonely despite his popularity but he had resisted the urge to jump into a relationship or return to his old one-night stand ways, conscious of the positive reputation he needed to cultivate in order to maintain hi popularity and demand. Winslow sighed remembering how Regina's eyes had trained on his that afternoon and he found himself missing her all over again, fifteen years later.

### ### ###

Because Winslow was a "minor" celebrity he was free to venture into public without to much scrutiny. Occasionally, somebody would stop him for an autograph or to tell him a story, or follow up about something discussed on the radio, or to congratulate him on a recent local appearance, but those who knew him from the past were more likely to respect his privacy and treat him as just another Hillsboroite.

The gang at Johnny C's Diner hardly looked twice anymore when The Double W stopped in for a bite, usually a late lunch before heading over to WGRN in Greenville for his 3-6 radio show. But it was Winslow who did the double take today as he entered the diner and saw Regina sitting alone in one of the booths. It was an odd time of day – after the lunch rush but before the after-school crowd so the place wasn't that crowded.

Winslow took a chance and slid into the bench across from Regina. He hadn't expected to see her and it knocked him for a loop when she raised her head to meet his eyes.

"How come you're not in school?" Winslow asked.

"Early dismissal today," she answered with a smile. "I guess I'm playing hooky!"

There was a half-empty cup of coffee in front of her and a empty dessert plate that once held a slice of apple pie.

"Regina Montgomery," Winslow said with a smile. "It's so great to see you!"

"I saw a couple of Brown games at Beano Field this summer," she revealed. "You're still good."

"I'm sorry I didn't see you," Winslow replied.

"I was mostly stealth," she explained. "Keeping it on the down low. I listen to you on the radio too."

"Thanks," he smiled. "I hope I'm doing okay."

"You're doing fine," she assured him.

The waitress arrived at the table and Winslow ordered a Tuna super melt, fries, and a coke. The waitress nodded and disappeared and The Double W gave Regina an appreciative look over.

"So, where you living these days?" He asked to make conversation.

"I moved back in with my mother after my father died a couple of years ago," Regina reported.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know," Winslow replied, nervously playing with his hands which he had folded on the top of the table.

"It was sudden and unexpected," Regina told him. "But we're doing okay."

"How long have you been at Hillsboro High?"

"This is my fifth year," she said. "I started off at a small charter school in Miller City but there were no benefits so I'm happy to be here."

"Good for you," Winslow smiled.

"And how's your first year back been?" Regina asked.

"Okay, okay," Winslow answered. "It's been a bit of an adjustment but I'm glad to be home."

"You certainly had yourself quite the adventure," Regina laughed. "Your book was laugh out loud funny."

"Thanks," Winslow replied.

"And I liked the television show."

"Too bad nobody else did!" Winslow joked.

The waitress arrived with his lunch and Winslow nodded his appreciation. Regina finished her coffee while Winslow ate his meal, making small talk about Hillsboro and offering observations he had noticed since his return. Regina told him a few stories about Hillsboro High and what it was like being back as a teacher instead of a student.

"It's strange being on the other side now," she admitted. "But the good thing is I can really identify with the students and they appreciate that."

Regina said she had to go and she smiled her goodbye as she left the booth. Winslow finished his lunch and headed for the radio station to do his afternoon show wondering if there was any point pursing Regina given her preferences. Could he deal with just being her friend again when he was still in love with her?

When Winslow got home that night, he turned on the television and slumped into the couch once again. This was mostly his life when the Serguci League wasn't playing and he didn't have any evening appearances. He tried to watch the game on the tube but his thoughts kept drifting to Regina.

### ### ###

Winslow was performing a live remote from the Hillsboro Hurricane football game that Friday night, airing his show live in the parking lot before moving to the field to phone in live reports to 'Jocko Jimmy Jackson' back at the studio. Winslow was happy to see that Regina had come to the game too, wearing skin tight designer blue jeans and a brown Hurricanes sweatshirt and orange sneakers. She was sitting with the band and Winslow had to force his gaze away from her to focus on his remotes, his heart hammering in his chest whenever he glanced Regina's way. They made eye contact a few times and every time Winslow looked at her Regina seemed to be looking at him.

Hillsboro beat St. Anne's 36-12 and Winslow breathed a sigh of relief as the fans shuffled out of the park, glad to have gotten through the remotes without a screw up. He watched as Regina followed behind the band members and The Double W felt compelled to say something to her as she approached.

"Hello, Ms. Montgomery."

She looked up and smiled. "Great game, huh?"

"Yep," he confirmed.

"I listened to your remotes on the radio," she said, holding up her smart phone. "You were good."

"Thanks," he replied automatically, having long ago learned the art of PR and expressing appreciation no matter how fake it felt.

Regina laughed. "Are you humoring me?" She teased.

"No, no, not at all," Winslow blushed. "You're my biggest fan!" He joked.

"You're probably right," she replied knowingly and he couldn't help but grin at that one.

Regina rolled her eyes before giving him a wave and heading for the gate. Winslow couldn't help but notice her backside as he watched her depart. Jesus, he felt like he was in high school again, longing for her, wanting her, thinking about her, and happy to be with her, even if they were just friends. Fifteen years was a long time to still be hooked on one woman and as he left Hurricane Field Winslow realized that he was right back where he started from: in love with a lesbian.

### ### ###

Winslow didn't want Regina to know that he was still stuck on her because that just wouldn't be fair but how could he lie if the subject came up? He didn't want to hurt her feelings by rejecting her with a lie but he also didn't want to be whining and pining over her if she wasn't interested in him other than to reminisce about old times.

Winslow thought about Regina a lot and he plotted opportunities to 'accidentally' bump into her around town, looking for her car at the gas station or in Fontaine's Family Grocery Store parking lot, or maybe at Johnny C's Diner.

The Double W worried that maybe Regina didn't want to see him but then he took a call on the air on Monday afternoon from "Jean" - which was one of Regina's high school nicknames. She called to plug and promote the Hurricanes after their big win on Friday night but Winslow kept her on the line by joking around and getting her to reminisce about some of the big names from her high school days. "Jean" said that softball catcher Lucy Olsen was one of the best athletes of her generation before finally admitting that she thought The Double W was pretty good too!

Winslow wondered if Regina had an affair with Lucy whose nickname was "Butch" back then but he told himself that he needed to stop thinking that way. What difference did it make if Regina slept with Lucy or a guy named Lenny? If Winslow really cared about her, Regina's past shouldn't matter.

"Jean" became a regular caller on The Double W Show, talking about the Patriots and the Hurricanes and giving it right back when Winslow tried to razz her on the air. Kori Rooney, who produced Winslow's show, thought that "Jean" was great and she told Winslow to keep her on the air for as long as possible whenever she called in. Other callers began commenting about the banter between Jean and The Double W although neither revealed Jean's real identity on the air.

Winslow showed up for the Hurricanes next home game (against the Riverside Raiders) and Regina waved at him from the stands, a huge smile on her face. Winslow joined her in the bleachers.

"Glad you could come," Regina gushed.

"Happy to be here," Winslow smiled.

They rooted for the Hurricanes and cheered together, critiquing plays and second guessing the coaching decisions and play calls, chatting with the people around them and having a wonderful time. The Hurricanes scored late to pull out a 24-22 victory over the Raiders and the Hillsboro faithful left the field happy.

"That was a great game," Winslow said as they left the bleachers. "The Hurricanes played well."

"Does it make you miss the old days?" Regina asked.

"Sometimes," Winslow admitted.

Baseball was his primary sport (catcher) but he played football (linebacker) and basketball (backup forward) too and The Double W thought about those times often now that he was back in the area covering local high school sports.

It occurred to Winslow that it seemed just like old times with Regina too. It was as if they picked up right where they left off (before the fight anyway) and The Double W was encouraged by that reality.

"Wanna go out for some pizza?" Winslow asked, remembering how they used to hang out at the Hillsboro Pizza House together.

"Sure, sounds fun, I'll meet you there," Regina replied and she disappeared into the crowd.

Regina arrived at the pizza joint first and Winslow smiled when he saw her sitting in their old booth in the corner. He slid into the seat across from her.

"I already ordered the usual," Regina told him.

"Great, thanks," Winslow replied, impressed that she remembered the usual fifteen years later.

"How goofy is this?" Regina laughed. "Hanging out at the pizza place? Me living at home? Working at the high school? Can't make this stuff up!"

"I think it's kind of neat myself," Winslow grinned.

"You do?" She asked with surprise.

He leaned across the table. "Seems like old times," he sang.

She giggled. "Is that a good thing?"

"It is for me!" Winslow said happily.

They dissected the game over pizza and talked about some of the radio phone calls of the past week. The Double W told Regina that his producer wanted to make her an on air partner because she was so good an Regina found that idea to be hilarious.

"I already have a job, thanks," she said.

When they were done eating, Winslow walked Regina to her car where they exchanged cordial and polite good nights and Winslow watched her car disappear into the night feeling pretty good about their new old status. For some reason, the townhouse felt lonely when Winslow got home and he found himself sitting in the quiet dark house, not bothering to turn on the lights or television. His thoughts were on Regina and her warm smile.

### ### ###

Winslow had always been a burly guy. He lost weight after his high school football days, focusing on lifting weights and running to stay in shape. Some of his minor league baseball coaches didn't want him too big even as a catcher because they wanted him to be more mobile. Now that his playing days were over (not counting the Serguci League, of course), Winslow wasn't as concerned about his weight and he had put on about fifteen pounds but he wasn't overweight by any stretch of the imagination, having kept in reasonable shape during his brief television sports casting career.

Regina never complained about his physical appearance in high school, even when he fattened himself up over the summers for the football season. Winslow wondered if Regina found him attractive now, not that it really mattered. He wondered if she was dating someone while living at home. He hadn't seen her with anybody but that really didn't mean anything.

Winslow didn't know what to do with himself on the weekends these days. Unless he was attending some function or giving a presentation, he mostly sat at home watching sports on television and prepping for the following week's radio show. Fifteen hours of air time a week didn't seem like a lot but he needed to be prepared with the news of the day to be able to answer caller questions. He was always researching and updating sporting and pop culture events to stay on top of the in topics.

On a whim, Winslow checked out the local phone book and saw that Regina's mother's number was still listed. He dialed the number and recognized Regina's voice when the line was answered on the fourth ring.


"Hi Ginny, its Win," he said, which was pretty much his greeting all through high school.

Regina's Dad used to get a big kick out of calling them 'Gin and Win' and Winslow felt sad recalling the man's hefty laugh and good natured sense of humor.

"Well hello there!" Regina said with a laugh. "I should give you my cell number, shouldn't I?"

"Sure, what is it?" He asked.

Regina gave it to him and he programmed it into his cell.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Grading papers and getting my lesson plan ready for the week," Regina replied. "Kind of boring I know but it's what I do!"

"Wanna take a break for some ice cream?"

"Sure, I'll meet you at Red's Tastee Freeze in ten minutes," she replied.

Red's opened in March and closed and November which was unheard of in New England for an outdoor ice cream stand but as long as he drew in the business Red said he'd keep that schedule. It was a reasonably warm October Saturday afternoon and an ice cream sounded good.

Regina was once again waiting for Winslow when he pulled into Red's parking lot. This had been another one of their frequent hang outs and it felt natural to be meeting her there again, fifteen years later.

"Hi," Winslow said as he climbed out of the mustang.

"Hey," Regina replied, looking good even in her worn out Wrangler jeans and a blue Cape Cod sweatshirt.

"Medium twist with sprinkles," Regina ordered as soon as the window opened.

"Coke float," Winslow said.

Regina peered at him, a friendly smile on her face. "Some things never change," she said.

He laughed, warmed by the happiness in her eyes. "That's okay with me!"

They braved the elements by sitting at one of the picnic tables while enjoying their treats. Winslow got a kick out of watching Regina eat her ice cream – there was almost something sensual about the way she went about it.

"Thanks for calling," she said as she took another lick from her cone.

"Thanks for saying yes," Winslow replied.

"As if I'd say no," she smiled.

Winslow caught himself from saying 'Well, you said no once before' (to a relationship with him) not wanting to go down that road with her and wreck and perfectly good moment. They were getting along fine and he wanted to keep it that way. He had an urge to reach his hand out across the table and hold hers but he resisted, not wanting to violate her personal space or assume that she would be glad to hold his hand.

"Want to go to the movies?" Winslow asked.

"Oh boy, the taffeta of our old habits," Regina laughed. "Pizza, ice cream, and now a movie!?"

"We could go tonight," He offered.

"I wouldn't mind seeing the new Quinn Blake comedy," she said with glowing eyes.

"Sounds like fun," Winslow responded. "Blake's a hero around here because of that movie they filmed at Beano Field a couple of years ago."

"I watched them film a couple of scenes," Regina disclosed. "Fun stuff – but I guess you know all about that stuff, right Mr. Hollywood?" She teased.

"Hardly," he replied.

"Anyway, I can call the show on Monday and we can discuss Quinn Blake movies on air!" Regina teased.

"Sure!" Winslow agreed.

They finished the ice cream and Winslow walked Regina to her car. "I'll pick you up at six," he said.

"Mom will be tickled to see you," Regina replied.

Winslow got along fine with Mrs. Montgomery who was always hospitality nice to him when he stopped by for visits. She was all smiles when Winslow showed up at six o'clock, although she looked older than Winslow remembered her being. Regina came down the stairs dressed in a nice skirt and an attractive blouse and suddenly The Double W was having flashbacks to high school when he frequently stopped by the Montgomery house to pick up Regina for some outing. The only thing that was missing was Mr. Montgomery who liked to talk sports with Winslow.

Regina and Winslow exchanged small talk during the ride to the Greenville Cinemas. They got their sodas and snacks and found seats in the multi-plex theatre. The film turned out to be a good one, smart and funny and even sexy.

"You should try to get Quinn Blake on the air sometime," Regina said as they left the theatre when the movie ended. "He did a lot of local publicity when the movie he made here came out. I'm sure people would like to hear from him again."

"Good idea," Winslow replied. "Maybe you should be my producer!"

Regina laughed good-naturedly. "I already have a job, thanks," she said.

"You really like teaching, huh?" Winslow asked.

"Yes," she answered right away. "I love it."

"You hungry?" Winslow wanted to know when they reached the car.

"I guess," Regina replied. "You have anything at your house?" She asked, lifting her eyebrows.

"I could throw a couple of steaks on," he replied.

"Sounds good," Regina said as she climbed into the car.

Just like that? That easy? The Double W smirked as he climbed into his side of the vehicle. Here he had been struggling to find a way to see if Regina might be interested in pushing the envelope and she was the one inviting herself home to his place! Not that anything was going to happen but at least she was willing to go home with him and that had to be a good sign.

They reviewed and critiqued the movie on the way – they both gave it thumbs up but did find a few plot problems and script holes although overall they agreed that it was a good film.

