Chapter 2

Anita. That nutcase had locked the door as soon as we had entered. Grudgingly we had to go and sit next to our parents though all I wanted, and I am sure Abhi wanted it too, was to dig a hole and disappear somewhere in the belly of the earth until this is all past.

"Hello Miss Abhilashaa Singhania and Mr. Abhilash Malhotra. I assume you had a nice time yesterday night." Miss Hither said in the form of a greeting and I could feel four pairs of eagle sharp eyes land on me and Abhi.

"Yes ma'am the farewell was fun, so all in all I would say it as a fun night." Abhi replied.

"Well, I am glad that you enjoyed yourself Mr. Abhilash and what about you Miss Singhania?"

"The same goes for me ma'am." I said though I was sure that my face was lobster red, and now I agree that is it good at times to have no imaginations, I am sure what is going on in my head is far worse than what is going in my parents head.

"Well, now where have you just come from? I really hope you have not banged up anybody else's car" she said and I really could strangle her on the spot and that was before my parents reactions.

"Abhilashaa what?" both of them went in union and gave me you-have-disappointed-us look and poor Abhi sank down in his chair after a resounding slap from his mother.

"Well, Miss Singhania has not done much except for assisting Mr. Abhilash who banged up my car." The cursed principal said before getting up and walking way, her crisp tone leaving coldness in the air, which I was sure, would open the door of hell on earth for me. Abhilash's mom looked about ready to kill and his dad was shooting daggers at us.

And then just like that all four adults started yelling.

"Abhilash what is this? I thought t Abhilashaa's company would help you become a better person but you are detoriating day by day. You are coming home now." His dad yelled while his mom called him some choice terms like a disgrace to the family's name and a pig.

However, I found myself in a worse condition because Mom started all about how it was no use excepting anything from me anymore and Dad just asked to know the whole story but that calm tone of theirs was just a temporary setback before they burst. And after hearing the whole truth we both were literally condemned to hell on earth.

"Getting drunk?" Mom and Dad yelled while Abhilash's mom cursed her son and his Dad and my parents tried to calm her down while glaring at me and finally they settled at trying to explain to us the dimensions of a good citizen and our responsibility and the rest of it and how we should behave.

Finally we were told to go up satires and get Abhi's stuff packed for him to go home. We kept a very serious facade till we locked the doors of the room. After that we fell over ourselves laughing.

"Disgraceful Pig-you." I said between laughs and Abhi mock glared at me. A part of me whispered that they might be listening and then in a second I calmed up and did the stuffing in some time, while Abhi watched me curiously unsure what bought this serious facade of mine own. Soon we were packed and ready to go and after seeing Abhi go with moans that his mom is going to kill him and then I went to my room while Mom and Dad were locked in serious discussion with Abhi's parents as to how to teach us how o toe the line. I was proud that Mom criticized using the fist and took discussion's side before I slipped off for a long nap to avoid my super angry parents but I knew it would not last for long.

My dreams were too filled with nightmares and when I finally woke up that the sun was setting and Mom looking very serious sat beside my bed and seeing me open my eyes Mom opened and her mouth and I braced myself for the worst but it was not half as bad as I excepted, apart from the usual lecture she did not say anything, no grounding or anything but the ending shocked me.

" Abhi dear, I am sure you enjoy Abhi's company but you have been avoiding your other friends for too long, many of them have been telling me this when I met them." Those cheaters I though, they do not have the guts to say this to my face but then Mom and me both corrected me.

"I know you are thinking they have done wrong but how could they tell you something when you are never with them."

"Ma, you stole my words from my mouth." I said

" So now I order you to spend more time with your old friends.' She said before walking out of the room and calling me for dinner. It was the second time in my life she had been this cold and I still shuddered when I thought of the first time. It was a cold dark evening when

"Abhi, down now." Mom's voice shook me back to present as I hurried down to dinner.