Two Alumni Volunteer At An Elementary School

Pert, coy, and preening,

I want your gaze, yet I don't

Want you to touch me

Ever again – I just want

This new power of

Mature beauty to wreak havoc

On your filthy mind.

I'm not the grown-up-looking

Girl that followed you

Into a closet and did

As you said to do,

Surrounded by paint, hearing

You breathe in weird ways

That I still don't understand

Fully. But I know

Enough now that I can tell

You still want me to

Touch you there again.

I hate loving this power

I've got over you.

Why do I taunt you when I

Still fear your wide hands?

It's different now – people know

What you were, still are,

And so I'm safe enough, since

You keep some pride when

Others can see us. But as

I parade myself,

I feel even dirtier

Knowing that this is

The only way I've ever hurt

You, and that only

Children seem to remember

That you deserve no respect,

Teacher's son or not.