Regina was impressed with the housing complex when Winslow turned into Blue River Retreat, six buildings around a manicured lawn with attractive shrubs, flowers, and trees. The townhouses were split level, tastily designed and laid out. Winslow pulled the mustang into the driveway of Unit #9 which was on the end of the fourth building with a fairly good view of the river.

Winslow led Regina up the walk and into the house which was handsomely decorated with plenty of photos of his minor league career, baseball collectables, and sports-themed paintings. He could tell that Regina liked it and his heart jumped in his chest when it occurred to him that he had the love of his life inside his place.

"Would you like a beer?" Winslow asked as he headed for the kitchen.

"Sure," she replied, following him.

Winslow dug a couple of beers from the refrigerator along with the steaks. He handed her one of the beers and started preparing the meat for cooking. Regina took a brief-self tour of the small townhouse, studying some of the photos and admiring the art work before she returned to the kitchen where Winslow was grilling the meat.

"Nice place," she said.

"Glad you like it," Winslow replied. "I wanted something simple and comfortable while I figured out if this is what I was going to be doing with the rest of my life."

"Staying in Hillsboro you mean?" Regina asked as she leaned against the counter and watched him cook the meat.

"Yeah. I know demand for the personal appearances will slow with time but I'm hoping the radio gig will stick. I like being back and I wouldn't mind staying."

"What if you get offers somewhere else?" Regina wondered.

Winslow shrugged. "I'll have to think about it," he said. "I've already gone off and done my thing. Maybe it's time to settle down."

Winslow wanted to make a good impression with the meal, even though it was simple steak. He drowned the meat in various spices and herbs, made a quick salad, and browned some frozen potato tots he had in the freezer.

When it was ready, they sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed the meal. The Double W couldn't remember the last time he cooked for a woman. His life in the minor leagues offered rare opportunities as he was either sharing some dump apartment with three other players or living on the road in a cheap motel. Once he got to Hollywood, he rarely ate at home, always out smoozing in hopes of making the next deal or living in the social fast lane of the actress he was living with.

"This is really good," Regina told him.

"Thanks," he replied happily, glad to have done something so simple right.

"Of course, I never have to cook anymore now that I'm back with Mom!" Regina laughed and she proceeded to tell him several stories about what it was like to be living at home again.

When they were done with the meal, Winslow brought the dishes to the sink and he was surprised to feel something brush across the back of his neck, almost a light caress and when he turned he saw that Regina was standing close behind him with a huge smile on her face.

"Ginny?" Winslow asked with confusion.

"Win?" She teased, almost mocking his tone.

Winslow's heart began thumping in his chest as Regina reached up, moving her face close to his.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time," she said as she pressed her lips against his while brushing her hand across his face.

Heat flowed through Winslow as Regina rocked her hips against his groin. He had been dreaming about this moment for years and he couldn't believe it was happening.

"What are you doing?" He mumbled through the kiss.

Regina smiled as her tongue moved across his lips. "What does it look like?"

"I thought….."

"Don't think," she whispered.

Winslow put his hand at the back of her neck and pulled her closer as he strengthened the kiss. She moaned and her hips pushed against him, knocking him back into the counter. She kissed him with urgency and she pressed against him, grinding herself into him as she explored his mouth.

Regina stuck her tongue into his mouth and happily moaned as Winslow wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight against him. He was caught off guard when he realized he had an erection that was rubbing against her. Regina laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and passionately kissed him.

"I thought you didn't like…"

"Shh," Regina pleaded as she briefly broke the kiss for air and stared into his eyes. "You're the one who I want."

Winslow slid his hand underneath her blouse and felt her bare skin. He bravely worked his hand up her stomach and under her bra to lightly pinch her nipple. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven as he stared into her eyes almost waiting for her to protest or change her mind but she was smiling through her half closed eyes.

Winslow pushed her blouse up and carefully removed her bra to gaze at her lovely breasts which he was seeing for the first time.

"Ginny," he whispered.

"Don't stop," she pleaded.

He cupped one of her breasts in his hand and gently squeezed, causing her to squirm and moan. Then he leaned in and licked her nipple and she moaned even louder.

Winslow couldn't believe Regina was allowing this to happen. He had given up all hope years ago. Regina gripped the back of his head and pushed him into her breast.

"You like?" She moaned happily as he licked his tongue around her nipple.

"Yes," he mumbled as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

"Me too," Regina purred as she arched her back, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth in wonderment.

Winslow abandoned her breast and rediscovered her mouth with his while replacing his mouth with his hand on her breast. His other hand made its way down to her backside which he squeezed and patted.

"Oh…" Regina sighed deliciously, her excitement flowing through her blood. "How come we never did this in high school?" She whispered.

"You wouldn't let me," Winslow replied quietly and he regretted saying it as soon as the words left his mouth.

Regina stiffened slightly, opened her eyes and stared at him. "Do you resent me for that?" She wanted to know.

"No," he semi-lied. "But it hurt."

He tried to re-angle his mouth over hers to continue the kiss but she pulled back and tugged her shirt down to hide her breasts while looking around for her bra. "I should go," she said suddenly.

"No, wait, don't," he begged. "What happened? This was beyond nice."

"You dumped me," she reminded him.

"What are you talking about?" Winslow asked with confusion. "We weren't even going out."

"We might as well have been, Win," Regina protested.

"You told me you weren't interested," Winslow frowned. "You said you liked…..girls."

"And you got all weirded out and wouldn't talk to me after that," she protested. "Some friend you are."

"I was in love with you for god sakes!" Winslow groaned. "How was I supposed to react?"

"You could have been more supportive," she pouted.

"You broke my heart," Winslow said quietly.

She looked at him and sighed. "I blew it, okay?" She admitted. "I'm sorry. Could you please take me home now?"

"Why do you want to leave?" He asked.

"I just need to go," she said bluntly. "Are you going to give me a ride or not?"

Winslow released his hold on her and watched as she scooped down and grabbed her bra from the floor which she put back on underneath her blouse. She stepped back and gave him a long look while chewing on her bottom lip.

"Apparently, I'm still screwed up," she sighed. "You'd do well to avoid me from now on."

"I don't want to," Winslow replied. "I'm still in love with you."

"You picked the wrong girl, Win," she warned.

"Have you been with other guys before?" He wanted to know.

"Yes," she said. "But I've been with other women too."

"So, you're bi-sexual?" Winslow guessed.

"I don't know what I am!" She groaned. "I'm messed up, okay?"

"I don't care," Winslow told her.

She headed for the door while shaking her head. "Just take me home," she demanded and Winslow did what she requested. The ride was quiet but he said good night when she climbed out of the car.

"I had a nice time," Regina mumbled before she closed the door and trotted toward the house.

Winslow ran his hand through his hair and sighed loudly. That was the most bizarre experience of his life. He went home more confused than ever. Regina had willingly opened herself to him and for the first time ever demonstrated a physical want toward him. To see and feel her wonderful breasts and kiss that lovely mouth had been perfect but then things once again got weird between them and Winslow couldn't understand why.

Winslow was gladly relieved when 'Jean' called the show on Monday. The gimmick on the air was that Jean and The Double W didn't know each other and that gave them the opportunity to spar and joke around and tease much to the entertainment of the listening audience.

'Jean' told The Double W that she had seen the new Quinn Blake movie over the weekend and she gave a quick review of the movie. The Double W talked about Blake's baseball movie The Ball Player which was filmed on location in Blue County and how that film stacked up with the greatest baseball movies of all time, including Field of Dreams, The Natural, Bull Durham, Eight Men Out, A League of Their Own, and Pride of the Yankees.

"So, who did you see the Blake movie with this weekend?" The Double W asked the caller when it sounded like Jean was going to end the conversation.

