Broken Love

No one cared, no one cared about them anymore. She felt the glances of pity from her friends. She didn't want them; she wanted the glances of happiness and joy. She wanted to be with him. They had been apart for too long now, she felt that she could bear no more. With a heavy heart, her eyes trailed his figure. His tall figure that would have been at her side if it wasn't for her parents, her parents, how she despised them. Telling her that love was for children and that no one had time for it. Not only did they break her heart, yanking her away from her love, but shattered her dreams of a future. What kind of future lies ahead without a love for something or someone? Finally, his eyes met her and the fire that burned for her was still as strong as ever. The fire that symbolizes their love, she looked away quickly, feeling the glares of her parents. It burned; it hurt, seeing him here at the party, without her at his side. She fingered her sky blue gown and trailed her eyes around the floor, stopping when they reached a certain pair of shoes in front of her. Slowly, she looked up, she looked up into the eyes of her love. He was smiling, holding out a goblet of wine. She knew what it was, a deadly drink. If she took it, she would never see the daylight again, if she didn't, she would never see her love again. Which to choose? Her life, or her love? "I'll meet you on the other side. We'll be together then." he whispered to her. She smiled and took a sip and so did he, staring straight into her eyes the whole time. "Together." she quietly remarked, taking his hand. The corner of his eyes crinkled when he smiled and she knew that everything was going to be alright. "Attention!" he shouted over the music. People stopped and looked. The music died away. Her parents tried to push through the crowd. What was he doing? "I have a confession to make! I fell in love. I fell in love with the most amazing woman on Earth. My beautiful Chandelle. We have been apart for too long and I know that if we do stay apart any longer, it'll kill us all. So, tonight, I rejoice in the presence of my love." he said raising a toast to the crowd. She smiled and raised her glass, "Love is the most powerful thing in the world. Don't let anything or anyone get in your way." she said. Together, they drank the contents of the goblet and held hands, staring into each other's eyes. "I love you, Chandelle." he whispered. She smiled and together they fell.

"Here lies the beautiful Chandelle Robinson. She died too young, only 20. And here lies the kind Jerry Benson. Another young life lost at 25." small fingers ran over the tombstone, tracing the carved out words. "Auntie, at least they're together, right?" a child says. Loving fingers ran through the dark brown hair. "Yes little one. They are together now. Isn't that right Janelle?" a woman's voice echoed. "Yes Auntie. And one day, I will see mommy and daddy won't I?" "Yes."