The Snowmen are Here

When the season's change, and fall reluctantly gives way to winter, the world is covered under a blanket of snow. The streets echo with screams of delight as children run outside, for snowball fights. But away in the corner you might see a person, or two who are patiently building a snowman. Where did this start? You may ask. Who created the very first snowman? These questions are answered with the telling of the story of Quanto Kenea:

Eons ago, two daughters were born to the Sun Lord Andeaes. The daughters were beautiful maidens who went by the names Aquapheria and Lindiana. Aquapheria was the goddess of water and the eldest of the two. Lindiana was the snow goddess and more beautiful by far.

They lived in a magical world in which only the strongest and most skilled could survive. Their land of Aquila was beyond the human domain, however like all worlds it was connected, and often times travelers would suddenly find themselves in Aquila. In order to ensure his daughters survival e Lord Andeaes entrusted the witch Phenesis to teach them. They did so, and for many long years they leaned the ways of magic from Phenesis.

They loved Phenesis very much. Having never known their mother, they treated Phenesis as a mother. But soon Aquapheria grew bored of their studies, and managed to persuade the Lord Andeaes, their father, to allow some small leave from her studies. Her father was reluctant to let her go, but after much begging he allowed her some freedom. Now the Lord Andeaes was a just man, and realized he could not send one daughter away but keep the other, so Andeaes set a condition to Aquapheria, she had to take her sister with her.

Aquapheria was not eager to take Lindiana with her, but she also knew that if she wished to win favor with her father she would have to carry out his bidding. So that day Aquapheria and Lindiana ventured out into the forests of Aquila.

Now while Aquapheria and Lindiana were exploring the rough terrain of Aquila, a traveler Quanto Kenea was exploring into the furthest reaches of the mortal world. Quanto Kenea was a handsome man, tall and muscular with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was a very curious man, a born adventurer, but this time he was really pushing the limit. Their had always been talk about a boundary between this world and a magical one, now Quanto Kenea was a daring man and he had decided to prove whether this myth was real or truly nothing more than a myth. Quanto starred up at what seemed like a magical wall. Not believing his eyes he leaned forward to touch it. A scream escaped his body as he fell into the wall and went tumbling down into the darkness.

Lindiana sat by the stream. Each time she touched her finger to the water it would freeze. She sighed contently, happy with her life. She giggled, as she saw a fish leap out of the water and flop back in not three feet from were she sat. Meanwhile, Aquapheria walked through the woods, a little ways from the stream. The woods were silent except for the chirping of the birds and the whispering of the wind. Almost simultaneously the birds stopped singing and the wind stopped whispering. An unearthly silence had settled on the forest. Suddenly a dark cloud settled just above. Aquapheria looked up and gasped as a figure dropped from the sky. He landed right in front of her. Quanto Kenea stood up. Still dazed from his fall he failed to realize the maiden standing just in front of him.

"Are you alright," Aquapheria asked,

"Who are you?" Quanto asked shocked at her appearance,

"A true gentleman always introduces himself first,"

"My name is Quanto Kenea, and yours might be?"

"I am Aquapheria, my father is Lord of these lands."

Quanto Kenea starred at Aquapheria. She truly was beautiful. Her light brown lush hair cascaded around her shoulders, while her green eyes shinned at him. Quanto found himself blushing.

"Come with me," Aquapheria said taking the handsome mans hand, "I will show thee to my sister, Lindiana."

Quanto Kenea followed her through the woods. The forest then opened into the clearing in which Lindiana now sat. "Sister, this is Quanto Kenea," Aquapheria called out. Quanto starred at Lindiana. If you had thought Aquapheria was beautiful Lindiana was ten times that. She had chalky white skin, with jet-black hair, and her light blue eyes seemed to pierce right into his soul. Quanto Kenea found himself in love.

As time went on Quanto Kenea and Lindiana saw each other more and more. Aquapheria began to feel jealous. So one day, while Quanto stood by a stream Aquapheria approached him. Pretending not to see him, she quickly undressed and slipped into the water. Quanto turned just in time to see the water goddess slip into the lake. His eyes followed her bare body as she swam towards him. She starred up at his beautiful face. She almost felt sorry for him but jealousy of her sister won over her. Giggling Aquapheria splashed him. He laughed but suddenly stopped as he felt himself changing. Lindiana came into the clearing to find her lover melting. She took pity on him and froze him into an ice figure.

Quanto Kenea was saved for now but Aquapheria was not satisfied with revenge just yet. So one day Aquapheria approached her father the Lord Andeaes and persuaded him to allow her some of his Sun power. Lord Andeaes thought this a good idea considering that she might one day take over from him. Aquapheria then starred to melt Quanto Kenea. This happened several times over the course of the next few years because each time she attempted to melt him Lindiana would appear and freeze him. The constant freezing and melting of Quanto Kenea caused his figure to become slightly distorted. He became rounded in shape and lost his earthly appearance. Now Lindiana took pity on him, she believed he must feel the pain of the cycle of melting and freezing, and so she stopped. But in memory of him Lindiana brought snow to the mortal world and spread the joy of snowmen everywhere. Every winter now, people create snowmen and Lindiana looks upon them and remembers the fight between herself and Aquapheria, but most of all she remembers Quanto Kenea.