The Sea of Gods

Book #1: Only The Beginning

This is the story of me… and my brother. What you are about to read can be dangerous to you and the ones you love. So read at your own risk. This book needs to be kept out of dangerous hands or the human race could possibly end. It struck midnight and I still wasn't asleep. Why wasn't I asleep? The biggest test of the year was tomorrow. I still just looked up at the fan. The fans spun 'round and 'round; the clock ticking the seconds until I was sound asleep. The air got thicker, the seconds slower, and my breathing evened. I could feel myself drifting off into a deep sleep. That's when my nightmares began.

I was standing in somewhere dark. It wasn't the kind of someone-just- turned-off-the-lights dark, but more of a blinding kind of ancient darkness. I was holding a dagger that was completely golden. When I looked closer I saw my reflection, I was wearing beaten up armor and I had cuts and bruises all over my body. Did I just come from a huge cheese grater?, I mentally asked myself. I looked around and saw something incredibly horrifying. There was movement all-around me, but they weren't humans. They were walking skeletons in armor, holding big golden swords. The skeletons were walking straight towards me, like an army marching toward a city they were about to invade. I felt my heart beat quicken as they kept marching toward me. There was no doubt in my mind that they were after me. I started shaking. I tightened my grip on the hilt of my dagger to keep it from showing. I was supposed to fight the living dead, but I don't even know how to fight. If I stayed and fought I would die. Keep calm, I told myself, I'm just dreaming. I started walking backward to try to escape them but I walked straight into what looked like a never ending hole. I was suddenly surrounded by a deeper darkness when, a deep voice rumbled everything around me sending tingles up my spine. It said "We'll meet soon enough half-blood"

I woke up with a start. When I looked up I saw someone standing in front of me. "Aahh!" I screamed. My older brother fell on the floor laughing, amused at my startled state. His dark curly blonde hair fell slightly to the side, but when he stood up it fell right back. "Get up! You got to do the 'big test' today." He said with a superior smile. He went to leave when I threw a pillow at him and said "You're a jerk, Brandon!" He quickly dodged the pillow and strolled out of my room. I grumbled as I half dragged half walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I saw my hair in the mirror, it looked appalling. "What am I going to do with my hair?" I asked myself out loud.

My long tangled blonde hair looked like someone put dreads in my hair, braided them together, and then made it stick up on top of my head with lots of hair spray. I mean, I know my hair is wavy/curly but this was ridiculous! I sighed. I went back to my bedroom and put on the first shirt I saw, and jeans. I went back to the mirror and brushed my hair then put in a ponytail.

"Kind of better" I muttered to myself. I stopped and looked in the mirror. The only thing I saw now was me. Well what I looked like in my dream. Was that dream real? A dream was a dream right? There's no way that was real. I just made it up in my head. I shook off the thought even though I was still pretty shaken by it. "Tara come eat breakfast." My mom hollered to me "OK mom. I'll be right down."

I ran down stairs and sat at the table. I looked down at my eggs, bacon, and pancakes, with repugnance. I wasn't hungry at all. My brother was eating like a pig. I felt like I was going to throw up in my mouth.

"Could you not be a pig for once in your life" I said annoyed. "Could you not be so ugly for once in your life?" I glared "At lease I don't get rejected by the opposite sex!"

My mom was getting her purse and keys. "Stop fighting I don't want to hear it! I am going to a rehearsal dinner tonight with a friend. I won't be home until 1:00; your dad will be home at midnight. There's leftovers in the fridge just heat it up for a minute and thirty seconds. You better leave now so you are not late. Good bye, behave." she said through clenched teeth, then walked out the front door and slammed it behind her.

It was really silent for a few minutes, so quiet the loudest sound in the room was the sound of me picking at my food. "So…" he said "Are you ready to go?" "Yah let's go, I have to meet a friend before homeroom." I said picking up the keys to my new black Nissan Altima. My brother picked up his backpack and walked out the front door. I picked up my backpack and followed him. I went out to my car and sat in the driver's seat for a moment.

Did I really have to go to school? I mean doesn't pleading insanity get you off school? Maybe I could convince mom to let me stay at home today… I sighed; because no matter how good that sounds I know I have to go today.

