It was after I stepped out of the space shuttle and saw how bad the damage really was that I came to realize that I had no choice but to stay on the planet that I made a crash landing on and make the best of it.

And as soon as I gathered the right amount of camping equipment, I walked away from the shuttle and started hiking across the jungle of that alien world before this woman jumped from out of nowhere and threatened to smash my head in with what looked like a mace.

But when she took a good look at the NASA uniform that I was still wearing, she lowered that mace, gave me this hard stare and asked, "What planet are you from?", which made me take a deep breath and answer, "Earth. I am from Earth."

That was when she dropped the mace, wrapped her arms around me and began to cry before she looked at me and said, "I really am sorry! I never thought that I would be able to see anybody from Earth ever again!", which made me smile and say, "To tell the truth, neither did I."

But before I was about to ask her about how she came to be on that planet, we had suddenly heard the sound of roaring engines coming from the crash site.

And when we got over there, we saw that NASA had sent a ship to pick us up and take us back to Earth before the commander of that vessel had offered to me his personal congratulations for finding his lost daughter and rescuing her from that dreadful Robinson Crusoe like experience on that very planet.

As it turned out, her ship made the same crash landing on that very same planet.