A/N: Someone asked in a review or a PM about the guy that was seeing D.D. got up to the window of the third story floor of the dorms. To be honest I really didn't think it through and it came to me on a whim. So yeah. Let's all agree he used some grappling hook and scaled the side of the building in broad daylight because he's a spy or something. Just a heads up and slight spoiler, our grappling hook spy man will be back for a future chapter!

Janessa looked at her phone. The welcome screen said: Mon. 30 October. She involuntarily shuddered and put the phone down on the small wooden cabinet near her hospital bed. She could hear the other patient in the bed next to her talking to someone. Janessa inhaled and laid back into the bed. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

Ronja, D.D. and Lilian all sat on the sofa in the middle of the dorm room. The three of them didn't say a word to each other. D.D. started to say something, but was only able to open and close her mouth four times. Ronja was looking down at her phone waiting for Janessa to send a text that she was being discharged. Lilian furrowed her brow but said nothing and didn't move at all.

"I…I didn't think…" D.D. began to speak.

"Didn't think he was obsessive and would risk being expelled and banned from the school?" Ronja's voice was stern and D.D. flinched at the words.

"Ronja…" Lilian whispered as she put her hand on Ronja's shoulder.

"I know sorry won't fix this and I know sorry won't get Janessa out of the hospital." D.D. said softy, "I'll dump him. He was a jerk anyways."

"And if he keeps coming around, or starts hanging around any of us, we may need to take a restraining order against him." Ronja insisted.

"I agree with Ronja." Lilian replied.

The three women nodded their heads. A few moments later Ronja's cell phone began to vibrate with a text message from Janessa. It read:

"Doctors keeping me over night, want to make sure I don't have a concussion."

Ronja replied back saying that was a good idea and to let her updated on what was going on.

Back in the hospital, Janessa was being moved from the filling emergency room bed to another bed in general care. The harsh fluorescent lights hurt her eyes and the nurse helping Janessa walk was rushing and Janessa didn't have the strength to keep up. After what seemed to be almost an hour of walking the nurse and Janessa made it to the room.

"If you need anything you can press the green button on the little remote on the side of the bed rail." The nurse stated briskly and turned on her heel and walked out of the room.

Janessa slowly and gingerly walked to the bed. Once she had her hand on the bed rail she achingly climbed up on to the bed. She was almost too exhausted to pull her phone out and text Ronja. Janessa weakly reached for the button to turn the light off over the bed and closed her eyes again. She drifted off into a light sleep.

A repetitive soft metal clink brought Janessa out of her sleep. Groggy and somewhat disoriented she rubbed her eyes of sleep. There was the shadow of a man on standing near the bathroom door. Janessa sat up, adrenaline rushing through her veins instantly waking her up. She picked up her glasses from the cabinet top and put them on. She looked up to see if that man was still there. He wasn't. It was just Janessa and the sound of her heart beating faster than normal. There was a soft knock on the door. Janessa turned her head towards the door, a scream perching itself inside her throat as the door opened and a jolly nurse peeked her head in.

"Oh goodie you're awake." The nurse chimed as she turned around, her back towards the inside of the room. The nurse turned back around with a tray of hospital food in her hands. "Dearie, you look a bit green under the gills. Are you alright?" she went on as she placed the tray of food on a small slab of wood on a pivoting metal arm. "You're in for a treat; lunch is grilled cheese sandwich with a small bowl of tomato soup, chocolate pudding and an apple." The nurse sang. Janessa put her hand to her head as if she had a head ache. The nurse went about putting the pudding cup and apple on the tray. "I'll be back around 7pm to bring you dinner." The nurse added softly and closed the door after her.

Janessa was thankful the nurse finally left, her cheerfulness was overwhelming to Janessa in such a weakened state. She rubbed her temples and sighed softly. She looked at the food and groaned, her stomach was upset from seeing a man in her room. She shook it off and picked up the grilled cheese sandwich. It was greasy and she set it back down on the plate. Janessa decided to eat the pudding. She'd at least have something in her stomach even though she wasn't hungry. There was nothing for entertainment in the room so she leaned over to get her cell phone from the cabinet that she had her glasses on. With one hand she, made her way with the touch screen, to the media player and decided listening to music would help calm her nerves.

She finished the cup of pudding and found that her appetite had been whetted. She picked up the sandwich and took a nibble. She thought to herself that it wasn't that bad for hospital food. Janesssa devoured the sandwich and soup. She decided to save the apple for a snack later on. Abruptly her phone stopped playing music as someone was calling her. She frowned not recognizing the number and answered with her left hand.

"Hello?" She asked. "Hello who is this?" Janessa asked again. Silence with the occasional soft sound of someone breathing.

"Hello who is this?" She asked again, irritation lacing her words. Still she was greeted with silence on the other end of the call. She shrugged and hung up the phone. She put the phone down and weakly got off the bed and slowly walked to the bathroom. She pushed the door open with her shoulder and used her elbow to turn the light switch on. The fluorescent lights hurt Janessa's eyes as there were more chrome and metallic surfaces that the light reflected from. She pressed down on the handle of the sink and waited for the water to warm up. She muttered something under her breath about hating hospitals especially hospital bathrooms as she washed her hands.

She slowly made it back to the bed and plopped herself down. She didn't know that fainting twice with in short times between them would drain her as much as it did. Janessa lay back down on the bed. She closed her eyes and frowned. Her phone started to vibrate again. Picking up the phone it was the same number that had just called her.

"W…whoever you are stop calling me!" She shouted angrily into the receiver. Janessa didn't even give time for the person on the other line to respond as she hung up the phone. Janessa decided to turn the ringer on to silent so that it would not vibrate.

She lay back and covered her eyes with her right forearm over her face.