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Building Resistance
Demon Arc Episode Three

This a pure, just, and beautiful world
Where everyone strives to be right
But we play hide-and-seek with our feelings
Though it's only too easy to see through it all
Our hearts are racing in excitement
Can we just do whatever we want?
{Monokuma Ondo}

Shadow woke up with a cold cloth over his forehead and his mother at the side of the hotel bed.

"It's . . . snowing" he sighed.

"I'm so proud," said Fuyuka "that you can know that without even looking out the window, Shadow"

Shadow struggled to sit up, his head throbbing like a violent symphony.

"Mother, I . . . don't understand," he moaned "Chip . . . she . . ."

"Shadow. You need your rest" said Fuyuka, gently pushing Shadow back down into his pillow.

"Right. I'm sure in the morning everything will be better. And . . . winter break is ending soon, so school will start again . . ."

"Yes dear, I'll take you back to the human world when the time comes"

Never become extraordinary.

Continue life as usual.

Thinking that your normal.

That others accept you.

Wearing brown contact lenses.

And you will never be happy.

Living life as usual.

For your own good, Shadow.

Give up reading that textbook.

I'm keeping you here.

And you will be extraordinary.


Hikari Azuma stood speechless in front of the crowd of demons, frozen in place. She looked back over her shoulder.

The demons had pushed her through a small doorway into the gymnasium after separating all seven of them.

She was wearing a flowing white gown pooling around her legs in the colour of warm cream. It wasn't quite the same shade as her hair, which was gathered up in many braids and plaited curls.

Some of those demons were very kind, but Hikari was still upset.

With this emotion she swung her small axe into the head of a straw dummy and gave a small bow.

"What's your name?" asked Chip, obviously interested.

"Azuma . . . Hikari. I really, just want to go home. Please! My friends and I . . . we don't belong here"

"You poor creature," laughed Chip.

"You should be thankful for this opportunity to . . . make something of yourself, without standing in your brother's shadow. That's what you want, right? I can see right through you, my dear"

At this, Hikari started crying and ran back towards the small door where she had entered.

She tripped and fell, scraping her hands on the dirt floor.

There she sat shivering and staring in shock as a drop of red leaked out of a small cut between her thumb and forefinger, dripping slowly down her arm to leave a spot stain on her dress.

"Someone," sighed Chip, in irritation "get this girl out of here"


"Maki, Haruka" said the small girl quietly, straightening the loose pink tunic she wore under a chainmail vest. Her hair was also dyed bubblegum pink, as if she dreamed to be a fantasy character.

She held a long bow in one hand with sharpened ends.

In effect, a double edged sword.

She didn't know how to shoot arrows, but stung the bow and smiled as an arrow dropped to the ground before it was shot.

"That's really more than enough" said Chip with a yawn.

The audience applauded reluctantly.

Haruka bowed and walked slowly back to the open gym doorway.


"HELLO you bastards!" Rikuto waved with a huge smile.

Rikuto, Daisuke, Futaro and Hikaru all ran out into the arena together, obviously fired up about something.

The four boys were dressed in Roman style armour, with head plumes of yellow, blue, green and black.

"They were going to put us out her individually," said Daisuke.

"But what's the fun in that?" demanded Rikuto, holding twin pistols in his hands.

"We have something to settle!" said Futaro, raising his iron bat.

". . ." Hikaru didn't say anything.

Chip stood on her back legs, using her small podium as support.

"Please," she said "let this be a brawl, a spar, but don't make it a battle to the death. You're not prepared. We can't afford that yet. Today you're far too valuble"

"Forget that!" laughed Rikuto, aiming his weapon at Hikaru's head.

"Hey 'taro," he called "let's finally teach ol' Azuma here a lesson!"

"Yeah," agreed Futaro, catching on "for the club president. We should"

"Rationally," Daisuke sighed, holding up his short whip above Hikaru.

As the point came down, Hikaru easily dodged and attempted to slash Daisuke's chest before Futaro started running towards them.

"I thought," breathed Hikaru "you didn't mind me as the club leader"

"Correct," Daisuke replied, raising his whip for a second time "but I don't yet forgive what you did to our friend. Prepare yourself to be bested"

"Shut your mouth!" Hikaru shouted, turning his attention back to the other two boys.

