The magician gave a delighted, insane grin as he began his amazing spell. He had spent years studyin g for this moment. The magician, known as Maou the Miraculous at that time, had initially become interested in magic as a child. All children are fascinated with magic of course, but Maou was interested in it for an entirely different reason then most. Maou had a much more practical reason/ Now Maou was fifteen years old, he had spent eight years studying magic and the pratical purpose was about to be realized.

Maou was a young adolescent boy in appearance, with a height of about five feet and three inches tall. He had a sligt and muscular build. His clothing varied from day to day, but he usually had on casual attire with silk gloves. Maou also had long, albino hair and golden, multifaceted eyes and pale skin.

Maou was eccentric, philosophical, poetic, artistic. and a brilliant scientist and mathematician. Talented and absolutely confident in his own abilities, Maou's personality often unnerved everyone around him, friend and foe alike; he was generally deemed mad by all. He had a deep fascination with the unknown and was obsessed with magic.

When Maou had first started learning magic, he had started with small things, like weak forms of telekinesis. As he had grown older, he had learned more advanced forms of magic, including such things as telepathy, divination, energy manipulation, hyperspace travel, teleportation, transfiguration, levitation, alchemy, necromancy, pyromancy, cyromancy, hydromancy, and more. Maou had such fantstic abilities as terra kinesis, electro kinesis, mind reading, space and time alteration, dimensional bending, reality warping, and more. He could subtly invade and attack multiple other people's minds, protect his own mind, and even use extremely powerful hypnosis. From converting matter and energy, to rapidly decomposing natural things, even living things, the only limit to Maou and his magic was his available power.

Maou drew the power he needed for his magic from his own energy reserves. Despite having massive amounts of potential power he could wield, this energy could only be used in his magic, meaning his body was usually as frail as anybody else's. He could, however, use his magic to temporarily empower his body far beyond his normal limitations. Despite the fact that Maou had a limited energy he could use in his magic, he could also take small amounts of energy from the nearby area or large amounts from willing doners.

Maou had learned magic on his own, having taught himself from a very young age. He had traveled from world to world, universe to universe, making friends, fighting monsters and villains, saving worlds, experimenting with his powers.

Maou had fought dragons, faced witches and warlocks, killed demons, and more. Maou had saved life and taken it, fighting and defeating hero and villain, man and monster alike. Entire worlds cursed while others worshipped him, and still others couldn't agree on what to make of him.

Maou, and his magic, worked by taking energy, usually his own, and then using it to enforce change on matter and energy around him. The greater feat of magic, and the smaller form of matter or energy he manipulated, the more energy he needed to use in his efforts. For example, manipulating subatomic particles was difficult, but manipulating an entire star's mass was also extremely difficult. He could also take pure energy, either from his reserves or fro, his surroundings, and convert it into another form of energy or matter, or just take pure destructive energy and use it to attack. The exact limits of Maou's own power was approximately two hundred thousand quadrillion megatons of force, meaning he had just enough power to destroy stars. However, he could not maintain this force for longer than a few minutes without support.

Now Maou's magic glowed brightly, bright as the hottest star as its multicolored glow washed over the area. Maou had spent years learning and perfecing magic, putting his life on the line, losing his sanity, and risking everything, all for his purpose. The taste of accomplishment would be great. After all, everything's better when you work for it.

The impossibly bright glow got even brighter, years of power, experience, knowledge, wisdom, and wonder showing in the glow. Maou hadn't attempted this up to now because he wanted it to be immaculate. Only now was he semi-confident in his ablility to accomplish this task. Finally, with one last dramaticv increase in brightness, reducing the world to a mass of white, everything began to dim once more, revealing the conjured object...a large cake. This is what he had spent years working for. He had sought after and trained for this moment for years, for cake.

He never learned to cook, after all.

~Line Break~

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