I know nothing of the world; physically, emotionally and mentally. Yes, I know the world was created, or should I say the universe, by the suppose Big Bang Theory, and the creation of man is supposedly descended from apes whose intelligent level is at an excellent degree. And let's not forget Thomas Hobbs famous quote, "Men are naturally evil." The psychology world has improved over the years of research, obviously thinking that they can understand the mind. I do not deny all of this stuff, nor do I want to make myself sound like and expert. Again, I know nothing.

But I feel as though the world lacks something. Well not the world, just people. People are quite skilled with everything, but most refuse to acknowledge the spiritual side of the world. No, I do not mean religion, just spiritual in general. I am not a very religious person, and I was never spiritually influenced until last year. Last year, I was apart of the group of people who refused to believe in the spiritual.

After the sudden change in transition, I actually felt connected to world, as if I was one with it. But it cost me some things, and most of my decisions were caused by selfishness. You could you blame? I was 17 at the time. Teenagers do stupid things, and most of them secretly cared about themselves. And being friendly to some of them was not the best thing to do. It's just better to stay to yourself, a lone wolf that walks among the halls of a century old building.

Anyway, when I finally connected, the world was so opened to me. I can tell you that my eyes changed another color after that day, and my body wasn't so fitted to the ground. It felt as I was floating. Even in my footsteps I could sense a difference. Everything had changed my perspective of the world and the large masses of humanity that walk it. But I paid for it; the ultimate sacrifice.

I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't know that I would be some type of protector to the spiritual world. That was not on my list of future possible jobs. But I can't really complain, it sort of has its benefits.

One of them being the person who gave me the responsibility in the first place.

Hopefully, I'll mention her soon enough.

So sorry it was short! This is more of an introduction than a chapter, but hopefully I grabbed your attention to want to read more.

Always, reviews and positive criticism is welcomed. Merci for reading.