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Anyways, here is a list of the main characters:

Sion- Wiseman

Daniel-servant, son of Lord Aaron

Byron- Aaron's brother

Raquelle- scribe

Travelings of a Wiseman

Book 1

The Estate

Intro: There once was a great lord, Aaron, who died during his son's first years. Aaron's brother Lord Byron assumed his estate. The boy's mother disappeared, and no one knew what had happened to her. Byron kept control of the estate, and the boy grew up, living as a common servant, never knowing his true title.

Act I

Scene 1

Location: Estate Main Hall.

Enter: Daniel, Byron, and Sion

Byron: (to Daniel) Slave, fetch us some wine.

Sion: (to Byron)I do not drink, my lord.

Byron: (to Daniel) Fetch wine for only me, slave.

Daniel: As you wish, Master.

Exit: Daniel.

Sion: As I was saying, I advise you not to go through with your plans.

Byron: If I do this though, I will double my land.

Sion: Your greed will be the end of you. You will be adding more enemies to those you already have.

Byron: I know what I am doing!

Sion: Do you really? I will have no part in this plan!

Byron: Out of my sight! (gestures toward the door, angrily)

Sion: (calmly) Very well, I cannot work for such a man as you. I will be taking leave of this estate immediately.

Byron: I don't need you! Now go!

Exit: Sion

Enter: Daniel with wine

Daniel: (kneels and lifts the wine to Lord Byron) Your wine, sir.

Byron: (slaps wine to the ground) Shut up! Tell Lord Garon to proceed.

Daniel: One of his servants said that Lord Garon has decided not to go through with the plan. The servant also said a wiseman was the one who changed Garon's mind.

Byron: (to the ceiling, angrily) SION! (to Daniel, still angrily) Out of my sight!

Exit: Daniel.

Enter: Raquelle.

Raquelle: Ah, it is good to see you, Lord Byron. I have returned from my travels abroad. Where might be Lord Daniel?

Byron: Uh, he is away on business. Please leave me, for I am weary of today's events.

Raquelle: As you wish.

Exit Raquelle.

Byron: I cannot let Daniel meet Raquelle. That would ruin me! Alright, I will advance my plans early. That fool Sion will regret meddling in my affairs! (yells offstage) Steward, I am leaving for the night. I will be back late.

Exit: Byron.

Scene 2

Location: Estate Courtyard

Enter:Sion and Raquelle.

Sion: Hark! You there, art thou related to the lord of this estate, Lord Byron?

Raquelle: Lord Byron? He is not lord of this estate. I am a scribe of the late owner, Lord Aaron. His son is the lord now.

Sion: Do you know Lord Byron?

Raquelle: Yes, he is Lord Aaron's brother. When Aaron died; however, Byron assumed control of the land until Aaron's son was old enough.

Sion: As far as I know, Lord Byron has owned this land for at least fifteen years. I have advised him for the past one and a half years... not that he ever takes my advice.

Raquelle: Byron has kept his brother's estate this whole time?

Sion: What is the name of Lord Aaron's son?

Raquelle: His name is Daniel.

Sion: The servant?

Raquelle: Servant!?

Sion: We must act. My name is Sion. Lord Byron has been arrested because his greedy plan failed. I will go check estate records for a will. You go tell Daniel the truth. He is in the dining hall right now.

Raquelle: What is the rush? If Byron is already in jail, than why can't Daniel just take the estate back?

Sion: Because the Governor wishes to possess this land. Since Byron was thought to be the owner and is now in jail, this land has no official owner and is therefore … "up for grabs."

Raquelle: Alright. By the way, my name is Raquelle.

Exit: Raquelle.

Sion: Byron, you lying scum. You deserve where you have gotten yourself. I will do what I can to restore this estate to its rightful heir.

Exit: Sion.

Scene 3

Location: Dining Hall

Enter: Daniel.

Daniel: (scrubbing floor) Why does Byron treat me the worst of all his servants?

Raquelle: (from offstage) I can answer that.

Enter: Raquelle

Daniel: Who are you?

Raquelle: I was once a scribe for your father, Lord Aaron.

Daniel: What? I am just a servant.

Raquelle: You have been lied to by your uncle, Lord Byron. Lord Aaron is your father. He was the owner of this estate, but died while you were still young. Byron was to take charge only until you were old enough to take over.

Daniel: How do you know that I am the son of Lord Aaron?

Raquelle: I took care of you with your mother. I have no doubt that you are the son of Lord Aaron.

Daniel: Okay... so... how do I get the estate back?

Raquelle: Well,Byron has been arrested for some crime, but Sion knows more about that. Right now, Sion is searching for a will in the estate records. We have to hurry because if we cannot prove that you are the rightful heir, the governor will repossess the land for himself. Let us go help Sion.

Exit: Raquelle.

Daniel: So I have finally found out why Lord Byron, or should I say my uncle, hates me so much. He wanted my father's estate for himself. One day, I will have my revenge, but for now prison is a fitting place for a rat like him.

Exit: Daniel.

Act II

Scene 1

Location: Estate Courtyard.

Enter: Sion, Raquelle, and Daniel.

Sion: I have found it! I have found a copy of Lord Aaron's will!

Raquelle: Let us go show it to the governor.

Sion: No, we must show it to a judge. The governor is corrupt, but I know a judge that we can trust.

Daniel: Let's go then!

