It was a long drawn out night in the winter of 87'. The cold December wind blew on the skin of Victoria. The sky was blue and purple, golden and stary. It was almost like a fairtale. A man gently came up behind Victoria and gave her a hug which wrapped around her waist, and his forearm gently lifted her began to look down and blush. She looked back up at the sky and said, "I love you". Her lips almost curved into a heart when she spoke those words and there was a sense of true meaning behind them. He gently picked her up and looked her in her eyes and said "I wish this wasn't a dream". He had a manly voice but you could hear the sorrow behind it. Her rosey cheeks began to fade and her heart curved lips began to even out. "No that can't be Charles... I finally made it here... Isn't that what you wanted?" "No" he said firmly. "You're not supposed to be here yet. Not like this Victoria.. Not like this" The sky began to fade into a depressing purple, and the stars began to burn out leaving an empty feeling in the sky above. The man led her through the many things she would hot experience if she stayed, everything she would miss; children, family, friends, learning, and most of all living. She had a sparkling tear in her eye ."But I miss you, I want to stay here... With you... Isn't that what you want?" "Yes" he said meekly as he wiped the tear away with his thumb. "But I won't be selfish, you're going back Victoria..." "No I won't, I can't!" "It's too late..." he said. The sky began to be ripped apart by a vicious tornado. Lightning was flashing, the earth rattled. "No, but.. but it was so perfect here with you! Why Charles! Why?!" He turned around quickly and gave her a long passionate kiss. It felt like life was being pushed into her. She tried to break free. As he kissed her, he slowly faded to dust and the world she had made became dark, no light to be found in her enteral darkness. That's when the earth swallowed her up. She woke up to a zap to her chest. She took a deep gasp. "Where is he?" "where is he?!"The echos of her yells echoed though the hospital... "Who ma'am?" asked the nurse. "Charles, Charles Rugnid.."said Victoria. "I'm so sorry, but he passed away from the crash. But we were able to save your two had a boy. Charles would have been so proud." The nurse gave her the baby. Victoria took her new born baby. She spaced out for a second, and said slowly and softly," I'm going to name you Charles the II, after my hero, your father."/p