I walked through the dark mansion wondering when the tour would be over. It was an oven in the summer's air and I had only begun to realize that the mansion was going through technical difficulties and there was no air conditioning. I wiped the sweat off my brow then realized my hot sweat covered arms did nothing but spread the sweat. I wiped my arm on my jean leg then attempted to rub my forehead again. It was useless. There was already sweat on my arm again. I moaned just wanting the tour to finish. My mother had forced this death walk upon me. For my birthday, she'd bought tickets to go see some famous person's mansion. I had groaned at the thought. I didn't want to go tromping through someone's well decorated house only to become jealous of everything they owned. When I had figured out it was an uninhabited mansion, my spirits rose only a little. I would now get to see all the splendors of some deceased old person.

The first part of the tour hadn't been all that bad. We'd walked up and down stairs and seen a nice kitchen and pool. I'd gotten some great ideas for what I would do to my house when I managed to get one. I wanted a grand staircase, a swimming pool, and a large dining room. It was a high hope not expected to be fulfilled. If I ever paid off my student debt from college then I might actually be able to get a two roomed shack in Antarctica. No, I couldn't live there. It cost money to buy a ticket to Antarctica and there were probably property fees. I groaned in the heat. I was becoming utterly drowsy until a cold blast of air brought me to my senses. My eyes snapped open and suddenly, I felt refreshed and alive again. The other tourists around me sighed as well. I took in the surroundings slowly. We were in a large room. Portraits covered every inch of wall. There were paintings of hangings, old people in wigs, men riding horses, and large ballrooms. They were all fantastic paintings, and they looked so real. I probably would have thought they were photographs if the frames around them didn't seem so old.