Land of the lost children.

The first lost child.

A young teenager walked out of his house with a backpack slung over his shoulder.

"Remember, Marco, be back before dinner!" called a woman's voice from inside the house.

"Yes, mum!" Marco called back, his voice strong with a Spanish accent, then shut the door.

Marco had brown hair and eyes, and naturally tanned skin. He wore brown kakis, trainers, and a red hoody.

Marco reached into his pocket and withdrew an MP3 player, he plugged the ear buds into his ears and turned on his music. He then began is trek to his friend's house. As he walked he decided to take a walk through a park and walk into the forest area.

"Huh, that wasn't there before." Marco said, coming to a stop at a cliff face with a tunnel in it.

"There's no way this could have been done since I was last here." he said as he inspected the tunnel. "And why does it look natural?"

Marco wrestled with his thoughts. He wanted to go into the tunnel and inspect it and see what was on the other end, but it was dangerous and he didn't know what would happed if he went in. he eventually settled on taking a quick peek before continuing on his way.

The tunnel was made of black rock with small stalactites and stalagmites littering the roof and floor. Ahead Marco could see a light and moved towards it, and was baffled at what he saw.

He was standing on a cliff edge overlooking a giant, endless forest. Various flying animals that he had never seen before were flying about above the treetops, or weaving through the canopy.

Marco stepped back in shock and awe, there was no way this was anywhere near where he lived, or anywhere he knew of. He stepped back until his backpack hit a solid surface, it took his brain a few seconds to register that he had only moved in a straight line both forwards and backwards. Spinning around he came face-to-face with a cliff face, no tunnel in sight.

"Oh, no! No, no, no! This can't be happening!" Marco cried as he felt along the wall in hopes of finding some evidence that the tunnel was still there.

A sudden and load roar caught his attention. He spun around to see a bear-like animal not that far away, looking at him with hungry eyes.

Marco cursed many times as he turned the other way and ran from it.