Deciding I couldn't stall any longer, (well if 'deciding' is having my brother tell me to get a move on…) I started the car. Finally, I backed out of my drive way, and drove through Shady Hills in silence. I drove up to Shady Hills High, and found a parking spot. I got out of the car. The wind picked up a little and made my hair dance around my face playfully.

"Meet me here after school. I'll be here right after the bell rings, there's supposed to be a storm later." I told Brandon "Whatever." I just ignored him. I saw my friend Jessica and her boyfriend Brian. I ran to catch up with them. They were walking, silently looking at their shoes. "Hey Jess. You still coming over Friday night?" I asked obstinately.

"Yeah I'm still coming over." She replied "You'll have to pick me up from the diner because I won't have a ride to your house." "O.K." Brain spoke up "I have to go I have math first period" He turned and kissed Jessica then left (Mrs. Hooks' math lab is all the way across campus)

"He was awful quiet today" I said looking over at Jessica. "Yeah I guess; I don't really know why though" She looked down at the ground refusing to meet my eyes. I knew she was lying. Not only did she look guilty, but her voice gets high pitched when she's nervous.

The bell rang telling us that we have 3 minutes until the start of first period. We started running across campus to get to history class. When we got there was popping orange Tic-Tacs in his mouth. Jessica and I found two seats by a window in the back of the class.

I took a seat, and put my backpack on the back of my chair. Then I turned my attention to the front of the class room. Mr. Mongoalia was writing something on the black board, but I couldn't read it. It looks like he wrote something in Spanish.

Oh I didn't tell you? Well I'm dyslexic. Kind of hard for me to read and I can only make out a few words. All of my letters look all muddled up.

Mr. Mongoalia turned around "We are going to watch a video on Abraham Lincoln." He said. He went over to the VCR and put a video in. The smart board started playing the video. Pictures popped up on the screen, while a deep melodic voice started to talk. I just stared out the window for a while, until turned off the smart board. "Since we still have a little bit of time left, take out your history books out and turn to page 115-116." He said. I took out my history book and turned to pages 115-116. When I saw Mr. Mongoalia looking around to find someone to read out loud, I slouched down in my seat and stood up my history book, hoping he can't see me. It didn't work. "Tara Grace will you read the first page?" Mr. Mongoalia questioned. "Um…" I could feel my face turn red from embarrassment. "I-I can't." I stuttered. I guess he thought I was being disrespectful because he shot me a dirty look. I could feel everyone's eyes on me in incredulity. "Why not?" He said apparently expecting an answer. Before I could answer the bell rang which told us we were able to leave. I grabbed my backpack and left. I heard the laughter, and saw everyone in the hallway pointing at me, whispering among themselves. I didn't want to go to class yet because by now the whole school either knows that I'm dyslexic or that I'm stupid. Fan-freaking-tastic. The only class room that's not occupied this time of morning is the music room. I took a right and opened a room that was completely dark. A coldness creaped its way along my spine to my neck. It felt as if someone, or something, was breathing on me. I looked to my right but it seemed that there was no one here except for me and my wild imagination. I mentally slapped myself.

The room was painted yellow and had instruments lining the walls. I walked in and sat on a bench. It seemed colder in here than any other classroom. I rubbed my hands together on my thighs. Why does life to be so darn complicated? I sighed in complete utter frustration. I walked over to the wall and took a beautiful acoustic guitar. When was the last time I played the guitar? I Walked back over to the bench and started to strum some cords. Before I knew it I was playing a beautiful piece of music I haven't played since I was 10. Then someone walked in. "Very beautiful." A masculine voice said from behind me. I turned to see, my crush, Jason. Oh no, I really shouldn't have been playing the guitar in the first place.

"Um thanks." I whispered mostly because my throat had gone completely dry. He sat on the bench next to me. It was completely silent for a few minutes. Not an awkward silence, I realized, but a thoughtful one. "Are you ok?" Jason asked breaking the comfortable silence. "I don't know" I answered fully honest. "Hmm well if you are thinking about what happened in history when then I would suppose I would tell you that I'm dyslexic too." He replied. Oh yeah I had forgotten he was in that class. I looked over at him. "Tara I have to tell you something…" Until unfortunately I saw something completely black slither by in the corner of my eye.