Sion: I will go alone. You two stay here. No arguments.

Exit: Sion.

(Confused,Raquelle and Daniel look at each other, but then shrug their shoulders and both exit.)

Scene 2

Location: Courtroom

Enter: Sion, Governor, and Judge.

Judge: Well, the document certainly is official, Sion.

Governor: I already repossessed the land from Byron. The will is null and void!

Sion: The estate was never Byron's to lose. So, your repossession is null and void.

Governor: Shut your mouth! It is my land!

Sion: Nope.

Governor: Yes!

Sion: Nope.

Governor: Yes it is!

Sion: I do not think so.

Governor: IT IS MY LAND!

Sion: Nope.

Governor: Yes, it-

Judge:(slams gavel down) Enough! The will is valid. You can not repossess the land, Governor. Get over it.

Governor: NOOO! (pulls out sword)

Sion: (hits governor on the back of his head) I am going now. Good-bye, Your Honor.

Exit: Judge and Sion.

(Governor lies unconscious on the floor. Exits after lights dim.)

Scene 3

Location: Estate Courtyard.

Enter:Sion, Raquelle, and Daniel.

Sion: The will has been accepted. Daniel is now the official owner of this estate.

Daniel: Thank you for your help, Sion, and you as well, Raquelle. Would you consider staying at the estate as my adviser and scribe?

Sion: I would be honored to be your adviser, at least for a little while.

Raquelle: I served as a scribe for your father, I will gladly serve as your scribe.

Sion: We should tell the rest of the servants of their new lord.

Raquelle: We already took care of that. We knew you would get your part done, so we went ahead and told everyone already.

Sion: I see. Raquelle, did you get that other part of the plan done?

Raquelle: Yes, I did Sion.

Daniel: Other part? Didn't we do everything required?

Sion: There is only one thing left to do.

Daniel: What?

Raquelle: Why, your coronation, of course!

Daniel: Aren't coronations only for kings and queens?

Sion: Well, technically yes; but this is more like just a celebration.

Raquelle: Let's go you two.

Daniel: Coming, Raquelle. Hurry up, Sion!

Exit: Raquelle and Daniel.

Sion: I wonder how long I'll stay this time.

Exit: Sion.


Scene 1

Location: Estate Main Hall.

Enter: Sion and Daniel.

Sion: Heh, I cannot believe that I have stayed here for three years.

Daniel: I am glad that you have stayed for so long. You have advised me well.

Enter: Raquelle

Raquelle: Lord Daniel, you have a visitor.

Daniel: Bring him in.

Enter: Byron.

Daniel: What are you doing here?!

Byron: I have to do community service. I was to either work for you or go to a work camp.

Daniel: (about to say something until Sion interrupts)

Sion: (noticing Daniel's anger) Byron wait in the courtyard. Raquelle, please leave us.

Raquelle: Of course.

Exit: Raquelle and Byron.

Daniel: How dare he come here! I will make sure that he is working in the hardest work camp there is.

Sion: (sigh) Daniel, don't go down the path of revenge. You will end up in the same place as Byron. Let me give you some advice on enemies. In the Bible, the book of Matthew to be precise, there is a verse that says as follows: "But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you." I am pretty sure that includes Byron.

Daniel: You are right, but... how can I forgive him for all the years that he lied to me.

Sion: By giving him a chance. It is your choice.

(There is silence for a moment while Daniel thinks.)

Sion: I will send Byron in.

Exit: Sion.

Enter: Byron.

Daniel: Uncle Byron, you lied to me for fifteen years.

Byron: Yes, I did.

Daniel: Well... … ….

(There is silence)

Daniel: … … … You can work for me for your community service. I will give you a chance.

Byron: Heh, fool! (pulls out a one-hand crossbow and shoots Daniel in the chest. Daniel was able to sidestep enough so it only hit his shoulder.)

Daniel: AAH!

Enter: Sion and Raquelle.

Raquelle: Lord Daniel!

Sion: (pulling out a a book) Byron! Your judgment is here! (says a spell and holds out his arm. Two blades of wind cut through Byron.)

Byron: Urk... My life was over anyways,,, aagh. (Byron dies)

Raquelle: Let me see that wound, Daniel. (Raquelle points her staff at the wound and heals it.) You should rest now.

Daniel: Sion, is Byron...

Sion: Dead? Yes. He threw away his second chance for revenge. There was no more mercy for him. Like he said, he was already dead. Actually, I think he was dead long before he even went to jail.

I am leaving the estate.

Daniel: What! Why?

Sion: Because you no longer need me, and there are others who require my advising.

Daniel: Okay. Come back and visit any time.

Sion: Of course.

Exit: Sion.

Raquelle: Please rest now, Lord Daniel.

Exit: Raquelle and Daniel.

(Lights dim and Byron exits.)

Scene 2

Location: Estate Front Gate.

Enter: Sion and Raquelle.

Sion: How is Daniel?

Raquelle: He is resting now. You surprised me. I had no idea you could use magic.

Sion: I have rarely used it since I left the army, but I am a powerful archsage. You also surprised me. I had no idea you could use healing staves.

Raquelle: Yes, I was a healer for the church, but I never became a priest. I hope you come to visit again.

Sion: Like I told Daniel, of course. This has actually been the longest that I have stayed in one place since I left the military.

Good-bye, Raquelle. It was a pleasure to have met you.


Raquelle: Good-bye, Sion.



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