Never before have I been so sad
Without a person to blame
Not you or them
Nor anyone with a name
It's like being in a fight
Without knowing where to throw your punches
Like drawling a sketch but having no vision
It's only been a matter of days
And yet my life's changed in so many ways
I hear your voice in every sad song
I rattle my brain wondering what went wrong
Without you my life's become some sort of madness
It's cold and lonely and every meaning of the word sadness
It's like talking to a mirror
When I wanna find you
Running through a maze
So lost and confused
My heart appears like a page without a pen
It's all a mystery wondering what's around the bend
All I see is emptiness
In a life full of happiness
It's like driving in a fog
Listening to your favorite song
And forgetting to sing along
It's this blind sadness that finds me in the night
Creeps behind the smile and twists it with fright
Without you everything's a blurry night's dream
Nothing even matters
Or so it does seem
It's dark and cold
I'm tired and old
Yes it's true that in this mind I've gone mad
For without you
My life is just sad