I believed you.
Always, from the time I understood what words were
I believed you.

I thought you couldn't tell a lie
That you were always right
That you always knew better than me
That your age gave you superior wisdom
That you saw what I was too blind, too naïve to comprehend
That your words were law and should those laws be broken
Words would not be the consequence
I believed that.

I believed you.

I believed you when you corrected me
Forget my ill-conceived pride and remember I-
That I am under this standard I will never succeed
That you are always ahead and the standards are constantly changing
That my answers are never right
That my true self is a mess
That I'm lazy
That I'm a waste of space
That I'm young and therefore ignorant of the world's ways
When I come to you and you brush me away
Shove me if I don't run
Chase me if I do
That I would never be good enough
And I believed you.