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Lucky Black Cat
Demon Arc Episode Four

Continuing the mystery and the romance (again)

After the show the demon audience started flooding out of Chip's penthouse back to the lower floors of the Kuroineko.

Chip's ears laid flat against her head.

Claude asked if she would like to be carried back to her seat, but Chip jumped off of her podium and landed on the dirt floor five meters below, setting off running as soon as her paws hit the ground.

Astin scrambled to chase her.

Chip stopped short, sending up a cloud of dust. She sneezed.

"You're in some mood, Chip" Astin panted, scratching his head.

"I'm one hell of a cat," she said.

"What are you running for?" he asked, as Chip turned away.

"Important business, my darling" she replied "and certain obligations"

"You never have time for me," Astin complained "you've been gone for a week and we haven't spent one minute alone together"

"We're alone now, kid," said Chip, looking around the empty hall.

"Don't," said Astin, getting angry "don't call me a KID!"

Chip lowered her head and her tail brushed against the dust.

She turned around and put a paw on Astin's black haired head.

"If I told you that I love you would you leave me alone for a while?" she asked.

Astin stood quietly for a moment.

"You're avoiding me," he said "I have a feeling you're not telling me something. Why are you bringing humans to the casino? What do you want with them? Just trust me, Chip! Tell me the truth for once"

"Fairly put," said Chip, "but if you knew the truth about me you'd probably never want to speak with me or even look at me again"

"Well," sighed Suu, holding a large bowl with two hands "this is some of the best damn salmon udon I've ever had! Bring me some more!"

"I wonder if they have Wi Fi?" asked Daisuke, wishing he had his gameboy.

"We shouldn't have left the casino" worried Hikari, looking around the small restaurant. Snow blew across the frozen dirt street outside the warm noodle house like sand.

"This is insane," muttered Hikaru.

"Are you kidding me?" laughed Rikuto "we could be in school right now, but instead we're eating free food, walking around an awesome demon frigging casino city . . . annnd I got a mother fuckin gun bitches, whatcha gonna do about it?"

"I have an overwhelming desire to kick you in the face," said Hikaru.

"Why are we even here?" asked Futaro, twirling a noodle with his chopsticks "doesn't this all seem a bit weird to you?"

"Lookie," said Haruka, holding a piece of shrimp on her fork and pointing it at his face "it's Ebi-chan!"

"Gimme a break," sighed Rikuto.

"What about the cat?" asked Hikari "A-and all those monsters"

"Not important," said Daisuke "what we have to do now is find out what's going on. I say we stay close to here and look for more information. They said we could stay in the casino and they gave us plenty of money. Let's take advantage of that"

"I'm gonna kill that little bitch cat,"said Rikuto.

"She's not a normal cat," warned Suu, "obviously she's very powerful"

"Look," exclaimed Daisuke, pointing out the restaurant front window.

Everyone saw the a strange sight of a boy walking with a large dog that had blue fur and was about as tall as he was. Probably normal in the demon world. What caught their attention was how human he looked.

Actually, that dog looked more like a giant fox, and it's huge silver tipped tail blew back and forth in the wind.

Both turned as the approached the noodle shop and pushed open the door. There was a but of awkwardness as both tried to squeeze into the door at the same time. Like dogs, they both shook off the snow and wetness, leaving dirty footprints as the walked on.

"Idiots," muttered Rikuto.

"Check out that dog!" exclaimed Futaro, who had a pet Shibu Inu dog waiting for him back home.

Without waiting to be seated, the strange boy threw off his winter clothes and sat out of breath on a table beside the group.

They couldn't help not staring.

The dog fox started wagging its tail, slapping Hikaru in the back.

"Control your animal," Hikaru grumbled, glaring in the boy's direction.

The boy coughed once and scratched his armpit, making a quiet wheezing sound as if he had a cold.

"It's so cute," whispered Haruka, looking at the dog who was looking in her direction with its nose in the air "I think it likes me!"

"Keep your voice down," warned Suu, slurping up a noodle.

The boy turned around, holding a plate. He pulled up a chair and sat in the space between Rikuto and Futaro. Both sat stiffly drinking tea out of large mugs.

All eyes were on the intruder as he piled noodles on his plate and poured himself a bowl of udon.

Hikaru stared with her mouth open as he grabbed the napkin off her lap and started wiping his dripping nose.

The boy ate loudly without pausing.

Then, when his plate was empty he called over the waiter to buy everyone a round of Sapporo beer.

"Excuse me," asked Futaro "but who exactly are you?"

"Esu" said the boy, taking a long drag from his glass of beer.

"What's your dog's name?" asked Haruka, patting the fox on the head.

"Asaka" said Esu.

"That name" said Hikari "it sounds familar. Who are you really?"

"Esu is Esu. Asaka is your mother"

"That dog's our mother? Fuck that. She left when we were only three years old. Don't be stupid!"

"Calm down, Hikaru," said Hikari.

The fox looked in her direction, in that moment making a connection.

Hikari put a hand over her mouth, shocked. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes.

"Oh- Oh my god! Mo . . . ther . . ."

"Hikari. Hikaru. My darlings"

Chip kept to the side of the hotel's hallway on the floor where she knew she could find Shadow.

She could smell him, he was sleeping and Fuyuka was out.

The door to their suite was locked.

No problem.

Chip put her paw on the door and it unlocked. It wasn't a strong lock; the magic of her luck attribute could break it. Luck attribute didn't only apply to gambling, but to everyday life and getting what you want.

Shadow slept with his mouth half open. Chip trailed her tail under his nose to make him sneeze and wake up. Chip purred and kneaded her paws into his chest.

Shadow shouted and backed up into the headboard, holding the sheets up to his neck.

"Ai-ya!" Chip exclaimed "that's no way to greet your dear auntie"

"I'm not your nephew"

"Ah, but Fuyuka and I are basically sisters"

Shadow cringed and closed his eyes.

"Actually," he sighed "I'm getting the impression that my mother doesn't like you"

"Smart boy," Chip said flatly "I'm come to ask how you're feeling"

"Tired. My head is sore"

"You're not angry?"

Shadow shook his head.

"I'm just confused"

"I know why," said Chip "shall I enlighten you to your predicament?"

"R-really? You do"

"Naturally. It's because your stuck. You don't know what you are, or where your allegiance lies. Are you human? Are you demon?"

"Of course I'm human!

"Idiot. You're a demon. A demon! I'll tell you why. Your mother is a Yuki Onna, a snow woman. A human is born of two humans. You were not. You are unusual. Can't be human. You're too different. Don't forget where you came from! Humans don't understand what it means to be different. They'll never accept you! They can smell it, sense it, that you're a freak. They'll tear you apart for sure. Until you can accept what you are and hold up your head with pride every demon will do the same"

Shadow grabbed Chip by the neck, threatening to choke her.

Chip laughed.

"You don't even know what I am,"
she said "you foolish boy"

Shadow relaxed his grip.

"I don't belong here," he cried.

"You're pathetic" sighed Chip "and I know what you're thinking. Oh, my mother will take me home. She's so nice. I just love her so much. Before I go, I'll stop Chip from hurting those poor kids. Ah! Why is she doing this? What reason? It hurts my head! Make it stop. Go ahead, challenge me. If you think you're worth anything try to stop me. I dare you. Keep holding onto lies. See if you can win that way, without opening your eyes to the truth that's right in front of you . . ."

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