Light had sprinkled softly into drops of rays shadowing over the remains of summer. Without word or warning, the leaves had blown over and fall had approached. Golden treasures hung limp amongst crowds of pale green as I saw her lying there. Amidst the heavens of seraphim, her breath had fallen. In her own vague beauty, she laid there without a care in the world. The universe was now hers to wander. I had looked at her from afar.
Her eyes had been closed to all those around her and me. Like a broken record, I had replayed this scene over and over again in my mind. I had yearned to hold her hand in mine. I had wished to give her back the last breath she had taken.
The wind had whispered her name coldly to warn the gods of her presence. She was another member joining the rage of war, who had unwillingly had her name placed on the ballot. She took neither side. As morals clashed, she had kept her head up high and had remained neutral.
She had given color to the black-white world, a grayscale that had been spoiled at last.

Light had been poured over her like a shower of rain. The bittersweet smell of peony had glittered the air. Red, like the spills of agony which she witnessed had stained her lips. An angel beyond the controls of god had fallen. Lucifer gave way to her and Hades had snowed crystals as clear as day. All the good she had given remains as pure as her. Her existence as clear as her result was decided before the battle had begun.

She was nothing more than a thought.

A Dream.
An Illusion.
She was fantasy.

But I had seen her. She was more than a perspective; she was part of life. Though her steps can't be seen, they are followed. I took great heed as she took her sleep. She had been enduring till the very end. Like a cup half full, she tainted optimism so that the next day would be brighter.