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"How," She pointed the tip of her sword towards her dear friend. "How did you survive the end of our world?"

No one expected it. No one wanted to believe it, but it was all true. A never-ending war was taking over our world right at this moment. No one was safe as millions die each day as the survivors are left with no protection. Schools become military academies, jobs become only focused on the war, and a gun is every kid's prized procession. Everyone wanted it to just end, but the world wouldn't let them. Not until that 'thing' was created…

"Grab the cup for me, Kiyone?" A girl who had short hair in a ponytail pointed to the cupboard.

"What? Why?" Kiyone talked back. The smaller girl just glared at her which quickly made her move.

"Rio is so scary." Another came into the kitchen as Kiyone passed the short girl her requested cup.

"She is the strongest. I wouldn't see why someone would be scared." A different girl frowned as she entered, also.

"Pfft! She's not that scary, Aimi!" Kiyone scoffed.

"Says the person who can't even beat anyone in arm-wrestling." Aimi sighed as Kiyone looked embarrassed.

"Hey," The short girl, Rio, got their attention. "If you have time to argue, why don't you help me set up the table." She said as she pointed at the empty dining table. They both sighed lazily and got moving.

Rio quickly turned around and looked at Aria who was still laughing at Aimee comment. The moment Aria looked into Rio's eyes, she quickly got moving to help the other two.


"No way! All my teachers loved me!" Kiyone exclaimed holding out her spoon to Aimi.

"Sure, what about Gomez-Sensei!?" Aimi snapped back as Kiyone had a troubled expression.

"On the other hand, Aimi, how can you say that to someone who got a better rank than you?" Rio said to Aimi as she started to have the same expression as Kiyone.

"She was only one rank above of me!" Aimi protested. "Besides, my Stamina, Flexibility rank was better!" She said.

"That was because…" Kiyone tried to find a comeback but had nothing to say. "B-but, my close combat rank was way better!" They started their heated argument until Aria stopped laughing and cut in.

"But, Rio got a better rank than both of you in both subjects." Aria said. This forbidden sentence stopped their argument immediately.

"I-I still got better, Knife rank!" Kiyone tried to say.

"Rio still got rank one for that subject." Aria pointed out.

"I still got better Gun rank!" Aimi exclaimed, but Aria shook her head as she smiled in laughter.

"Um, did you guys forget she got Rank one when we graduated?" Aria finally said. Kiyone and Aimi growled in anger as Rio smirked and Aria laughed.

"Pfft, Seimei sucks anyway…" Kiyone slumped in her chair.

Seimei Gakuen is a school famous for their very professional alumni who work in the war force. When you graduate, you are given a rank from your grades from all subjects. Subjects include, Intelligence, Stamina/Flexibility, Close Combat, Knife Art, Gun/Accuracy, Weapons Art, and Basics. With the rank you have, you can get a better position in the military as they fight the government in the never-ending. However, there are many who do not even join the military but if your rank is in the Top 30, you have the privilege to live in the safe zone (which is not even that safe). However, there are sometimes surprise attacks even in the safe zone, so it is recommended and useful to have at least a small amount of self-defense.

"But, you have a pretty good rank, Kiyone." Aimi suddenly said. "You were Rank 15."

Rio then sighed. "Only if you weren't lazy maybe you could've got into the top 10…"

"Shut up!" Kiyone said embarrassed, obviously regretting her school days.

"Then Aimi was Rank 16, right?" Rio asked and Aimi nodded.

"I'm not happy about it, though." Then she suddenly turned to look at Aria who had a puzzled expression on her face.

"So?" Aimi asked.

"So what?" Aria asked back obviously confused.

"I never heard your rank before." Aimi thought about it.

"Uh, you don't need to know." Aria laughed nervously.

"Come on! Please!" Aimi begged but Aria refused.

"Oh! I remember!" Kiyone suddenly exclaimed. "Aria's was Rank 20."

"Wow! That's awesome!" Aimi complimented but Aria just frowned.

"But, I'm not as good as you guys…" Aimi then slapped Aria's back hard and she almost fell into her food in pain.

"W-what'd you do that for!" She exclaimed. Aimi sighed and messed up Aria's hair.

"STOP THINKING SO NEGATIVE! Have more confidence in yourself. Look, you got Rank 20 out of 200 stu-"

"300." Rio butt into Aimi's small speech.

"300? 300 students! That's amazing! Okay, you may not have gotten a better rank than us but you have the highest intelligence rank out of all of us!" Aimi said, though she remembered that Rio did get a better rank but, decided not to say anything.

Aria smiled slightly and nodded. "Thanks." After a small moment of silence Rio clapped her hands together.

"Now, look. Because of your long speech, Aimi, your food got cold." Rio sighed. "Come on, let's finish so you guys can get out of here quicker." She said.

"Fine, I'll mess up your whole room before I leave!" Kiyone laughed manically and started scarfing down food. Everyone laughed and started to eat their food once more.


"Is it complete?" A man in a black suit looked out the window at the devastation in the town.

"Yes, we just need to do the final touches. Then our plan may commence." Another man said to the black suited man.

"Excellent." The man smiled and sat down on his office chair and waved away the other man. He bowed in understanding and left swiftly. As the doors closed, the black suited man sighed and put his head on his hands.

"Now it will be all over." He said in relief.