The tour guide explained something about how these were painted in the 1960's or somewhere around that time. I wasn't really paying attention. For some reason, maybe it was my mind, I thought I saw one of the old men wink at me. I frowned and went to get a closer look. He was dressed in silver judge's attire with one of those old fashioned white wigs. I was surprised that the security would allow you to get this close. I kept looking, touching the painting. I took it off the wall and flipped it over. There was nothing behind it. I was surprised my tour guide hadn't freaked out when I touched the painting so I turned, after hanging the painting back on the wall. The group wasn't there. I must not have noticed them wander off when I had been looking at the old judge. I quickly exited the door opposite to the one we came in. There was no one there. I heard the babble of voices behind me and went back into the large gallery. I was relieved that there was another group of tourists coming even though I thought we were the last group to leave. But, when I entered, there was no one there. I was now starting to get worried. From the windows in the corridors in front of and behind me I noticed the sun sinking lower and lower. I did not want to be locked inside a rickety, old mansion overnight. I walked into the corridor we had used to enter the gallery. I hoped I would be able to navigate the way back to the entrance. I pulled out a map of the house and started to follow what I hoped would be the best route.

An hour later, I was in the gallery again. I was confused as to how I'd arrived there again. I had been avoiding it for the past hour because every corridor or passage I took seemed to lead me straight back here. It was completely dark outside and I knew the tour would have ended at least half an hour ago. My heart was thumping hard against my chest. I took slow steady breaths. I decided to spend the night in the gallery because it had two entrances and I could close off both of them then wait for a tour guide to come by in the morning. I pulled one of the doors shut and then went to the other I peered outside at the dark then closed that door two. I turned to the portraits. I was going to have a serious talk with that stupid old judge.