Finding Happiness

A/N: This is my first original work and I hope readers will like it. It will be updated as often as I can work on this.

Warnings: Slash (male/male relationships), some abuse, graphic sexual content in later chapters. Will let you know at start of chapter if it will be in it. If there is anything else let me know and I will add to the warnings. Some supernatural aspects that will be brought out within the story.

Summary: Theo's family just moved to a new town for the tenth time in the past year. It was always Theo's fault, or that was what his parents continued to tell him. He just never fit in anywhere and trouble and fights always followed him around. Can this place be different, will he find something here that will be different from everywhere else?

Chapter 1:

Theodore Evans looked out the car window as his parents drove through the third state in two days. He tried to keeps his eyes focused as the trees and houses blurred by and thoughts raced into his head. He didn't know what to think. This would be the tenth time in the past year they had moved. His parents told him this time that his behavior at school prompted them to move. He couldn't help but laugh as that was the same reason they gave every other time they had to move.

Theo heard his father cough, making him look up at the front of the car, just as he saw a deer run by. He saw his mother whisper something and look back towards him with a little smile on her lips. Theo rolled his eyes and turned back towards the window, not really wanting to hear what his father was going to say.

"Theodore. When we get to the new house we expect you to unpack this time. We don't want to have to be moving within a months time yet again." His father said as he kept his eyes on the road in front of him.

"Do you hear your father Theodore?" His mother asked making him turn back towards her.

"Yeah. Sure." He replied knowing full well that he wouldn't be unpacking unless there was something in this place that was different.

Every other school he ended up attending was the same. He was always the outcast, the new weird kid in town. The homo, the only gay teenager that was out. He didn't even have to tell anyone that he was, they all assumed and he never told them otherwise, because why lie? He would get beaten up by the popular kids and made fun of by the losers, he was the lowest on the social ladder as one could get.

The car finally slowed down and came to a stop in front of where Theo assumed they were now to be living. The house was big, not as big as their last one but guess you can't really complain with having to move at the last minute. It was a dark green with black shutters and Theo happened to like the coloring more than his parents seemed to.

"We are going to have to paint the house soon. These colors won't do good for Theo's reputation." His father stated, with his mother agreeing. Theo couldn't help but just laugh as he climbed out of the car.

The movers had already dropped their belongings off and placed the things in their appropriate rooms. Theo found that his room was cluttered with boxes of things he couldn't even remember owning. The last time he cracked open one of the boxes was five moves ago, now it seemed like a never ending battle to not look inside of them. The only thing he even bothered to set up in his room was his bed and computer. The two things he knew he could never live without.

Just as he was about to sit down on the bed, the door bell rang, making him jump and look out the window. He couldn't see who was standing on the front porch but heard his mother talking to who ever was out there. He slowly made his way down the stairs and leaned over the rail to see if he could spot the person or people bravely ringing that bell.

He almost fell over the railing when he spotted a boy around his age, sixteen, standing there smirking at him. Blonde hair fell down in front of his green eyes and clothes clung tightly to his tall lean body. Theo felt his heart race as he watched this boy stare at him for a moment before scowling at him and turning away. Theo tilted his head and ran up the stairs to look in the mirror, was he a mess? He saw that his black hair was curled around his own blue eyes and his clothes looked fine on him. He was slightly confused as to why the boy acted like that, but then realized that his mother was whispering something to the lady at the door, who he assumed was the boys own mother.

He slowly made his way downstairs and saw that the door was now closed, curious he walked into the kitchen to find his mother sitting at the table. He pulled up a chair and sat down next to her and waited for her to talk, like she normally did when they met the new neighbors.

"Theodore, I just met the lady and her son from next door, Miles. He seems like a good kid, please stay away from him." She stated.

"Why? I don't understand why I can't become friends with..." He started before his mother interrupted him.

"Just do as I say. He seems like a nice straight boy and we don't need any problems like we have had in the past."

"You told them about me then I'm guessing? Why must you do that every time Mother? Don't you want me to make friends?" He asked standing up ready to run out of the room.

"You can never make friends with out something happening. Maybe once you are eighteen and moved out from under our roof you can have what ever friends you wish to make." His mother stated. He just looked at her with a scowl on his face for a moment before leaving the house, slamming the door behind him.

He slowly walked down the street, looking at the houses to see if he could see which one Miles lived in. As far as he could tell there seemed to be a lot of teenagers living on the street, seeing some of them walking around to the other houses, or hanging out in the yards.

"Hey you..." Theo heard from behind him a couple of moments later and he turned around to see Miles walking towards him with a couple other boys. He straightened his back a little and held his breath for a moment.

"Yeah?" He asked when he calmed himself down. He always hated meeting new kids and the look in Miles' eyes told him that he should still hate it.

"Your mom told mine something interesting and I, well we were wondering if it was true." Miles said as his friends stood by him, smirking towards Theo.

"Oh and what was that?" He asked looking around for a way to escape if this got out of control.

"That you were gay. That every where you went trouble followed because of that." Miles stepped back from him and Theo saw one of the friends move slightly forward, making him think a fight was going to happen.

"And if I am?" He asked inching back away from the group.

"If you are you best stay away from us." The friend that moved forward stated. "Or you will regret ever moving here. We don't need you coming here and trying to turn one of us to your ways."

"My ways? Do you even hear yourself talking? Do you hear how stupid and ignorant you sound right now, but don't worry I was planning on staying away from everyone anyway. Have a nice day in neanderthal land." Theo stated and began to walk around the group to head back home, knowing even trying to make friends with anyone around here would just be a waste of his time.

He sat up in his room for the rest of the night, not even bothering to go downstairs for dinner. He knew he started school the next day and he just hoped that he didn't have any classes with the guys he saw tonight. Even though he found Miles to be physically attractive, the boy seemed to not have a very attractive personality. He went to bed that night dreaming of how things used to be in his hometown, until his very first boyfriend lied to his parents and started this whole mess of having to move in the first place.