Put you and me together,
and you get a pair of misfits
whose religion is drinking
forties in brown paper bags
under a starlit city skyline
on a clifftop with a drive-in,
rusted over and forgotten in time.
We find these relics, and we
make it our own little slice
of heaven.

I close my eyes and I can
feel the wind through my hair;
hear the roar of it in my ears
as we coast down the streets,
going breakneck on your bike.
I'm set free on this day, and
given wings when I swallow
my trepidation and outstretch
my arms, with my heart
thrashing inside of my chest.

With you, I'm alive; an electric
current replaces my bloodstream.
If you're the thunder, then I'm
the lightening; we're the world
and its elements all at once.
You and I, we're inseparable;
sometimes, I believe
we're everlasting.