I once had tea with a Vampire who told me

Of a wise old man he'd met in a city made of green stone

That my friend, the Lion, and I should speak with sometime.

He said he was a Wizard of some sort, like a Witch, but a man.

I said that I would go to him, with the Lion, but not without my hat.

And we were soon on our way, and the Werewolf came too.

The Smiling Cat gave us directions, but declined our invitation;

His head still hurt from running into the Queen, he said.

We first took a train through many rabbit borough tunnels,

And after that, took a boat made of rubies across a mirror lake.

The Owl in the peach tree gave us food for the trip, but had no time to spare;

He had a ball to go to, and his princess, Crystal, was waiting for him.

We encountered a witch who was sweeping off her porch,

Who said that her friend the Goblin could take us to the green town.

He knew some fairies that lived there, but no dwarves.

It wasn't long before we got there, and were greeted by a monkey with wings.

However, I never made it into the city to see the Wizard.

I was spirited away by those who don't believe in Magic,

And every night since, I've prayed to the Jabberwocky

Or Peter Pan, or my friend the Vampire to rescue me from the white room.