Luke Mohr was at school. Luke Mohr was standing in the commons, surrounded by his usual group of friends, and laughing as if nothing at all was wrong.

"Jerk," spat Jessica as she peered at him through the doors.

My heart sank. I had thought that he might be hurt. I had thought that there had to be a reason he had vanished on me. "Maybe he has an explanation?" I offered, looking over at her.

Jessica tossed her hair over her shoulder and scowled. "I'd like to hear it. It must be pretty good to explain why he left an innocent, defenseless girl alone in the park and didn't even come to help when she was attacked."

"She wasn't defenseless. She had me," said Jake. I looked to the other side of me as he ran a hand through his hair. His eyes were narrowed and his eyebrows drawn.

I took a deep breath. I was going to have to do something before one of them took it into their heads to go and show him how angry they both where.

"I'll go talk to him," I said. Biting my lip, I forged forward, pushing through the glass double doors that led into the commons. A glance back showed me that Jessica and Jake were following.

I could sense several of the groups in the commons turning to look as we passed through. Jessica and Jake might frequent the area, but the sight of me walking into the midst of it with them following and clearly upset was a rare sight. The noise level dropped to a murmur. I gulped, fully aware of the eyes on me.

"Luke?" I asked when I came up to him. My voice sounded high pitched and panicked to me. I just hoped that he wouldn't notice. He turned around and surprise flickered across his face. He hid it quickly, so fast that I was unsure if I had actually seen it.

"What's up?" he asked casually, peering at me with those green eyes. I looked to the side, but with the commons so crowded before school, there was nowhere to look without meeting people's eyes. I stared down then, finding my shoes the safest thing to gaze at.

"Um? Where did you go last night? You kind of disappeared after taking that call," I said, trying my hardest not to sound accusatory. Jessica had no such qualms.

"You ditched her in the middle of Central Park," she snapped as she stood with arms crossed beside me.

If I had been aware of the eagerly watching audience around us, Luke was too. He flushed, then quickly got himself under control and smiled again. "Ah that. Yeah. I totally got lost."

Even I knew what a lie that was. We had been close enough to hear the light traffic on the 65th street transverse. Not to mention that there were a million other little landmarks and such he could have found and used to orient himself. I bit my lip, my eyes locked on the shiny white tips of my converse.

"Dude. That is a lame excuse," said a high pitched voice from Luke's group. I looked up and met the eyes of Angie Peterson. She scowled, and then looked at Luke. "I don't even like her," said Angie gesturing vaguely in my direction, "But even I have to say that ditching her in the park is a totally jerk move."

Luke looked flustered for a few moments. Then he snapped out, "I'm telling the truth. Geez." That was met with a disbelieving snort from both Angie and Jessica. I took a deep breathe and spoke.

"Maybe you did get lost, but it doesn't really look that way. I was there for awhile. You didn't even try to find me," I said, leaving out the reason why I was there for awhile.

"Geez! I was lost," snapped Luke. Throwing up his hands, he pushed through the crowd and headed for the hall. I watched for a moment, feeling vaguely sick. He was going to hate me after this. Not that it should matter after the horrible date, but I didn't want him to hate me. A small part of me still saw him and went 'oooo... pretty'.

Still, maybe it was for the best. He had been really rude.

"Thanks," I said to Angie. She just scowled and hoisted her large purse onto her shoulder.

"Remember the part where I don't like you?" she stated before turning away with a flip of her perfectly styled hair. I blinked after her and tried to think of a response, fully aware of the eyes still on me.

"Let's go," said Jessica, lightly grabbing my arm. I nodded and let her lead me out. Behind us the noise started again, with murmurs starting and then breaking into waves of full on conversation again.

"That was terrible," I groaned, staring up at the ceiling tiles once we stopped out in the hallway.

"No. He was terrible," said Jake. "Seriously, that guy has issues." Shaking his head, he turned to the locker we had stopped by and began to open it.

Jessica nodded. "You're better off without him," she assured me.

"I guess," I said. It was hard to know that my daydreams of falling madly in love with Luke, and him with me, weren't going to happen now. With a bitter sigh, I turned to watch Jake. Somehow, I was unsurprised to see that his locker was full of tech books and such.

I needed to get my mind of Luke and our tragically shattered love. I glanced around, and seeing nobody in the near vicinity, I quietly asked Jake, "What all do you do for the group anyhow? Is it just tech geek stuff? You seem to be at the base a lot."

He laughed and pulled out two thick texts. "Pretty much. I handle all the important stuff, like hacking security when people need to get into a villain's hideout, keeping track of traffic for the people who can't fly, tracking down info we need, and all sorts of other stuff." He turned to me and grinned, a sly look appearing on his face. "Sometimes I even might delete certain youtube videos," he added, slamming his locker shut.

"He also does do some actual patrols and fighting, in between helping our group and others" added Jessica. "He has good powers. Lucky."

"This from the girl who can control wind and water?" I asked, elbowing Jessica.

"I take care of problems," said Jake, motioning for us to get moving. As we started down the hall, he added, "Just like I'm going to help you take care of the Pyro problem."