"Oh….a guy," Jean nervously revealed.

"Your boyfriend?"

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean?" The Double W asked.

"Well, I've known this guy forever," Jean explained.

"Oh, I get it, the 'just friends' routine," The Double W said sarcastically.

"It's a little bit more complicated than that," Jean said defensively.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he is the only man I've really ever loved," Jean admitted.

"So, what's the problem?" The Double W wanted to know.

"We hurt each other pretty badly a long time ago," she said.

"Does that really matter now?" The Double W asked.

"Should it?" She worried.

"No," he reasoned over the radio. "Not if you really care about each other."

"We're much older now," she sighed. "Different people."

"Are you?" The Radio Host challenged.

"In some ways," she admitted.

"What about in the most important ways?"

"I don't know," she sighed.

"Well, we'll let our listeners chime in on this over the next few days," The Double W decided. "Folks, if you think Jean and this guy should give it a go, let us know when you call. Offer your own advice, insight and experience. Did you ever hurt somebody and make a go of it anyway? How'd it work out? Do you believe in redemption, forgiveness, and second chances? Let Jean know what you think."

The Double W sucked in his breath. "Okay, Jean, keep listening and thanks for calling in. Good luck with this guy friend of yours. I'm sure he's lucky just to know you."

"Thanks, Double," Jean said before the line went dead.

"And we'll be right back after this commercial break," The Double W told his audience.

Winslow wondered if communicating anonymously over the radio waves was the best way to deal with their insecurities, doubts, issues, and fears. And he hoped every caller who called in would give Jean the thumbs up and tell her to go for it. His producer kept track of the calls and by Friday giving the guy a chance was ahead 62% to 34% with 4% undecided, neutral, or not caring to comment.

### ### ###

The Hillsboro Hurricanes had an away game at Mt. Griffin on a cold and miserable Friday night played in a continuous drizzle. Winslow went in hopes of seeing Regina but he didn't spot her in the crowd. The Hurricanes won 36-0 and a soaked and somber Winslow drove home missing Regina so much that he decided to drop by her house unannounced even though it was after 10:00 when he got back to Hillsboro.

Regina answered the door in her pajamas and a robe.

"You weren't at the game," Winslow observed.

"On a night like tonight?" She frowned. "Against a stink team? On the road? Are you kidding?"

"No," Winslow replied. "It's football!"

She rolled her eyes and stepped back. "Come on in. You're wet and you look miserable."

"Only because you weren't there," he smiled as he stepped inside.

"Keep it down, Mom's already in bed," Regina said, waiting while Winslow took off his wet sneakers and rain coat.

She led him into the kitchen and handed him a towel to dry off with. "We blew them out, I heard on the radio update," she said. "They did the Greenville game. They won too."

"They always do," Winslow noted.

"Do you want some popcorn?" Regina asked. "I just made a batch. Tootsie's on the Hallmark Movie Channel."

"Something's telling me it might be you," Winslow sang, not sounding like Stephen Bishop at all.

"Shh," Regina warned. "I don't want Mom coming down."

"What's she going to do, ground you?" Winslow joked.

Regina grabbed the bowl of popcorn, dug a couple of cokes out of the refrigerator and escorted her visitor into the family room where the television was. She took a seat on the big comfy couch and stuffed a hand full of popcorn into her mouth. Winslow joined her on the couch, opened his soda, and stuck his hand into the bowl for some of the popcorn.

"You should have called and told me you were going to the game," Regina told him.

"Would you have gone with me?"

"Probably," she admitted

Winslow grinned but didn't say anything as they watched Dustin Hoffman play Tootsie alongside Jessica Lange and Charles Durning. The moment felt surreal to him for some reason, as if he had gone back in time and was seventeen again, sitting with Regina on a Friday night watching television. Not that he was complaining - he needed this.

"Are you still mad at me?" Winslow asked during a commercial break.

"I wasn't mad," Regina insisted. "Just...uncertain."

Winslow's heart sunk into his stomach as he worried about what that might mean. "Do you want me to leave?" He wondered.

"No, of course, not, you just got here, have some popcorn and watch the movie with me," she rambled.

"Okay," he agreed nervously, unable to stop tossing her glances as the movie came back on.

It took The Double W nearly ten minutes to do the lame high school move of slowly and subtly moving his arm around the back of the couch and onto her far shoulder as they watched the movie. Regina didn't seem to mind as she nestled into him and let him brush his fingers through her hair. When he didn't make any other moves, Regina eventually leaned her face into his and gave him a kiss.

"I'm glad you came over," she said softly.

"Me too," he said, closing his eyes.

The touch of her lips was warmly welcomed and Winslow enjoyed the intimacy as her arms wrapped around his neck and they continued to tenderly kiss as if they had been doing this with each other all of their lives. Winslow removed his hand from her hair and slid it under her pajama top inside her robe that had loosened open and he was surprised to discover that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Winslow tentatively cupped her breast in his hand, his thumb rubbing her now stiff nipple. Regina instinctively arched her back while staring into his eyes hopefully. After exploring her breasts for a few moments, Winslow moved his hand down past her tummy and he began to tug on the elastic waistband of her pajama bottoms. Regina unfastened her robe to allow Winslow easier access as he pushed her bottoms down over her hips, surprised to discover that she didn't have any underwear on.

"Ginny," he sighed lovingly as he saw her pubic hair become exposed, his first peek at her womanly secret.

Regina threw off the robe and rolled over so she was facing him, half straddling his lap and pressing herself against him and he immediately went hard as both his hands moved around to her naked backside which he began to happily rub.

Regina pulled her pajama top off over her head so she was now totally naked before him as they kissed. She put her hands on the bottom of his damp sweatshirt and tugged it upwards, hoping to feel his naked chest against her freed breasts. Then her hand went to the buckle on his jeans and Winslow felt himself began to shake with nervous anticipation, excitement, and want. He almost didn't know what to expect.

Regina pushed his jeans down his legs along with his briefs and she was finally able to admire him naked. He was a burly man with strategically placed muscles, a taunt stomach, tight full hips, and a thick large erection that was throbbing beneath her.

"Oh, Win," she smiled. "Finally."

"Are you sure?" He asked, still not totally convinced she wanted him.

Regina nodded knowingly and she adjusted herself on his lap to get the full effect of his hard powerful member rubbing against her stomach. She mounted him and spread her legs, wrapping them around his waist and pulling him closer. His shaft was poking at her entrance as he pushed her closer with his hands on her rump, not quite believing that they had finally reached this point after years of wishing, hoping, fantasizing, waiting, and longing.

"I've always wanted this," he whispered to her, his breath warm on her ear.

"I know," she replied knowingly.

Winslow's penis was rubbing against Regina's slit and she stuck her hand down there to help lead it where she wanted it to go. She kissed him once again.

"You feel so good," she giggled.

Winslow could only moan in response. He hesitated for a moment, pausing to wonder if this was really going to happen but before he knew it Regina was sliding him inside her and the sensation was enough to make him literally whimper, finally intimately connecting with the only love of his life. He kept his eyes open and watched her as she rode him, smiling happily as she stared right back into his eyes.

"I love you," she said openly.

"I love you," he replied before shoving himself all the way in.

Regina groaned happily. "Oh! Win—" She bit her lip.

"Ginny!" Winslow was already short of breath as he rocked with her.

Regina pushed against him, rubbing her lovely breasts against his chest, her nipples hard. He pushed into her while keeping her thighs anchored on his lap by pressing down on her legs.

"Win—" She nearly laughed as he pushed himself in deeper. "Winslow…" she sang as they both sped up the pace.

