Chapter 1, beginning


Everybody knew exactly how I liked to be there was no denying it at the least bit. As I got out the car of my stretched limo I watched the beautiful day take over me. This was probably the best summer I had ever had. Well another great summer considering I have had so many but now it was time to face back to reality. School.
There is a lot to be said about this crazy and completely outrageous school, with more upper class then the queen of freaken England. Sophomoreyear would be an interesting one then. As I walked towards the hostel I watched as Mayhem, my shoffer struggled getting all my luggage out the Limo. My aunt just stared at him with small eyes and she was slightly amused.
"Come now Mayhem," Naomi said smiling, "surely a man of your strength can handle this small task of bringing in a 15 year olds luggage."
"Of course madam," He breathed hard as my aunt turn on her heel and walked into his hostel.
"You need help there Mayhem?" I asked slowly as soon as she was gone.
"Not at all Madam," he breathed hard, "I'll have your stuff up at your dormitory in no time at all."
Most of the time Mayhem was just about being to himself and that didn't seem to bother anybody but it was weird to see this British guy in his late forties still work for me even after everything that I have been through and him right next to me. Quite shocking really. But I let that thought o and walked up to the hostel I lived in better known as Mc Cullen house. Ok at this point I don't blame you for thinking I come to a boarding school in Ireland. I don't. Tanner high is situated exactly 35 000 miles away from home, exactly 32 000 miles away from my exuberant aunt and 35 000 miles away from New York where I live. And where I am at the moment is in Canada, Vancouver where Tanner High is situated. Most of the time I feel like just crying thinking about the fact that I am literally in the coldest place in world. Ok so it's not the coldest but it's not exactly the warmest either and will all due respect I was actually born in California the warmest damn place in the world.
I walked into the house where there was a bright but classy reception there, the senior House Mistress sat behind the reception desk looking all strict and stern as per usual. Mrs Cough was probably the most miserable person I have ever met in my life and the fact that she's married makes it even more astounding. Behind her was the giant statue of the Abraham Mc Cullen. He stood there with an olden suit with circle glasses and a cane. Like Mrs Cough he had a stern look of his own which put me in sheer pain to know that I live on top of him. Under the golden statue was a description of who he is. And thanks to Camiela who took a picture of it last year, without even looking at it, I know exactly what it says.

Abraham Mc Cullen. Born in Ireland, 18 April 1830. Died 25 December 1888 at the age of 58. Mc Cullen House was opened by Mr Mc Cullen himself in 1870.

That was just a combination between creepy and weird and yes they both have two very different meanings.
" Miss Orlerns," Mrs Cough said trying to smile at Naomi who was behind me probably trying to be kind but obviously failing dramatically, "so good to see you again this year."
"Well why wouldn't you?" Naomi asked slightly.
"No reason." Mrs Cough laughs her loud laugh that sounds like a frog is stuck in her throat "Let me get your timetable schedule for tomorrow." She typed in her computer and searched for my name.
"Isn't this exciting," Naomi smiled at me, "no more middle school! You're completely done with that part of your life."
I turned to look at her. Naomi was probably most beautiful person I have come across well except one person but she was long gone so it didn't count. Naomi had long brunette hair matching my colour which was close to the same colour as milk chocolate. She had bright green eyes the same colour as a tree in spring time. She was quite slender but most of all she was young, only thirty one years old and the weird part was that she has been raising a teen ager from the age of twenty seven. I'm surprised she hasn'tburst into flames yet. But yet again, she has never been faint hearted. "Always up for any challenges" she'd said the day she took me in. But I guess its part of who she is. Naomi is a world wide celebrity Publicist. She literally owns the word. At such a young age she has come quite far and made a living for herself. Alone. She was even sub editor at ELLE magazine.
"great," I said solemnly, "Except nothing much has really changed actually. I'm still in the same school, same house and I still have the same friends. The only thing that has really changed in the fact that I'm a sophomore now and I'm in high school, not middle school."
"you want to talk about it?" Naomi asked sympathetically.
I was about to answer but Mrs cough cleared her throat to get our attention. I turned to face her.
"here is your timetable." She smiled, "same dormitory arrangements as last year. Same rules. You and your homies better behave this year." She so old yet she chooses to embarrassherself with words like "homies".
Naomi stared at Mrs cough like she was crazy.
"and that's that," Mrs Cough, "welcome to sophomore year Narrissa." I took the timetable from her and smiled at her and walked away for the table. Mayhem came down toward struggling to get through the crowds of families.
"well this is it then huh?" Naomi said looking at me with big eyes.
"the car is ready Madam. All of your stuff is in your Dormitory. Your roommates are so excited to see you" Mayhem smiled. I smiled back at him and then looked at Naomi.
"So ill see you at the Christmas time then?" Naomi asked
"no it's ok," I smiled, "I'll stay in. You're probably working so it's cool."
"Narrissa," Naomi said slowly but I just interrupted her, "don't procrastinate have a flight tonight to Tokyo remember. I can tell you don't want to be late."
Naomi sucked in a breathe at my words and then hugged me tightly.
"so weird," Naomi sighed, "Sarah would have said exactly the same thing." I pulled away and stared at her.
"have a good flight Naomi." I smiled at her then turned to Mayhem, "see you later Mayhem."
Mayhem smiled and hugged me tightly. Sometimes I considered Mayhem more a father then anything else. I mean he was there when I was born and he taught the basics, like riding a bike, swimming and running and lots of things a father should be doing. Of course he's not my father but sometimes I wish he was.
I let go of him and took my hand bag from his hands and turned toward the gigantic flight of wooden stairs, its sort of like the kind of stairs you find at a castle, I walked up to my dorm without even turning to look back. But before could be far enough I heard Naomi and Mayhem say something
"she's just like Sarah." Naomi sighs.
"makes sense," Mayhem replies, "that was her mother."


