The queen of Agrendaria gave birth to a child. A son. But she was sick, the kings best healers were assigned to her but they could not save her. She died soon afterwards, the king grieved, he had loved her dearly. For twenty two years after her death, the king ruled Agrendaria with justice and two neighbouring kingdoms of Agrendaria and Lorwald lived in peace.

But the king grew tired and weak, he wished for his son to rule.

He was crowned.

Two months later the old king joined his wife in the heavens.

His son was not the kind ruler his father was. He ruled with darkness and cruelty, anyone who threatened his rule was killed. The threat of war hung low on the people of Agrendaria.


Delicate white snow thickly covered the ground, as it had for a long time. The winter had been

cold and harsh, people hardly went outdoors the freezing cold was too much they stayed by their warm hearths. As the snow of winter continued to fall.

Milah still went walking in the forest, just like she had in the spring, she longed for spring, the music, the flowers, the sunshine. her boots crunched down into the thick snow.

She prefered to walk with her friend Kristi, but not today she was ill. It was nothing serious, staying inside was best. She missed them. Today she just took her hawk Shae who loved it,she caught small birds in her claws and devoured them in front of Mila. She never walked very far it was too dangerous for her sake and Kristi's. They had been caught trying to help rebels.

If they were caught they would be executed.

The sound of hooves beating the ground pushed Milah out of her thoughts and into reality, she broke into a run her boots crunching into the snow, her heart pounding against her ribs.

She gripped the hilt of the dagger strapped to her waist and spun round to face him.

The rider dismounted, before she could respond he pulled his hood off and smiled.

"Good to see you, Mila."

"Eric!" She exclaimed. "You scared me."

Eric was her and Kristi's childhood friend, he worked for the king as a royal assassin. He had been gone all winter. The time had changed him a lot. His familiar pale blonde hair was tied back, his face was more scarred, than she remembered, there was a shadow behind those blue she had never seen before.

She dropped her dagger and ran up to him, wrapping her arms around him.

He laughed and squeezed her tightly. "I see you missed me."

She pulled away at the sound of another approaching horse. She knew immediately who it was, he swung his leg over the horse dismounting.

He pushed his hood back, his dark hair had grown longer. Heavy brows furrowed in a frown. He too looked much changed.

"Why did you…" He began, then stopped as soon as he saw her. "Milah."

"Its great to see you Gabriel." She looked up at him. He had recently began working for the king, after she had found him washed up on the beach, on the brink of death and nursed him back to health, he had never told her his story and she had never asked.

Him, Eric and Jacob had went on some unknown mission, that required all of them and had took all winter. She whistled, Shae flew down from tree she was perched and landed on her outstretched arm.

"Have you done your work for the king?" She stroked Shae absently.

"For now," Said Eric, his voice told her there was something more.

She looked around, expecting another horse, "Where is Jakob?"

Their expressions were grim, neither answered.

"Where! is he?"

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