Daddy's Fool!

"Symone you have done it again! How do you do it?" Richy asked as he walked into Symone Monroe's exotic office.

"A man can't do the job better than a woman can" she replied as she poured herself a glass of whiskey.

"You talk like the man, you work like the man. Hell I'm starting to think you is the freaking man!" he said as he threw himself down on one of her creamy brown leather chairs. "I can't believe you convicted him to sell the whole company to us. We have been trying to let him sell a piece of that property for years now. Seriously, how did you do it?"

Symone smiled to herself as she thought about it. "The way I got to the top. All men can't resist what a woman's got to offer."

Michael sat in his father's office as he stared at the document that his father had sign saying he would sell the company to a real-estate company for less than it was worth. The company was family owned and was in the family for six generation, building, designing and repairing houses, businesses, bridges of all type.

"Hey Chip!" his father walking in the office with his cane.

"What the hell are you doing here? And when were you going to tell me about this?" He said and held up the contract.

"You know Missy couldn't handle me nagging her to bring me here" he replied and ignores the last question. "I can't stand you people pitying and babying me. I just have a minor stroke, I'm not dying! Not yet at least..."

"The contract dad!"

"A sweet young lady finally convicted me to sell it. Since you can't run it because you have your lawyer practice kicking off in New York and sad to say I'm getting too old for this I signed it!" Junior said as he sat down on the old shabby sofa in the office.

"I knew this would happen one day. Did you even read the fine print?"

"My eyes are too old to see those! Don't you worry Ms. Monroe will take good care in this place."

"Monroe as in Symone Monroe?"

"Yes, the dame thing is on the contract and what's with all the questions?"

"How dare you take advantage of my father like that?" Michael said as he burst into Symone's office.

"How dare you burst into my office like that! Didn't my secretary tell you I was busy?" Symone replied angrily as she hurriedly slipped on a fresh thong.

"I try to stop him ..."the fairly shy secretary called May said behind Michael.

"Putting on a thong isn't busy." he replied as he slammed the door in May's face.

"I know that arrogant voice anywhere" she said as she turned to Michael. "Jim...if that's even your real name!" Michael didn't even bother to give her his name but went straight to business.

"You better be nice to me and stop with that bitchy attitude..."

"Or what Jim? You are going to sue me..."

"No because I have what you want."

"And what is that?"

"The Bryan's Company."

"Bullshit. The old man signed the papers a month ago!"

" I didn't sign the papers and my father and myself own the company so you are entailed to my father's shares which isn't much that's all. Unless I sign the papers the company is mine. So do the math!"

Symone smashed the flower vase in the wall of her office with much focus. The lying son of a bitch was telling the true after all.

"Is everything ok ?"Molly said as she rushed into the office.

"Everything is just fucking fine!" she said as she took a swing of a cheap tasting red wine.

"Hey what the hell's going on here?" Richy said as he stormed into the office.

"She is drinking cheap again!"Molly said. "That means something went extremely wrong"

"What the fuck could that be now?"Richy asked more to himself than any of the ladies.

"That fucking Jim is what's wrong but no man can resist what a woman has to offer!" she said and drain the last of the cheap alcoholic fermented juice.

Michael sat back in his office chair with his hand rubbing his chin and his index finger slowly centering the ice and orange liquor in his glass.

"Did you hear my proposal?"

"I heard but how do I know you will honor your words this time"

"I will sign a freaking contract or something!"

Michael gave her a slow and sexy smile as he formulated a plan. "Mhmm...So you are desperate...I see"

"So is that a deal than?"

"Why would I rush into this? After all you have been with a lot of partners"

"I don't having any sexual transmitted diseases!"

"Is your pussy going to be tight enough for this?" he said as he moved his hand from is chin to manhood and grabbed it. Symone inhaled sharply as she saw a fat bugle where his hand was.

Symone didn't even read the contract as Michael had hoped. Poor business woman! He thought with a chuckled.

"Done! What now?" she said as she pushed the papers to him.

"Take off your clothe."

"I'm sure you don't expect me to have sex with your in this shabby office" Michael sat back with his hand behind his head and a big smile as he waited for Symone. "Fine!" she said and got up and started to strip sexy.

"Keep the heels on" he said when she was about o take them off.

"Now what?"

"Strip me." She did what she was told. "Start sucking" he then gestured to his swollen cock. Her mouth was like heaven to him as she licked, gripped and sucked his treasure with delight. She had even forgotten about the 'shabby' office. The oral estimation of his fellatio made him cum in her mouth and she happily and eagerly swallowed every once then licked her fingers while moaning.

Symone massaged his now swollen again manhood as she kissed her way to his neck. He grabbed her waist and pulled her down to him as she sat on one of his thighs. She slowly guided his penis towards the opening of her vagina and slipped it in. She contracted her vaginal muscles to maintain penetration so that he would not withdraw without her wanting to. He held her waist and plunged afterward in a fast pace as she moan, cursed and screamed. He moaned in her name in her eye riding her to paradise.

"Man you are tight!" he stated.

"Daddy may I ride you?" she said in a husky voice as he began to slow down.

"Yes you may!" he said and slapped her ass. She started to rock back and forth while he sucked and kneaded her breast then played with her clitoris as they both came to a paroxysmal orgasm. He discharge was an overwhelming quantity of pure creamy delight that she almost used a straw to suck their juices out her clit.

"That was great!"

"Yep I got two things I wanted."

"What that?" she said as she slipped off him then started to lick the juice from his now semi-solid cock.

"A good shag and my father's company. Oh by the way thanks for signing is over back to me" he said with a smirk.

"WHAT?" she said and got to her feet. "You son of a motherfucking bitch!"