So I'm back to this again...

Writing about my second cold of all colds.

"Are you going to school tomorrow?"


The wheezing after my words says otherwise.

Coincidently, it's the second or third week of school.

My homework's piling up at the corner of my eye, but "my body aches".

The day I got sick was the second day I'd packed a turkey sandwich for myself.

I should have known this would happen. The last time I ate a turkey sandwich I bombed my history test.

Now before I rant about how turkey sandwiches don't like me-

"Couuuuugh, Ah, sneeeeeeze" and one, two, three.

Seriously, that's what it sounds like.


I think everyone should drink sassafras tea when they're sick. It tastes delicious.

Today, after a signal consisting of three beeps, I was informed that I had a fever.

100.4 degrees F

"Your hand feels hot."

"No, you're the one whose hot."

"But, your hand is hot!"

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is."


"Compared to normal temperature it is hot! Haha, I win."

"You're right, but you still have a cold so go take some medicine."


Well if I'm well enough to argue with my mom for ten minutes, I might be able to go to school...

"Kachooo! Aahoooo! Ouch!"

Or not. Nevermind going to school, I can't even go to the kitchen with out running into something.

"Perhaps, I could go draw something..."

Although my hands aren't sweaty, my face is.

"Impossible! I'll just write instead."

And I'm back to this once again.