Human Being

I guess you didn't realize how much I was hurting
Or how badly I needed a night with you
Of just laughing our hearts out

I suppose your "friend"
Whom you've only known for
Barely two years

Is more important than me
Your best friend
Or so I thought

I had thought
That we had
Gotten closer

But I guess
I was wrong
About that

I suppose she's going to
Replace me
And you'll leave me in the dust

You'll go to the mall
With her by your side
Instead of me

But it's not like I have
Feelings or anything
It's not like I'm a human being

I guess it won't be
On your conscious
That I'll be crying my eyes out tonight

With no one
To comfort
And help me

That's fine
You have no obligation
To help or comfort me

I just hope
That you'll feel guilty and awful
For the rest of the week