I was alone as a child, no one to love me, let alone care for me. My parents died when I was only 5. I lived a hard life but something happened to me, something that I could never believe. Each day after that day, I cried and died inside everytime the mere thought crossed my mind.

Life sucks when you have no one. No one to call your own, to say I love you, to say no matter what that they were there. All my life I was alone.. All my life I only looked out for me, cared for me.

I cried myself to bed every night and hurted everyday at the thought of being alone forever.. I had to face it, being alone forever sucks; especailly when you had nothing to begin with but the clothes on your back. Being alone sucks and the worst part is that you live forever and you see everyone die.

Yup, that's my life: Praying for anything to change, anything at all. But God smiled upon me and sent me someone.. Someone to care for me and to love me...