Futaro grinned and swung his bat, hitting Hikaru in the stomach.

Even with armour, it was painful.

"Hey black Hikaru," taunted Rikuto, kicking Hikaru in the back "looks like you're pretty pathetic after all"

Hikaru spat on the dirt floor.

"If you would have wanted to kill me," he replied "I would have been dead already"

"True," said Daisuke "that's the point of this whole thing"

Slowly, Hikaru got to his feet and picked up his sword.

"Ah!" Futaro exclaimed "are you ready to be punished some more? You must really be an M type!"

"You hit me once," Hikaru growled "and that's not happening again"

Hikaru swung his sword, but it was hit out of his hand by Daisuke, who grabbed the boy's wrist as the other two lobbed their weapons at him.

This persisted for a good five minutes, with Hikaru gasping with pain at each new hit, the boys too excited to let up despite this.

Hikaru coughed, tasting something bitter. The boys paused, thinking they were through. Daisuke released his grip and Hikaru fell to the ground.

Hikaru spat out a gob of blood mixed with saliva.

"Three against one," he breathed "that's a good game for you but . . . it was dirty. And even I have pride!"

"We're fine now," said Daisuke.

"But don't you fuck with us again," Rikuto warned.

"We might not stop" said Futaro.

"The next move is yours," Daisuke continued "and we expect delivery"

Hikaru hung his head, defeated, staring at the ground. Affected.

"I'm . . . sorry," he cried "I'm so sorry. What I did . . . I shouldn't have. I was just . . . trying . . . to protect Hikari. But I can't protect her at all. Why? Because I'm weak, and you're right . . . I am pathetic"

"Well shit," said Rikuto "now I feel like a real ass"

"Hear that?" asked Daisuke.

"What now?" said Futaro.

"That's the sound of a new start"

"Ai-ya," laughed Hikaru "you guys are all idiots, but this place is more insane than any of us"


The seven members of the anime club stood in a line, waiting for the verdict of your preformance.

"Your current betting rank is as follows- 1. Rikuto 2. Suu 3. Daisuke 4. Hikaru 5. Futaro 6. Haruka and 7. Hikari . . . Good? You children are free to leave this gymnasium. Figure out a way to win. Kill each other? Take the easy way out. Be . . . FANTASTIC. The city and casino belong to you. Just know, I'll be watching everything you do here"

"That's it?" laughed Suu, shaking her head "we're free now? No fights to the death?"

"Yes, and your weapons are confiscated, to make things fair"

"How can it be fair," asked Futaro "if we can't even defend ourselves?"

"I can just bet," said Chip "you think as soon as you get out there us demons will eat you and tear you apart. But we aren't animals. Would you, if you saw a pig walking down the street, if you were hungry- go through the energy and cost of killing that creature if something better was available? Especially knowing it wasn't owned by you but someone else? No way. Don't be stupid!"

"I don't even eat raw meat," Astin chipped in, holding Chip's tail around his neck like a scarf.

"It really," sighed Daisuke "looks like the start of something spectacular"


{A/N: I don't know much about Kitsune, I am using the example from Otome Yokai Zakuro}

Esumaru held onto onto Asaka's back by the force of high wind pushing him down.

Her thick fur was the softest thing in the demon and human worlds.

She had adopted him. It wasn't rare for Kitsune.

As an orphan, abandoned on a bridge and brought to the demon world by chance.

Asaka was like a mother to him, she had been forced to abandon her children almost 20 years ago.

The 'ace kid' was no ordinary mortal human.

"Asaka," he shouted "any hope you'll start slowing down soon?"

"I put you in too much danger, taking you to Ustukode City" she communicated telepathically.

"I can . . . take care of myself" he said, frowning.

"It wasn't smart to send Chip a message"

"Don't you care," he asked "know that you know she has your children?"

"Interfering in her affairs isn't going to change anything. Hikaru and Hikari don't even know me"

"For all you've done for me," said Esumaru "I'm going to change everything"

Next time; friendship, conflict and the ROMANCE you've be looking for!

Demons are all betting on who will win. What is the goal of Chip's FANTASTIC game?