Mummy's laughing silently

I am laughing to

Daddy is behind us

But he is screaming in tune.

While mummy laughs in silents

I begin to move

I cut, I cut

I slice, I slice

I create many new wounds.

The screaming continues from his lips

His blood is spurting

He is going limp

Ah alas we are not done

We want to continue having our fun

We will continue until it ends

Until he passes from the blends

The blends of blood and sweat that roll

From his body

And from his soul.

That is if he one

that is what he clames

But no, he was born to feel hell's flames.

Mummy's laughter is growing lowder

I put my hand upon his shoulder

"it's a pleasant feeling, is it not"

"waiting for his heart, If he has one, to stop"

"go on mummy you can take over"

I hand her an axe tainted with a bloody aroma

She grasps the weapon in her hand

She walks over to my bleeding dad

He sees her smile like never before.

I smile

"go on, send him to deaths door"

She raises the axe and sends it down

A pearling scream is the only sound

But soon that scream is followed after

Buy the sounds of joyful laughter!

Over and over she'd raise it high

I knew it would not be long until he died

But I could not help but continue to grin

At the joyful state my mother is in.

I knew she would in joy getting back

At the man who has caused us both to crack

She raises the axe once again

And sends it crashing to his head.

There is nothing left but a mangled mess

A bloody body, who at last

Was able to make mummy smile with joy

Note that she was never your toy

She has alwayse been strong and knows what she wants

And your corps is what she got.

In joy your stay in a shallow grave

Tell Satan we said hi

And now I end this tail into my psyche

With a simple, smiling goodby...