It was while I was watching the Late Show with David Letterman that I had suddenly heard someone yell, "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?! LET ME GO!", which made me get out of my chair and run to the window just in time to see some thug dragging poor Jessica towards a waiting van.

And when I turned around and grabbed the phone to call the police, I rushed back to the window and saw that both the van and Jessica were gone from the scene.

Thankfully, I was able to remember the license plate number of that van before I went for the phone and told the cops about it because they were able to identify the one who abducted Jessica for some sick purpose.

As soon as we got to the house, one of the officers knocked on the door and told whoever was in there that they had a search warrant.

But when nobody was coming to the door, the officers used their own battering ram to smash the door open.

And while they were searching the house from top to bottom, I went down into the basement and heard some crying coming from a hidden wall panel.

That was when we pulled that panel down and stepped inside a secret room where we found Jessica and another girl chained naked to beam posts and facing each other.

As soon as we got those girls free from their bondage, Jessica was so happy to see me that she gave me a big hug before the cops had suggested that we should take the girls to the hospital before that thug and his partner get back.

And if you are wondering about how the girls are doing, they are back home safe and sound.

That's the story, Folks.