She kissed him to silence their cries of pleasure. Winslow's tongue was inside her mouth, moving in and out in rhythm to his member doing the same thing below. He moaned against her mouth while increasing the pace. She grabbed his hand and stuck it between her legs and he rubbed her clit with each push.

"Oh….my…." Regina mumbled in ecstasy.

She arched her back with accepting pleasure as an explosion rocked her body and Winslow continued his thrusts and all of a sudden she felt him explode against her, his warmth flowing into her. His body shook as he emptied himself and when she was done with her electric orgasm Regina collapsed against him, still mounted on his lap.

Winslow lifted her head up by putting his finer under her chin and he held her face in both his hands, kissing her passionately. She sighed contently and closed her eyes while brushing her hand through his hair.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yes," he answered happily. "You?"


He kissed her. "I should probably go," he said. "In case your mother…"

"I know," she sighed, clutching him close to her.

"I want to take you out to dinner tomorrow night," he said. "Dress up."

She giggled, tickled by the invitation. "Sounds fun," she said. "Thanks."

He kissed her one more time before she finally slipped off his lap and he admired her in all her beauty before she turned to pick up her discarded jammies and robe. Winslow leaned over and kissed her naked rear and gave it a love tap.

"This was the best night of my life," he said.

She smiled as she dressed, watching as he stood from the couch and dressed too. She kissed him goodnight and walked him to the front door.

"Thanks for coming over, Win," she grinned.

"Thanks for letting me in," he winked, kissing her one more time.

Regina stood in the open doorway watching him leave in the rain. "I'll see you tomorrow," she called out.

"You bet," he smiled before climbing into his car.

Regina closed the door and leaned against it, letting out a contented sigh. That was about as good as it gets. Meanwhile, Winslow was brushing a tear of joy out of his eye as he drove home.

### ### ###

Winslow couldn't wait for six o'clock to arrive, the time he was picking up Regina and bringing her to the Sun Rise Lake Inn for a lovely dinner. Last night had confirmed that she was everything he ever wanted in a woman and it was worth waiting all these years for that perfect exact moment that happened between them last night.

He couldn't get the look on her face as they made love out of his mind as he thought about last night. No woman had ever looked at him like that, telling him with her eyes and her expression that he was the one she wanted and was waiting for. He didn't care who she was with before – last night was all that mattered. He thought about all the other women he had been with and their faces vanished from his mind as if they had never existed. Regina had finally given herself fully and completely to him and no woman had such an affect on him as her, even after all these years. His heart pounded in his throat just thinking about making love to Regina again.

Winslow was dressed to the nines when he picked up Regina at six and he was amazed at how great she looked in the skin tight black dress she came down the stairs in. Mrs. Montgomery was all smiles as she watched the couple leave the house.

"God, I didn't think I'd get through the day waiting for this," Winslow told her.

"It's been a long time coming, hasn't it?" Regina smiled.

The ride to Sun Rise was filled mostly with small talk. Winslow reviewed last night's football game and while they avoided talking about what took place between them they were both fully aware of the reality that they were now truly lovers in mind, body and spirit. Never in a million years would Winslow thought this ever could have happened between them.

The dinner was romantic and fun, intimate and charming. Regina looked blissful and Winslow never felt happier. But then a woman approached the table and Winslow noticed Regina going pale.

"Hello, Gin," the woman said when she reached the table. "Who's your muse?"

Winslow immediately knew he didn't like the woman. She was pretty with long red curly hair that fell past her shoulders but there was something inherently mean about her. She was tanned – obviously faked with a spray or sunlamp - and she was caked with make up wearing a hideous looking multi-colored dress and high heels.

"This is Winslow Williams," Regina said coldly. "Please don't make a scene."

"I need to talk to you," the woman demanded, giving Winslow an evil glance before focusing her trance like gaze on Regina.

Regina widened her eyes. "I don't want to talk to you."

"Tough shit," the woman replied.

"Hey!" Winslow arched an eyebrow. "We're having dinner."

"Why don't you shut the fuck up, dink?" the woman told him.

Winslow burst out in laughter. "Oh, I see, you're a bitch, right?"

"Damn straight and she's my fuck," the woman said, gesturing toward Regina.

"Was your fuck," Regina said quietly. "We broke up a long time ago," she clarified to Winslow.

"We never broke up, you scank," the woman rebutted. "You left without so much as a goodbye."

"You were abusive, mean, controlling and scary," Regina said. "I had to leave."

"Will you please grow up?" The woman barked.

"Maybe you should just leave," Winslow suggested, standing to use his physical dominance as a deterrent.

"Maybe you should go fuck yourself," the woman countered.

"Who the hell is this?" Winslow asked Regina who sat humiliated and small in her seat.

"Charlie Roberterson," Regina sighed.

"Charlie?" Winslow frowned with confusion.

"Its nick for Charlene, dickwad," Charlie informed Winslow.

"I'd say the name rather fits," Winslow observed.

"Fuck you," Charlie replied.

A waiter approached the table with concern on his face. "Folks, you're disturbing our other guests," he said uncomfortably.

"Go play with yourself, I'm leaving anyway," Charlie remarked. Then she threw Regina a hateful look. "This ain't over, bitch," she said before she left the table.

A dumbfounded Winslow returned to his seat and studied Regina who was fighting not bursting out in tears.

"How in the hell did you get involved with somebody like that?" He asked.

"I made a mistake," the defeated Regina sighed miserably. "Can we just go, please?"

"Let's not let that psychopath ruin our special evening," Winslow replied.

"Too late for that," a dejected Regina mumbled.

"Don't worry about her," Winslow consoled.

Regina bravely nodded but she stayed quiet as the waiter awkwardly returned to clear away their dinner plates. "May I interest you in dessert or coffee?" the waiter asked, sounding like he was hoping they'd say no.

"Two pieces of carrot cake and coffee," Winslow said before Regina could protest.

Regina didn't talk much during the rest of the meal and she was equally as quiet during the ride home. Winslow understood why she was upset and he respected her need for privacy so he avoided asking any questions. Whatever took place between her and the foul mouthed Charlie was obviously over so he didn't need to concern himself with it.

"Why don't you stay with me tonight?" Winslow suggested as they approached Hillsboro.

"I'm no good tonight," Regina replied. "Thanks for the offer, Win, and thanks for being so understanding and patient. I'll take a rain check, okay?"

"Sure," Winslow replied. "No problem. Go home and get a good night's sleep and don't worry about anything."

She kissed him goodnight on the cheek when he pulled in front of the Montgomery house and he watched as she dragged herself toward the front door, clearly upset and distressed about what had happened.

Winslow was bothered by it too but he wasn't going to let Regina know that. She hadn't asked him questions about the people from his past, including the long term relationship he had with the actress, so how could he ask her about who she had been with? Still, he did wonder about how many women she'd been with and if she had sworn off of them, willing to commit herself exclusively to him but he didn't feel comfortable bringing up the subject.

Winslow called Regina the next day but she wasn't up to doing anything and he felt bad that their weekend that had started off so promising had so quickly crashed and burned. Making love for the first time on Friday night and a wonderful romantic dinner out on Saturday night all abruptly ended because of that nut job Charlie.

The Double W had been on the air for about an hour on Monday when Jean called in, chastising herself for not going to the Hillsboro Hurricane game in the rain. She and Double W discussed the merits of being a loyal and dedicated fan willing to weather the elements to support the team before he turned the conversation to something he really wanted to talk about.

"So, how did things turn out with that guy of yours, Jean?" The Double W asked.

