Has anybody ever wondered what the meteor that killed the dinosaurs was like? Hey, dont judge me! I have interesting conversations with my alternite personality!

AP: Its true. She does. She cant lie, the goody two shoes.

Me: Go away! Quit following me!

AP: I am you, stupid.

Me: I am not! Stupid is not a nice word, Me!

AP: Whatever.

Ah, the joys of being a Gemini. Anyway, on to the story.


Racing towards the sky

At a million miles an hour

Racing towards the earth

From nowhere

From somewhere

Hurtling towards

Towards everything

To destroy

To kill

To eliminate

Nothing headed towards everything

Unknowing yet all-powerful

Fiery death

Choking ash

Long white tail of flame

Icey rock and frost

Burning bright, burning

Small compared to everything

So big compared to


Yeah? Yeah?! Probably not. Did that make any sense?

AP: No.

Me: Oh, be quiet.