by Kevin Sheely

Sailing the seas, I spent my younger days,
In love with the tide, and carried by the waves,
From a vessel I fished,
and a crew of 12 I wished were mine,
But my captain, a drunk, who reeked like a skunk,
and not willing to share of his wine.
For the life of a sailor is wrought with great peril,
The food gives you scurvy and the sea air makes you sterile,
But, alas no peril in life, like falling in love with my captain's wife.
Though I tried to resist, the urge did then persist,
And the glances we passed, ever harder to hide.
Catching fish by the ton, how I longed for a gun,
I'd wait for my moment and the sea would provide.
And as the summer air grew warm,
On the horizon, a storm,
And soon he'd be fishbait,
Nothing less, and nothing more.

We pulled into port on that warm summer night,
Installed at the inn, my love, my captain's wife,
within minutes he was gone and we wouldn't have long,
But a plot we did hatch, not precise, though it would suffice,
If we both remained strong.
For lacking invention, with the best of intentions,
Soon he'd be fishbait,
Nothing less and nothing more.

So I followed him down, to the town's only pub,
Lurking in the shadows, gripping tight a heavy club,
I waited and watched as the moon crossed the sky,
I waited and waited and pondered the reasons why.
Why, oh why did I hate this foolish man and want his sweet wife?
Why so quick to draw blood and hijack his life?
And my blood began to boil for that son of a whore,
And soon he'd be fishbait, nothing less and nothing more, But wait!
And suddenly then, with a creak of the door,
My hand began to tremble,
And soon he'd be fishbait,
Nothing less, and nothing more.

I raised my club to swipe, but never got the chance,
He would offer no fight, there would be no death dance,
For he fell to the ground of his own drunken accord,
He was passed out cold, so I dragged him aboard.
And aboard his own ship, tied to the mast,
That's where he awoke, this hangover his last.
He gasped for air and then started to laugh,
Didn't think I had the balls, 'til he looked into my eyes,
My captain, my captain, now you shall die!
So I picked up my hammer,
And smashed, and thrashed, 'til my hands had gone numb,
Then chopped up his carcass and used it for chum!
I'll spare you the details, the entrails and gore,
Suffice it to say, he was fishbait,
Nothing less and nothing more.
I destroyed all the evidence,
Sank the boat and swam ashore,
Rest assured he was fishbait,
Nothing less, and nothing more.

At the inn with his wife,
We made love and made haste,
But what's that at the window, my captain's bloated face?
I knew it couldn't be and put it out of my mind,
I was anxious to see what new life we might find.
But wait! What's that sound?
A scratch at the door?
Couldn't be, he was fishbait, nothing less and nothing more.
So with the spectre of my betrayal,
Hanging just o're head,
I await no retribution and I fear not the dead.

Later that night, I awoke to a scream,
Like something from a dream.
And there in the room, like a ghost from a tomb,
My captain did stand,
Bereft in deathly gloom.
She begged and she cried, and got down on her knees,
It was all his idea, she pleaded, take him please!
I watched in amazement, her sickening display,
And suddenly I realized, the game was hers to play.
It started at once, on the day that we met,
Her smile too perfect and I'd live to regret.
For I gave her my heart,
And it would suit her own ends,
I would rid her of her husband, to whom love could not pretend.
I laughed and I said, I can see it clearly now,
And I'll deliver your head to his man I have wronged,
And deliver I did so he left me alone,
And I started anew, my life now my own.
As I sit here in chains, soon I will hang,
You may call me insane, but we all end up the same.
And you know the cold truth,
As you walk out the door,
We are all but fishbait,
Nothing less, and nothing more.