"Oh, wonderfully," she sighed happily. "We had a terrific time together and now we know that we really do love each other. I want to thank all the callers for being so supportive and for giving me the courage and strength to take a chance and prove my love for him."

"Well, I'm glad it all worked out," The Double W replied.

"Well, there are a few snags," Jean sighed and Winslow could hear the hurt and horror still in her voice two days later.

"What do you mean? The Double W asked.

"We happened to run into somebody from my past this weekend," she revealed.

"It didn't go well?"

"It sucked big time," Jean reported. "This person is so out of control that it's scary. Things didn't end well between us and now this person is hell-bent on making my life miserable. I'm afraid this person could try to ruin my relationship with my romance and that scares the hell out of me."

"Oh, I'm sure the guy you're with can handle that stuff," The Double W assured her.

"I'm really embarrassed that he even knows about this person," Jean said. "It was the worst mistake of my life."

"How'd you get involved with this individual?"

"I was really vulnerable at the time and the person seemed to be understanding and supportive and helpful and loving," Jean told him. "It wasn't until after I made the commitment that I realized this person was abusive, mean, fake, dangerous, and unstable."

"But it's over now," The Double W reminded her.

"I know that and I hope my guy understands that but I'm not so sure if this person accepts it," a worried Jean admitted.

"Could this person be a stalker or a harasser?"

"I'm not sure," Jean sighed. "Maybe."

"Does this person know where you live?"

"Of course, but I have a stay away order."

"Does this person know where your current guy lives?"


"You could always stay with him to be safe," The Double W suggested. "Think about it."

"Okay, I will," Jean said. "Thanks, Double."

The line went dead and many of the calls for the rest of the show were callers commenting on their own abusive situations and crazy stalkers who made their lives miserable before they brought up the subject they originally called in to talk about.

The Hillsboro Hurricanes were hosting The Sun Rise Lake Lions that Friday night in the last game before the traditional Thanksgiving show down with arch-rival Greenville. Winslow picked up Regina early and they went for a pizza before heading for the game. Regina seemed to be in a better mood and that made Winslow more relaxed.

"Was that the first time you saw Charlie since you left?" He asked.

"No, she came to the school a few times last year," Regina groaned. "I had to get a stay away order. It was so humiliating. I kind of made it sound like she was a jealous colleague instead of an enraged ex-lover but I think Principal Thompson figured it out."

"Where'd you meet her?"

"She worked for my father, believe it or not." Regina actually laughed at that reality. "She came to the funeral. Told me how great a boss and guy my father was. I was a mess, of course, and Charlie was very supportive and kind. I guess I was looking for someone to comfort me and because she knew my Dad so well it just all sort of happened."

"I get the impression she was the dominate one in the relationship," Winslow deadpanned.

Regina blushed. "Shut up," She mumbled. "She actually does have some redeeming qualities. She was very nice to my mother and one of the reasons why I don't think she harasses me there is out of respect for my mother. But if you cross her, she goes psycho."

"Where does she live?"

"Greenville," Regina said. "We only lived together a few months before I figured out she has issues. I thought she was with somebody else now. She probably didn't like seeing me with you which is why she acted so badly the other night."

"She's not going to cut my balls off or something is she?" Winslow asked.

Regina shrugged. "I have no idea what she's capable of doing. I mean she hasn't really done anything violent since I left but you never know."

"How was she abusive to you?" Winslow asked.

"You heard how verbally abusive she can be," Regina replied. "She was insulting and demeaning and physically intrusive. She pinned me against a wall one time, punched me in the stomach once, and pulled me by the hair another time. She gets angry easily."

Regina sighed and looked at Winslow sadly. "I bet you weren't expecting this," she said.

"We would deal with it the same way if she was a guy named Charlie," Winslow theorized.

"Would we?" Regina tested. "You're not concerned that my last intimate relationship was with a woman?"

"As long as you're with me now I don't care about anything from before," he answered honestly.

"Do you trust me, Win?" Regina worried.

"Of course," he replied. "And we're in this together so don't fret about Charlie."

She chewed on her lip but didn't say anything in reply.

Regina cheered up a little bit when they got to the ball field. It was a great game with the Hurricanes holding on for a 28-24 win over Sun Rise. Winslow loved going to the football games with Regina because she was such an avid and involved booster. He could also see how admired she was as a teacher because the kids were always saying hi to her whenever they ventured around the field.

Winslow took Regina back to his place after the game for a nightcap. Regina was wearing her designer blue jeans and a brown Hillsboro Hurricanes sweatshirt. He could smell the faint scent of her perfume as they sat together on the couch enjoying a glass of wine and discussing the game.

Regina wasn't a big drinker and the wine went to her head pretty quickly. She got a little giggling and a bit frisky as they sat on the couch. She lowered her eyes to Winslow's groin area and smiled.

"I've decided I like dick better than…" she said.

"You're drunk!" Winslow remarked with surprise.

"Maybe a little," she admitted as she pulled her sweatshirt off over her head and tossed off her bra. "But I don't want to do it on the couch again, Win."

She peeled out of her jeans and yanked down her panties before running from the room and Winslow chased his naked love upstairs to the bedroom where she threw herself on the bed with laughter, lying on her stomach and looking over her shoulder at him.

Winslow calmly sat on the bed next to her and rubbed his hand along her back. Her skin was smooth and warm to his touch. He traced his finger down her spine all the way to the crack of her ass. Regina smiled as he patted her lovely buns. She reached her hand out and rested it on the zipper of his jeans. Winslow sucked in a breath as she unzipped the jeans and stuck her hand inside, finding her way through the opening in his boxers. She freed his throbbing erection which popped out of the opening and she began to stroke him.

"You believe me right?" She worried. "About dicks."

"I only care how you feel about my dick," Winslow replied.

"Yours is the only one I want," she told him.

Winslow's breaths became halting as she continued to stroke him but he didn't want a hand job from the woman he loved. He considered that type of sex as less intimate and more vulgar. He wanted to make love to Ginny, not have sex with her so he reached out and removed her hand from his shaft and rolled her over onto her back on the bed. He kicked off his shoes, yanked down his jeans, got rid of his boxers and pulled off his sweatshirt before lying on top of her and allowing his penis to find her opening as if it was on cruise control following radar.

"Win…." Regina whispered into his ear as she spread her legs for him.

"I want to make love to you, my love," he told her.

"Please do," she practically sobbed, putting her hand back on his bulging erection and directing him into her slit. He pushed his way into her, moaning at the instant gratification sensation he immediately felt.

"God, you're wonderful," Winslow told her.

Regina smiled as they made slow and passionate love, both of them purring with happy satisfaction as they pumped and thrust, Regina wrapping her legs around his ass and gladly humping as he rammed his thrusts into her over and over again. He brought his hand between her legs to find her sensitive spot and Regina soon exploded with a loud scream as she welcomed her orgasm and he poured himself into her and then he collapsed on top of her, his mouth resting on her breast and nipple.

"Will you stay with me tonight?" He whispered when they got their breaths back.

"For a while," she promised.

They got off the bed, pulled down the covers and nestled together underneath them. Winslow wanted to cry realizing Regina was snuggled up against him, finally sharing his bed with him. Her arm was draped across his chest and he gently placed a kiss on her forehead as she drifted off to sleep. She was beautiful and he was happy to be with her like this.

### ### ###

Winslow stirred awake, opening his eyes to see that Regina was already awake, staring at him as she lay on the pillow next to him.

"What time is it?" Winslow wondered, rolling onto his side and pulling her against him.

"Eight," Regina informed him. "I didn't mean to spend the whole night."

"I'm glad you did," Winslow grinned. "It's nice waking up to see your face."

