I wrote this a while ago and it was never completed. It's flawed, but I figured I'd post it anyway. Hmms, would eventually get around to completing it ya. This was originally posted elsewhere but I'm going through it and rectifying my mistakes. I know werewolves are like, such a cliched topic but hey! We were all in that craze once D:

Alternative and original summary: Qu Ling is an Asian werewolf on the run. Things began to go out of hands after she called upon her mate who happens to be the Alpha of the land she trespassed. Read as a broken young werewolf picks herself up and eventually rise to rule alongside her Alpha mate who is the head of one of the most powerful packs in the world. On the other side of the equation we have Landon, the strong young Alpha of the Northern pack who's thrown into a difficult situation upon an unexpected meeting with his little mate. Watch as he coaxes her out of her shell and set ablaze the noble blood within her veins. Oh, he's hell of a mate!

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One Hell Of A Mate

Crossing Paths

A beautiful nymph-like black wolf sped through the forest, a small unit of wolves hot on her heels. She clawed her way through the bushes, paws caked with dirt barely landing on the ground as she ran for all she was worth. Thick beads of sweat rolled past her snout, as heavy pants slipped from her mouth between her breaths.

The loud rustling of the bushes behind her signalled that more than one larger male wolf was on the chase.

"Hold your steps you rogue, you best stop before our Beta arrives!" One of the male wolves howled in a demanding tone, his voice fraught with superiority and authority. Quite obviously, this was not just any omega of his pack.

The petite she-wolf only growled in response, it was not a menacing growl, but rather, a pleading growl asking them to let her off. However the wolves paid no heeds to her plead and instead they closed in on her as soon as they were in a clearing. Soon, the petite she-wolf was surrounded by numerous male wolves, and she crouched in the middle of the circle in a defensive posture.

"Shift, little she-wolf," a wolf who seemed like the leader of the small unit kicked his left front paw and hissed at her. In the wolf language, this only serves to intimidate the enemies but poses no tangible threat. At the moment, he was still willing to give the she-wolf a chance to repent.

The she-wolf's eyes flickered slightly and she lowered her head, like she was mulling over that command. After a short tug-o-war in her head, she made a quick decision to arch her neck to face the full moon. She lowered her jaws slightly, emitting a long, desperate howl from the depths of her throat. The male wolf frowned, recognizing the howl.

She was calling for her mate.

In the heart of the forest faraway, a tall sculptured man lying on the bed perked upon hearing the sound. He furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief, recognizing this as a cry for help from his yet-to-appear mate. Usually, their kind wouldn't call upon their mates unless they have already met. For them to call for their mate whom had yet to appear is a huge risk. One, he or she may not be within audible distance of their cry. Secondly, he or she may not want to save their mate for one reason or another.

However, his mate was lucky because his inner wolf was already acting up upon hearing his destined mate's call. Since he is able to hear her call, she must be within his territory. 'Who dares to threaten our mate on our territory?' His inner wolf scowled, emitting a dangerous growl from within. He sighed, feeling the unrest building up within him and he knew that tonight will be a sleepless night — again. He acted swiftly using the pack's channel: 'Whoever is near the clearing in the east, make sure no female wolves in the vicinity is harmed. I will be there shortly.' He rubbed his temples and ordered softly in his Alpha voice. All the pack members who were up and awake jumped at the sound of their Alpha's voice.

'Yes, Alpha,' a chorus of response followed in the pack's mind link.

After passing his order down, the Alpha male shifted to his wolf form and howled to the moon, in answer to his mate's cry to reassure her that he is coming. The rest of the pack perked their ears, astonished by the two howls which sounded through the night calling for each other, especially because they did not recognize the first howl but the second howl belonged to their Alpha! They recognized the howls for what they were — the mate howls. This means that their Luna had finally appeared! In a split second all the people who were awake that night broke out in a paroxysm of emotions, that of rejoice, disappointment and anticipation and even some with darker thoughts…

Miles away, the petite young wolf seemed even more uneasy after hearing her mate's response. He responded, which means her destined mate was near. His voice was packed with masculine prowess and a certain prestige that she wasn't sure she was ready to handle. She could feel it in her blood, her inner wolf was crying in joy for feeling her mate's prowess, her inner wolf was proud of him and this made her feel very uneasy. Female wolves love to be dominated by the strong males, and considering her prestigious lineage, she had a bad feeling that her mate is not your average wolf and for that, she was worried because the stronger the male, the more possessive they are about their mates. She did not deal well with male wolf superiority complex, which kind of explains the situation she landed herself in.