I have never in my life experienced more mortality ever. As I sat in the car as my parents drove me to boarding school I pounded over the fact that this was a new year which meant more opportunity for me. I'm vain enough that I care. A lot of you might be wondering how on earth my parents are taking me to school well for the simple reason that we flew to Canada a week ago and have been staying near Lake Louise .oh and just to clarify I live in Los Angeles. The place where most things happen and my parents well are not really happening. My mother, Karen, is a real estate agent for mansions. In fact she sold a whole plot area to Narrissa and her aunt a year ago. My Dad, Reynolds, was a lawyer. Part time judge, but mostly a lawyer. Worst part is he brings his home with him. , meaning instead of grounding me and my little sister, Sage (who is age eleven), like a normal teen ager, he goes through the laws of the constitution. And that's part of why I moved to a boarding school, is to get away from him. Don't get me wrong I love him but some days are harder to take then others. I remember two years ago exactly when I told him that I wanted to come to Tanner High, he asked if there was a law to that. My mother however just agreed with me. Since then I have been completely happy away from home. I wont deny there are those days where I just wanna cry over the phone with my mom but those days become rare and rare every year.
"Trying out for cheerleading again this year Cam?" Sage asked as she played with her Hello Kitty Covered Blackberry which sparkled more the any shiny lip gloss that I have ever seen in my life.
"What kind of a question is that Sage?" I asked her sarcastically.
Sage was quiet then...thoughtful. She had curly light brown hair with big brown eyes. She had a tiny cute face and looked exactly like my mom and there was alittle of my dad in her. Where as I looked like no one in the family. I have light green eyes with a tint of brown and not to mention that I have dead straight hair...thick hair.
"don't be mean," my mom said, "she's gonna miss you when we go."
"I beg to differ." I said sarcastically.
"Cam." My dad said in a small voice.
"I'm just saying." I said back at him and looked at my phone. One new message.
hey can't wait to see you. Emmett.
as if my life couldn't get any worse then what it is already? Emmett being the golden boy he is still being a good person who irritates the crap out of me and there was nothing I could really do about it. but I had to keep myself in check otherwise I would end up beating myself for this later.
I typed in my phone and then just exited out of the message menus, going to my wall paper which showed me at nationals last year on top of the pyramid.
Emmett would clearly get the wrong idea about all of this, there is a slight reason why I broke up with him and so I will stick to that. In fact I will stick to my single status for a while.
"what are you thinking so hard about?" My dad asked looking at me from his review mirror.
" School dad" I replied not looking at him
"what about it?"
"what's with the million questions dad." I asked solemnly
"No reason." He smiled at me but I just rolled my eyes and looked away from him.
we drove into Mc Cullen house. Nothing much has changed over the summer it would seem.
of course I would notice if there would be any changes. I got out of my dad's gray land rover and walked to the back of the car to get my luggage. My dad stared at all my trunks.
"What?" I asked him wondering why he looks so shocked.

