I wish to hear the Angels calling my name.
Whisper the wishes coming.
Giving me back what I had.
Before the end can ever know what was left at hand.

Sparks, like flint in the firelight.
We gather only to pass the time to which was never there
Time, a moment that strangles and coils the very being till each breath is no more
I wonder if they see us.
Know of our names
Think of us the way we worship them

Seraphim, how I contemplate the hours left till we meet
Wings of pure milk-white gold spreading above the vast tainted blue skies
to which we may never see again
Clouds of gray scattered and broken into pieces only prayers can save

Burning bright, like flashes of light in the darkest of nights
Flames soar and ride over the streams of wind flying and spreading leaving deathly ashes at its feet
Scales of red and dark orange layer the ground where it steps
Murmurs of roars and cracking continuously rose above the very ceiling where I sat.

Not of importance
Not of care
Came drilling through my mind as the minutes drew near
Words, like dust in the corner, none of it mattered anymore

Like the rush of love and acceptance of loss so went my life

The dragon took its sacrifice once more