Jared, the male wolf leading the small unit immediately laid low after hearing his Alpha's voice in the pack's public channel. This is too much of a coincidence, isn't it? He frowned and he eyed the she-wolf with an intense expression. As soon as she made that howl, his Alpha's voice sounded through the channel… His jaws tightened, this rogue wolf, it couldn't be—

But it was, and Jared couldn't deny it anymore when he heard his Alpha's sonorous howl sounding through the night. He arrived like a storm. It had barely been a minute since his Alpha's voice has sounded in his head and now, in a powerful leap, the huge white wolf had landed next to the tiny black she-wolf, and the most beautiful pair of piercing icy-blue eyes which were a symbol of the Alpha's unparalleled position in the Northern pack bore into the dark brown eyes of the petite she-wolf.

'Leave, Jared," Landon, the Alpha male did not use his Alpha voice for he had absolute authority over the members of his pack. His eyes never broke contact with the petite female. Jared bowed down in submission before he quickly retreated with his unit. All this while the young female just stared cautiously with a bewildered look into the eyes of her… Newly found mate.

"Shift," Landon's gaze hardened as he commanded her in his Alpha voice. The female whimpered slightly, but her inner wolf was happy to submit to her mate and so she did. A beautiful naked young woman barely the age of eighteen was on all four in front of the domineering white wolf. She laid on the grass patch, a glossy head of silky black hair cascaded down her back. Her skin, pale like alabaster; glowed softly in the shine of the moonlight. Her hair was covering her face, and this shielded her from being seen by Landon. Landon furrowed his eyebrows, and in a blink of an eye he shifted as well. A glorious man seemingly in his early twenties stood in the moonlight, he had blond hair which seemed like fine golden threads and sapphire eyes which were the most chilling shade of blue the onyx-haired she-wolf had ever seen. He too, was naked like a Greek sculpture and he bent down to face the petite woman, their bodies were closely pressed together and his eyes began flickering dangerously as he savoured the feel of their bodies perfectly moulded into each other.

"Look at me," he ran his fingers through her hair, enjoying the silky feel as he spoke in a firm voice. He didn't want to scare her, but if he had to use force, he will. His inner wolf was fighting to take control and mark their mate, but he reined him in. It was not time yet. She was obviously badly shaken and the last thing he would want to do is to scare her further. Besides, he had yet to get a glimpse of her yet. Upon hearing his voice, she lifted her head tentatively, deep brown eyes darting everywhere but to him.

"I said look at me!" He growled, obviously displeased with her defiance. She winced at the authoritative tone and slowly turned to look at him, her palm-sized faced fraught with bemusement and fright.

His facial expression softened again as he peered into those glassy orbs, but he frowned once more. He could smell her bloodline and he was sure that she was no omega, but rather she was the daughter of a noble within her pack. At the very least, her father was definitely a Beta. How so then, can she become so frail and broken? While he is her mate, Alphas are gifted with more control of their feeling around their mate than the average male because their mate has to be the Luna of the pack and must be able to lead them. Should his destined mate fail, he would be forced to deny her in favour of a female werewolf who could lead the pack along with him.

But for Alphas, it was a bloody ritual to forsake your natural mate. For the sake of the pack's stability and peace, the destined mates of the Alpha and the chosen female werewolf would be killed. It is a brutal process and thus unless the situation is really dire, no Alpha would wish to do this because it would harm the morale of the pack.

"What is your name?" He nuzzled into the nape of her neck, his voice low and calm.

"Ling, Qu Ling (曲灵)," her voice quivered as she answered in a voice bereft of any American accent.

An Asian wolf in the Northern territory? Landon raised his eyebrows. On top of that, this Asian wolf was his mate? Now things were really, really going to get interesting.

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