"why exactly would you need so much stuff"
"that's nothing dad," I smiled, "you should see the amount of stuff Narrissa brings. You would think I'm an angel if you saw all her trunks."
"I would hope so." My dad laughs the tries getting them all out. My mother and Sage walk into the house to go get my time table for me. A couple of guys past us then and say hi to me. I giggle at them and my dad stares at me with a stern look.
"I always have wondered if this is such a good idea Cam?" my dad says looking at me
"Dad," I sigh, "doesn't start. It has been exactly two years and this will be my third, there is no getting around it" he didn't ague after that. He simply just took my two huge trunks and turned towards the house. I took my two duffel bags and followed him. My mother came back outside with a file in her hand
"you forgot something." She smiled and walked to the car and grabbed my small duffel bag
"shoot," I said shocked, "how could I forget that." I offered to take it from her
"I got it." she smiled. We walked into the house where Mrs Cough stood handing out the timetables and giving people fake smiles. We walked up to the girls dormitories
"this place should invest in an elevator." My dad grumbled as we got up stairs and walked about six dorms down when finally... I felt at home. I opened the dorm to find Narrissa standing there with a t-shirt in her hand and Kasey with a bra in hers
"well that's awkward." My dad said slowly. I just ignored him and went to giggle and laugh with them.
"Omigod it's so good to see you." Kasey laughed
"ME! What about you its so good to see you!" I laughed back.
"Are you kidding me? I whole summer without you guys was pure torture." Narrissa added
"you would know." I laughed
"Ahem," my mom said. We turned to face her, "we should go."
"I'll be right back guys." I smiled the followed my parents and Sage out.
we walked out to the car passing many people who said hi to me which by the way a year ago hated my guts for some or odd reason.
"I am so gonna miss you honey." My mother said smiling at me with big eyes.
"me too mom." I said smiling alittle.
"Come home whenever you want." My dad said
"Dad," I sighed but smiled at the same time, "we have been through this for how long?"
"I know," he smiled but then hugged me so tight I could barely breathe. But I let my tears flow out my eyes.
"Are you crying?" my dad whispered in my ears knowing that I hated crying where people could see me. Believe me I was an easy crier I just hated people seeing me.
"no ways," I sniffed fast and pulled away. I smiled at him then looked at my mom. She smiled at me then hugged me, "I love you lots."
"love you too mom." I said then hugged Sage who was incredibly short for an eleven year old
"Take care Sage." I smiled at her with absolutegenerosity. I turned towards the house and watched everybody greeted each other... sophomore year this would be an interesting one.


I would love to know exactly who created happily ever after. I have a lot to be grateful for considering the fact that I feel like I'm living mine. For the most part I am probably the happiest person you will ever find on the face of this planet and nothing would ever change that. I sat in the dorm with Camilla and Narrissa talking about our oh so wonderful summer.
"I can't believe your parents let you go to France alone with Max!" Camilla said in her shocked tone revealing the fact that I was so over being surprised with anything anymore.
"please," Narrissa laughed, "Nothing seems to surprise me anymore."
I had to laugh with her, "why is that?" I asked.
"well both of you literally spent a whole year acting like Romeo and Juliet last year," Narrissa said reluctantly, "and when finally he gets the guts to ask you out, it turns out his dad works for yours."
"Not to mention the fact that his mom and yours are such close friends." Camilla adds with a smile. It was true though my parents are close friends with Max's and his dad works for mine. I live in Minnesota well to be exact I live at Saint Paul in Minnesota. Minnesota being the cold small Town it is nothing ever happen but as the Mayors daughter there is a lot to do for me and that is why I am here. To get away from that. My brother, My Twin Brother, Kyle came up with idea that we go to Boarding school away from all the pressure of being "royalty" of being the Mayor's children and when he thought of it, I was a bit sceptical at first but then the towns small news paper attacked us on the rumours that my dad was cheating on my mom, I booked the flight to Vancouver myself. And in the two years that I have been here and I haven't been happier. Sure people know me as the small towns Mayor's daughter and Kyle too but here everybody has some sort of a rich bitch story but no one cares. You get treated normally like in any other school, well popular, geeks, jocks, nerds etc, etc. I was used to it now; well I had to be now, sophomore right. And as for Max well there's a lot to be said about him.
"so what did you guys do in Paris?" Narrissa asked being very smug.
"No Narrissa I'm not like you." I said at her.
"What?" Narrissa said feigning being a offended, "I'm hardly any Tayson."
The door flew open then and there stood Tayson wearing a skirt and a tight top and behind her stood a freshman with a bunch of bags that looked freakishly heavy.
"I told you, I'm a Sophomore mow," Tayson said to him, "don't take it personally. You just too young for me." The guy looked so disappointed and was about to give Tayson the gift bags, "Nah you can keep it." he walked away then looking like someone who wanted to just commit sucide. And badly.
"Tay!" I said feeling sympathetic for him.
"What?" Tayson laughs and looks at Narrissa is smiling at me with an obvious face.
"see," Narrissa points at her, "told you."
"told her what?" Tayson says flipping her long blonde hair. Tayson was a looker there was no denying it. she had long golden blonde hair which most girls in our school envied and bright blue eyes which could resemble mine but didn't, because Max had said mine were the same shade as the sea when the sun was sparkling on it where as Tayson was the same shade as more or less a blue denim jacket. Or close enough to indigo. She had a well proportioned body I guess sex was an exercise.
"Kasey went to the land of love with Max." Narrissa explained, "but still came back Virgin..."
"oh honey so you two broke up," Tayson came up to me to hug me, "honey its ok, and just know I'm here for you."
"Tayson," I said to her, "we did not break up. We just didn't have sex. I don't get the big deal."
"well it's simple really," Tayson said smiling, "Max isn't alittle boy anymore, and he's going to want to do it sooner than later. You know that right."
"well he's gonna have to wait for later then isn't he." I said sitting up and started taking all my bags and putting them in my cupboard. They all stared at me like I was the stupidest thing on earth.
"What?" I said fast and solemnly.
"Kasey," Tayson said smiling, "I know you think that Max is not like that but-"
I interrupted her lifting my hand up at her face, "I don't care what you say, Max isn't like that and I know it."
Tayson sighs then stands up walking to the door, "I hope for your sake that you right. Because we all know what senior boys are like especially the jock kind?" Tayson open the door and smiled, "see you all tomorrow." The walked out closing the door behind her. I turned to face Narrissa and Camilla who smiled at me.
"do you guys agree with her?" I asked them slowly.
"Kase," Narrissa laughed, "This is Tay we talking about she doesn't even know what the word commitment means."
"Narrissa is right," Camilla smiles, "She'll never understand. Tell us more about Paris."
I smiled at the explaining the Eiffel tower to them but thinking of what Tayson said...we all know what senior boys are like. And I was just a naive sophomore right?