She stared into his eyes. "Wanna go to Johnny C's for breakfast?"

He brushed her hair out of her eyes. "That would be lovely." He kissed the tip of her nose. "Although I'd rather stay here like this with you all day."

"There will be plenty of time for that," Regina smiled as she rolled out of the bed and went to use the bathroom.

They had to wait for a table at Johnny C's - Saturday morning was popular at the diner - but Winslow didn't mind that much - there was plenty of Hurricane football talk among the customers and The Double W was happy to lend his expertise on the subject. Winslow and Regina were finally seated and they ordered their breakfast.

"Uh-oh," Regina groaned as they waited for their food.

"What?" Winslow asked.

Regina gestured with her chin toward the cash register where Charlie was getting a coffee to go. Regina hoped she wouldn't notice them but sure enough Charlie turned and when she saw Regina quickly look away she grabbed her coffee cup and marched to the booth.

"Please, stay calm, we have friends here," Winslow warned.

"So, you've gone back to the ugly side once again?" Charlie asked Regina, ignoring Winslow.

"Win and I go way back," Regina lamely explained.

"Oh really?' Charlie asked with distain, glaring at Winslow. "You don't mind fucking a dyke?"

"Actually, I figure she's a half dyke," Winslow replied.

"How 'bout I call your moronic radio show and tell your retard audience you're fucking a half-dyke?" Charlie growled.

"You can't use the f word on the radio," Winslow replied. "It's against FCC regulations."

"You're such a dick," Charlie barked.

Birdy Braft, owner of Johnny C's, stepped up to the booth. "Excuse me folks, there's a dad with his two young children in that end booth, do you think you could tone down the R rated language at least to a PG?"

"I'm out of here," Charlie mumbled, heading for the door in a huff.

"Sorry about that," an embarrassed Winslow told the owner. "Domestic squabble."

"Its okay, DW, but we do try to run a family business here," Braft said.

A horrified Regina stared at the table top in humiliation as Braft left. "A half-dyke?" She asked, totally insulted.

"I wasn't going to let her get the upper hand again," Winslow explained.

"Is that how you see me?" Regina wanted to know. "As a half anything?"

"I see you as a whole woman, someone I've been in love with forever," Winslow replied knowingly. "Nothing else matters to me."

"Not even a deranged ex-lover?"

"Hey, I played in the minor leagues for years," The Double W laughed. "I'm used to unruly rude obnoxious fans."

"I don't think Charlie is exactly a fan, Win."

"She'll let go of it eventually," Winslow predicted. "Let's not let her ruin things for us."

"Too late," Regina mumbled unhappily.

But they stuck with breakfast, awkwardly feeling the eyes of other customers on them as they waited for their food. Winslow could tell Regina was stressed and he felt bad about that.

"You can't let her get to you," he said.

Regina sighed. "She's in my head."

Winslow nodded with understanding. "Give it time," he said.

"Why doesn't any of this bother you?" She wanted to know.


"My past. Charlie. My choices."

"I like the choices you're making now," he said. "I've never been happier than I am right now." He reached across the table and squeezed her hand. "It's all good."

"Why did you come back?" Regina asked, peering at him. "You could have stuck it out in LA waiting for another chance. Written another book maybe."

"I can write another book here," Winslow told her.

"Why did you come back?" She asked again.

"Its home," he shrugged. "Lot's of happy memories are here. Why not come back?"

"Because you got out of here," she said.

"You can only chase your dream for so long, Ginny," Winslow said. "Baseball is what I cared about. I played it for as long as I could. The other stuff was bonus and I rode that for as long as I could. But I wasn't destined to be some Hollywood phony. I belong here."

"Maybe I don't," Regina sighed.

"Of course you do!"

She chewed on her lower lip. "What are you doing with me?"

"What do you mean?" He asked with confusion.

She sighed, "I come with baggage. I have issues."

"Look, we both did our own thing and now we're sitting here together at Johnny C's as if we were never apart," Winslow observed. "Maybe it was meant to be."

"And maybe it's not," Regina worried.

"I think we fit together nicely," Winslow said.

She stared at his gaze, not quite believing what he was saying.

"You're different from everyone I've ever known," he told her.

"Yes, I'm a half-dyke, remember?" She said sarcastically.

Winslow reached across the table again and re-squeezed her hand. "I love you."

Regina allowed him to keep hold of her hand until the waitress returned with their food. They ate in relative silence and Winslow wondered how things could go from being so great to being so stressed in the blink on an eye. Was Regina always going to let her past haunt her?

Winslow took Regina home after breakfast and she said she'd call later but she never did. Actually, she didn't call until he was on the air on Monday afternoon.

"Hi Double W, its Jean again," she said.

"Oh, Hi Jean, how are you today?" The Double W asked cheerfully, happy and relieved that she had called in.

"Hurricanes looked good Friday night," she said.

"They did," The host replied. "Do you think they have a chance against Greenville on Thanksgiving?"

"Of course," she laughed. "Hillsboro always has a chance!"

"Giants only lost once while Hillsboro had those two ugly losses at the beginning of the year against inferior teams," The Double W reminded her.

"Yeah, but the Hurricanes have been on a roll since and they're looking pretty good right now," Jean pointed out. "I think it's going to be a great game!"

"Me too!" The Double W laughed. "And how are things with you?"

"I'm feeling guilty about the mistakes of my past," she admitted.

"Well, the first step is to forgive yourself," The Double W advised.

"That's hard to do," she sighed.

"It is," The Double W agreed. "We walk around feeling horrible but it really doesn't do any good beating ourselves up for mistakes we can't change. All we can do is forgive ourselves and hope those we have hurt will forgive us too. We can't go back in the past like Marty McFly in Doc Brown's DeLorean and fix those mistakes. All we can do is learn from them. We're human and we make mistakes. No matter what your story is all you can do is apologize, make amends, and move on, so forgive yourself because there's peace and relief that comes when you forgive yourself. Burdens are lifted and guilt goes away. Otherwise you'll never be able to move on and you'll cheat the new guy out of your total freedom."

"I guess," she sighed.

"Hasn't your guy forgiven you?"

"Yes, he's pretty remarkable." He could sense Jean's smile through the phone line.

"Then go with it," he advised.

"Thanks, Double W," Jean said.

"Good luck with the game and with the guy," he replied before moving on to the next caller.

### ### ###

Regina showed at Winslow's on Wednesday evening after he got home from the radio station. He cooked them some barbequed chicken and they had a pleasant evening, talking about their day, work, and of course the upcoming Hillsboro-Greenville football show down.

"Do you want to spend the night?" Winslow asked hopefully.

"Not with work in the morning," she sighed and she smiled when she saw the disappointment on his face. "But I can spend part of the night!"

They ended up in his bed together, naked under the covers making out for a while and then they made exhilarating love with Regina crying out with joy, panting and moaning as he made love to her. His mouth was on hers, muffling her cries as he pumped her and she rocked her hips in reply.

At one point, Regina broke her mouth from his and she tried to breathe. "Win…I'm…"

And then her body convulsed with pleasure and a pitched scream erupted from her throat as they both orgasmed in concert with the other and when it was over Regina lay sprawled across the mattress, the covers tossed aside, with Winslow collapsed across her, her breasts as his pillow. Regina contently brushed his hair with her hand as they enjoyed their post-loving making cuddling time together.

"When did you first realize you were bi?" Winslow gently asked.

"I don't know," Regina sighed. "When I was about seventeen, I guess."

"What brought you to that conclusion?" He wanted to know.

