It was dark by the time our bus got back to the hotel, all 40 students and three teachers piling out with bags in their hands and exhaustion rolling off of them in waves. We had just got back from the cheese cake factory in Chicago and it had to have been at least nine or ten o'clock at night. Any other night wouldn't be considered 'late', but the day before had been brutal and it was time for bed.

Or at least for some of us, like me and Sobiyah. I was never extremely close with her, but then again I was never very close with Breanna or Selene a few months ago either. This was our last night in Chicago and by this point, I found myself getting closer and closer to Sobiyah and Selene. Breanna still intimidated me to some point-she still does-but I think I was kind of warming up to her by the end of the trip. With the amount of time spent on the bus and in the hotel rooms, I'm pretty sure every kid on that trip was at least on a first name basis with everyone else, no matter how much they disliked someone before leaving Winnipeg.

Likes and dislikes aside, the trip was fun. The last night at the hotel could probably top off all the other four (five?) nights, considering every other night I'd go down to the lobby and read Divergent or Inkheart.

There were five of us in one room; Sobiyah, Selene, Breanna, Katie, and me. The first four shared two beds, while I slept on an air mattress-remember the air mattress for later-Steinhilber had brought with him. I slept on the air mattress for two reasons: one, I was a major blanket hog. I barely move while I sleep, I don't snore, I don't grope or cuddle or anything else. In fact, I'd be considered the 'ideal sleeper' or whatever. But I cocoon myself and take all the blankets... That being said, no one could sleep with me.

The second reason why I got my own bed-air mattress-was because I could literally sleep on, in, and around just about anything, and anywhere. The bus, for example. I managed to curl up on two seats in the very back and slept for about five hours straight. You know those horribly hard, crushed-velvet-covered seats on a grey hound bus? Yeah those. I also ended up sleeping on the floor, curled up in the smallest ball possible so I didn't have my feet in the aisle. Another awesome example of my sleeping abilities would be the one time in grade nine Electronics class. I didn't get much sleep the night before, and if I remember correctly I had Electronics in the morning so I fell asleep in the cupboard-desk-thing. Palmer couldn't find me for the remaining half hour of class, until I woke up and popped my head out so I could go to my next class.

Anyway, We all ran up to our room-two flights of stairs later-and dropped everything in our arms. Sobiyah was the first to call dibs on having the first shower. She also suggested having a 'packing party' after she got out, but I apparently wasn't listening and started packing my suitcase when she got into the bathroom. Everyone else started packing as well, so I didn't see much of a problem and kept going at it. Sobiyah still wasn't out by the time we finished, so what do four bored teenage girls do while their friend is in the bathroom? Scheme would have been the correct answer..

Our motive? The six o'clock phone calls Sobiyah got every morning from her mum.

Breanna came up with the idea of blocking Sobiyah into the bathroom, but we didn't know how that would work, because there was no way our suitcases could actually get high enough to trip her, let alone block her into the bathroom. So after much thought-or none at all-we ended up putting my air mattress in the doorway of the sink-closet area just outside of the bathroom door and rapped the hotel hairdryer cord around it to keep it in place. After that, we figured it'd be more stable with four suit cases-we left Sobiyah's alone-an office chair, and every pillow we could find pressed against it.

This was probably why I always woke up at the crack of dawn to have my showers; first one in, first one out, and no one would dare get up sooner than 6:30 to screw around with me. I'm pretty sure that was also why I appreciated living an hour away from the city. It trained me to wake up early and be as silent as possible (for a clumsy, off-balanced and flail-y kid, at least).

We waited in anticipation, watching the small space between the mattress and the doorway like a Dingo watching a small child-I'm not even exaggerating on this part, we actually sat and waited, with little fidgeting between me and Katie, which is probably a miracle on both of our parts. After what felt like hours, Sobiyah finally emerged from the bathroom, her long hair drenched and dripping over one side and glasses nowhere in sight. I was giggling before, but when Sobiyah froze like a deer caught in the headlights I just couldn't hold it. I ended up cackling-not an evil, wicked-witch-of-the-West cackle, but more of a 'I think I just did something terrible, but I can't stop laughing' cackle.

All of us were laughing, because really? The look on Sobiyah's face was priceless in a kicked-puppy sort of way, but she didn't seem mad. I was glad that she wasn't angry, because we were just joking around and hopefully she knew that we would move the stuff so she could get out. She then hit the mattress, but realized that it was actually secure and we hadn't just put the mattress there. Breanna couldn't stop laughing and she had to brace herself against the opposite wall while I crouched down and snorted beside Katie. I can't exactly remember where Selene was, but I could hear her laughing somewhere off to the side.

She gave up, and we ended up moving all of our things when we noticed how quiet she got. I felt bad for doing what we did, but that was what anyone else would have done. I know Sobiyah would have at least laughed if someone else did it to anyone but her. I wasn't sure if I should apologize or leave her alone, so I ended up going down to the lobby with the others once we finished moving all of our crap.

Steinhilber had asked everyone if they wanted to come down for a 'cheese cake party' and that's where we went. Sobiyah stayed behind to pack, and when we went back up she wouldn't let us in. I'm pretty sure that was payback, and she let us in after several seconds. After we got back in, she told us she was enjoying us not being in the room because it was quiet. I found it amusing, seeing as I had to do that every other night because everyone was so noisy-Breanna had to tell the others to shut up a couple of times before.

Talking to Sobiyah now, she always describes the 'experience' as "A dark blob, because I wasn't even wearing my glasses and my hair-which is really long, by the way-was dripping wet and I couldn't see anything but this massive blob, right? Yeah, and you guys were all laughing and pointing at me and I didn't even know what was going on! And after you guys left? I sat there on the bed enjoying the quiet! I enjoyed the silence while you guys were having your little cheese cake party."

I always tell Sobiyah she was just sulking instead of having her little 'quiet time', but she'll never admit to it.