Clearly I was a guy magnet and no one could deny that fact and couldn't do anything about that considering I have worked my ass of since I got to this school to be popular and sexy and the method I went through were clearly not clean for. As I walked back to my house I looked around me at what seems to be beautiful but is clearly not my kind of scene. I had spent the whole summer partying around my dad's casino in Vegas and watching as he makes a million from so many people. My mom had clearly been with him for anobscure reason because since the divorce my mom had wanted nothing to do with him including money. Even though they both live in Las Vegas, my mom distanced herself completely from him. Which I don't blame her for, he was a complete ass. That's where I got the bitch gene from most probably because my mom was as kind as they come, except to my dad of course. I walked into De Costa house holding my gaze at the giant statue of a woman in an old dress dating back to at least the eighteen hundreds. Not that I care but it irritated me that she was so damn sexy, that was clear and that she spent most of her life doing something for somebody else.

Freda De Costa. Born 14 February 1835 in 1888 at age of 53. De Costa house was designed by Miss De Costa in 1870.

I sighed at the fact that if I was such a hotties that I would have at least done something about it. I guess those were dark times too. I walked up the stairs to my room when I was stopped but our Senior house Master, Mr Jefferson and my Art teacher too. He was gay, I was sure of it. How many guys do you know become house masters at a private school and an Art teacher? But I will not deny the fact that he was very good at art.
"Tayson!" he said in a causal tone and smiled a kind smile at me. Ever since I moved here last year he has tried to be so kind to me but I have never showed any kind back.
"Sir?" I said raising my eyebrow.
"I believe you will be in my aunt class this year." He smiled.

"And your point sir." I said looking at him as if he was the most idiotic person in the world. Truth is told he was.
"I look forward to see how you peruse it this year with many different ideas." He smiled at me despite my attitude.
"ok." I said, "I have to gay I mean go." I smiled at him. He straightened his face then turned in a very dramatic way. I love being the head bitch of them all and he knew that, well everybody knew that and I guess you could call it a part of me that could never be justified. In fact it would never be. I walked into my room. It was three room but I had my father send a letter saying if they moved me to De Costa I would be alone. But I knew they could change that. I sat on my bed wondering what my first day of sophomore would bring me and if I would even enjoy it. but I have my goal for this year of cores and no it has nothing to do with academic, it's just about me and that's how it's always been. That is how it will always be...right?