"It was just something that I figured out, that's all," she sighed. I just knew. Even though I was happy dating guys I always felt attracted to certain girls too. And when some of my guy relationships turned out to be negative or problematic, I found myself being comforted by girls who were much more understanding, gentle, supportive, sensitive and even intimate than most of the guys I dated."

"What about me?" Winslow sighed. "Back then, I mean?"

"No offense, Win, but you were pretty wrapped up and absorbed with your sports and all that," Regina told him. "One of the reasons we got along so well was because we didn't have any expectations about each other. We just accepted our friendship on whatever level it was at and we didn't question it."

"You were always dating some guy," Winslow groaned.

"Yeah, I thought Ed was going to be the perfect one but he turned out to be an asshole," Regina recalled. "We had a huge fight one weekend but you were off at some baseball tournament somewhere so I ended up getting drunk with Lucy O and one thing led to another. She was the first one who asked me if I was bi. I guess she knew for some reason."

"What were you looking for?" Winslow sighed, knowing it was she who he was looking (and waiting) for.

"The same things everybody looks for," Regina answered, continuing to stroke his hair. "Interesting personality, a bit of intelligence, compatibility, shared interests, and some sort of attraction. Of course I was too shy and frightened to act on any of that with another girl until I got drunk and Lucy O helped me out. When I got to college, the biggest problem became trying to figure out which women were interested and which aren't. With guys it's easy but I risked offending some women with my advances and flirtations."

"Why'd you tell me?" Winslow wanted to know.

"You were the only one I trusted," she admitted.

"You knew I was crazy about you," he groaned.

"Not really," she said defensively. "I know I should have, Win, but I guess I was just too naïve and in denial to deal with it. I didn't want to lose you as a friend and I hoped you'd come to terms with who I was."

"It took me a while," Winslow admitted.

"Yeah, like fifteen years!" she said, giving his head a slight love slap.

"I didn't' know how to deal with it," Winslow confessed. "If I wasn't madly in love with you I probably would have been fine with it but I couldn't handle losing you to another woman."

"It took me a long time to start coming out after that because I figured if you freaked out everybody would," she revealed.

"I'm sorry I didn't handle it very well," Winslow said.

"I mean even now I don't just say, 'hi, I'm bi,'" she said. "I figure it's something people don't need to know about necessarily but I don't hide it either. The people who care about me love me whether I'm bi or not."

"That includes me, Ginny," Winslow reminded her.

She smiled and kissed his forehead. "I know, my dearest," she said before lifting his head off her chest and gently placing it on the nearby pillow. "I need to get going," she said. "It is a school night after all!"

Winslow laughed as he shimmied under the covers and watched her get dressed. When she was done, Regina leaned over and gave him a kiss goodnight.

"I love you," Regina said.

"I love you," Winslow replied happily.

She left and he listened to the front door closing behind her. It was hard watching her go because he missed not having her in bed next to him.

### ### ###

The big football game took center stage. The Double W worked extra hours with some remotes at the two high schools, producing promos, interviewing past heroes of the Thanksgiving Day rivalry, and hosting a charity fundraiser sponsored by the two schools.

Regina spent the weekend with him and Winslow invited her and Mrs. Montgomery to his family's Thanksgiving gala fathering after the big game. He was happy when Regina and her mom accepted the invitation.

Regina came to the townhouse to spend Thanksgiving eve with Winslow. They went for a light dinner and drinks at The Bullpen Tavern where The Double W was the center of attention on the big sports night.

Back at the house, Regina was in a giddy mood from the drinks and they were barely inside the house before she was all over him, her lips on his mouth offering a sweetness that comforted him. He kissed her as he let her nearly rip his clothes off and she allowed him to undress her as well as they stood at the foot of the stairwell. He couldn't help but stare at her wonderful breasts which he began to suck on as he pushed her against the wall.

"Oh Win," Regina moaned as she stroked his hair while he licked and tongued her breasts.

She made a turn to head up the stairs and Winslow grabbed her from behind, tearing her slacks and panties down her legs as she kicked off her shoes and Winslow grinned at her naked backside and exposed pussy as she ran up the stairs. He found her lying naked on the bed by the time he caught up with her and he removed the rest of his clothing before falling on her and welcoming her warm arms as they wrapped around him. They kissed before Winslow slowly worked his way down to her breasts and then points south with his mouth. He worked her to a climax with his mouth between her legs as he licked her love juices as Regina moaned and writhed from the sensations he was causing. Her mouth was agape and there were desperate gasps bubbling out of her mouth as he pleasured her and soon Winslow was maneuvering his body so that his member was lined up with her entrance and Regina wrapped her legs around his waist.

Winslow was inside her and he began to thrust in and out until he couldn't hold back anymore and he emptied himself into her, grateful that she was with him and nobody else.

"Oh, Win!" Regina kissed him as she climaxed again and they both screamed out with joy, contentment, and realized sexual pleasure

Winslow knew they belonged together and that they were good together. He had never felt as certain about anything in his life as he did as he held Regina in his arms, snuggling together in his bed after another amazing session of lovemaking.

"Being with you is so fantastic," Regina murmured as she ran her hand through his hair.

She rested her head on his chest once he rolled off her and onto his back.

"Am I who you really wanted to be with?" Winslow dared to ask.

"What do you mean?" She asked, glancing at him.

"I'm committed to you, Ginny," he informed her. "I'm ready to be with you full time, forever. Are you ready to have a monogamous relationship with me?"

"Jesus, Win, what in the hell do you think we're doing now?" She groaned. "I haven't been with anybody else in a long time." Then she frowned and sat up in the bed, keeping her breasts covered with the sheet. "What, you think I'm going to run off with another woman or something?" She demanded.

"I…" An embarrassed Winslow didn't know what to say.

"Listen, you jerk, I don't choose my lovers based on gender," she said with annoyance. "And I don't fool around, or swing, or cheat when I'm with somebody. I'm bi but I definitely believe in monogamy."

"Will there be times when you'll miss having a relationship with a woman?" Winslow worried.

"I don't know," Regina shrugged, falling back on the pillow. "Will there be times when you'll miss being with another woman?" She challenged.

"Of course not," Winslow insisted. "I'm with you because I want to be with you."

"Well, don't you think I feel the same way about you?" She asked, rolling over on her side and staring into Winslow eyes. "Cheating is cheating, no matter who it's with. I'm making the choice to be with you just as you're making the commitment to be with me. Maybe I'll have pangs that you won't be able to satisfy just like you'll probably think about someone you've been with in the past but I'm sure it will all pass and we'll truly and fully love each other with all our heart and soul."

"I don't mean to be an asshole about this," Winslow told her. "It's just kind of new to me, that's all."

"Look, just because I'm attracted to both sexes doesn't mean I need to have both," Regina assured him. "When I fall in love with someone, be it man or woman, that's who I'm with no matter how many men and women are out there. My sexuality has nothing to do with who I commit too. I want to be with you. I love you. This is where I belong."

"I'm glad," he smiled.

"Do you trust me, Win?" Regina whispered.

"With my life," he replied and suddenly her lips were on his.

"Good," she giggled before tracing a finger over his lip.

"Do you want to move in?" Winslow dared to ask.

"Yes," she smiled, giving him a kiss.

"What about your mom?" He asked with concern

"I didn't move home because my mom needed me, Win," Regina revealed. "I moved back because I needed her!"

"Oh," Winslow realized.

"I'm sorry it took so long," she said quietly.

"What took so long?"

"For me to figure out that it was you the whole time," she sighed.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Ginny," Winslow whispered.

"Go Hurricanes!" She giggled.

They hugged and fell asleep in each other's arms.