J shoved her down into a chair at the table. He yanked her arms out, wrists up, across the table. He grabbed a knife off the counter and dragged the blunt side of it across the faded scars on her left wrist."Look at that, E. You remember that? I sure do." He placed the sharp side of the knife against her arm. "You like to cut yourself, cutter?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't."

"Oh I remember quite well that you do." In a flash, he slit a large gash in her arm. Her automatic response was to recoil, but he held a firm grip on her wrist. Blood drained from her arm, collecting on the table.

"The hell was that for?" E exclaimed.

J gave an evil smile. "I'm just giving her what she likes." He grabbed a fistful of hair at the back of her head. "You like it, don't you cutter?" He jerked her head down towards the table.

She tried to stay calm and not show him how afraid she was.

He pushed her face into the pool of blood that surrounded her arm. "Tell me how much you like it!" J screamed in her ear.

"Fuck you," was her stolid response. She let out a shriek as she felt the sting of the knife slice into her a second time.

"Hey come on, man," E said. "Don't you think that's enough?"

"It's enough when I say it is!" J gave the chair a swift shove and she went crashing to the floor. He stood over her. "You just gonna let yourself bleed all over the house?" He crouched beside her. "You know what, I'm gonna be nice. I'll go ahead and clean those cuts for you." He took a bottle of rubbing alcohol from the cabinet and proceeded to pour a generous amount over her two gaping wounds.

It was as if someone lit her arm on fire. It took every part of her not to scream in agony. She clutched her injured arm against her chest and tried to keep in the tears that threatened to surface. Her refusal to break down in front of him was starting to piss him off.

"God you're such dumb bitch, you know that? You're never gonna learn!" J grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the hall and into a bedroom. He threw her down onto the bed, ripped off her blindfold, and immediately straddled her legs.

E shut the door behind them and moved around to the opposite side of the bed.

"Hold her still," J shouted to E. E held her arms down. J stood and began pulling her jeans off.

She screamed at him, begging him to stop. J produced a pocket knife and made a dramatic display of cutting her panties off. She continued to protest, but to no avail. Tears streamed down her face, mixing with the blood that still stained her cheeks. She heard J unzip his pants. She looked up into E's face.

"You used to love me,"she whimpered. "Don't let him do this to me again, please!" E looked away. She continued to plead with him, keeping her eyes locked on his face. She hoped that looking at him might make him feel at least a shred of guilt and put an end to this. She felt J's weight bearing down on her and she cried out as he forced himself inside her. E's grip on her arms tightened as she struggled to get away. It quickly became apparent that E had no intention of stopping what has happening. Her begging turned into choking sobs as she resigned herself to their torture.

J finally moved away from her with a deep satisfied moan. He straightened his pants. "She's all yours," he said to E. E lifted his hands and she instanly flew across the bed. She curled up against the headboard with her face in her knees. Her whole body shook in anguish.

"Meh, I'm fine for now," E said with a shrug.