My general coping is 39
My life events are 38
Oh what insufferable misery!

My depression is 31
My anxiety is 45
Depressive fits and anxiety are the least of my issues

My self-esteem is 8
My eating disorders are a 10
I could've done better

I have few symptoms of Schizophrenia, making that 35
Though, I saw that coming
Even dissociation is higher than that, being it is 67

My mania is 25
Surprising, I thought that would be higher
My technology issues at an 88, even higher than dissociation

Though, we all know that

My obsessions and compulsions are 50
And my posttraumatic stress is a 17
Nevertheless, it shows my deteriorating mental state

The least smallest number of all but equal to self-esteem are my borderline traits

Nevertheless, my sanity 76