Those nights when you can't sleep.
Those nights when you just lay there.
And think.

Those nights when the day's events hit you. Hard.
No one seems to really care.
How do you feel so alone in a crowd of friends, you wonder.
Those nights when the loneliness gets to be too much.
Those nights when you can't handle it.
And you break.
You crack.

Those nights when you cry.
You cry.
Tears of joy.
Those nights when you cry.
You cry cause it's all out of your control. You feel like no one cares. No one is there.
In the end, you think, you walk alone.
It's true.
In the end, you are alone.
No one can be there.
Only the memories they have given you.

Those nights where the memories that you hold close to your heart come to mind.
Those nights when you smile blissfully and lay there in peace.
Those nights where you're too excited, you can't sleep.
You're impossibly happy and there's no way you're coming down from the high.
There are those nights too.

Those nights.
You cry.
You smile.
You feel alone.
You feel wanted.
You're sad.
You're happy.

On those nights…
I'll be there.
If you need me.
For any of those nights.
To be a shoulder to cry on.
To be there to share in your joy.
To be someone who'll listen.
To be someone to talk to.
To be a friend.
I'll be there.
Those nights when you can't sleep.

A/N: Hey, guys. I don't know if any of you remember me, but I'M BACK! And feeling super emotional. T~T The feels. Anyway, I hope that you don't feel as alone after reading this. C: