Ronja and D.D LaRue grinned to each other as they joked around. Janessa was walking behind them taking in the subtle changes of the leaves as it neared Halloween. The three friends were on their way back to their dorm room to study for a test on the Application of Magick in the early Christian sects. Janessa was excited to be spending her first Halloween away from her family at a school that was strictly dedicated to the occult. She was a shy girl but somehow drew the flamboyant personalities of Ronja, who was studying magickal theory in musical arts and her best friend D.D LaRue was studying the application of magick in the kitchen.

"Hey Ness, what are your plans for Halloween?" inquired Ronja, stuffing her phone back into her pants pocket.

"We're planning a small party and maybe a séance. Want to come?" D.D interjected, a huge grin on her face.

"I'm not so sure. I kind of want to have a quiet Halloween. It'll be the first time ever." Janessa spoke softly. She pushed up her thick framed glasses back up on to her face.

The other two girls flanked Janessa and put their arms around her shoulders. Feeling slightly awkward at being so close to the two girls, Janessa shrugged them off of her. Instead, Ronja and D.D decided to link arms with her. Unable to summon the courage to tell them to get off, Janessa let them escort her back to their dorm room.

The three of them flashed their student id cards to the dormitory head who was stationed inside the lobby of the building. It was a security measure since a lot of people would bring guests who would end up living in the dorms while the students were off in classes. Heading straight to the lift, the three friends poked and jabbed at each other playfully. Giggling and squealing like school girls they went up to their floor. The lift dinged loudly as it jerked to a halt and the doors opened.

"Why are you so quiet?" Ranja asked Janessa.

"I just prefer to observe things and watch rather than say anything." Janessa explained with a shrug of her shoulders, pushing up her glasses and fiddling with her messenger bag. She disliked using regular two strap backpacks as they decidedly pushed her already ample breasts out more than she would like. While the strap of the messenger bag separated each breast it didn't really do much to enhance the size. As the three girls walked down the hall and turned to the left and up the stairs past a small balcony they made it to their room. It was fairly spacious as there were three girls in the room as opposed to the normal two per room. Budget cuts were the excuse for cramming the girls in the dorms like sardines. It was strange for Janessa, despite coming from a fairly large family, she had her own room. Now she has to share a room with two other girls.

Janessa and Ranja took off their bags and hung them on the coat rack near the side of the door, while D.D. didn't really have anything. Most of her supplies were in the classroom. Ranja always got on D.D.'s case for having it easy and not having to carry a backpack full of heavy text books and the occasional musical instrument. Janessa didn't really mind. She loved reading and the text books were more than she knew she could get her hands on if she hadn't decided to study the occult. Both D.D. and Ranja poked fun at Janessa, saying she would rather have a spirit lover rather than a human one. While Janessa wasn't really interested in any kind of relationships with people, she was a lot more interested in learning all she could. Never would the three of them have thought that their playful teasing would turn true.