The clatter of the door alerted her to the inflow of customers. Oh well, she sighed as she slid out of her chair. She had gotten a half hour break at least, that was nice. But lunch hour would be over soon and the students from the nearby schools would be back to do their studies.

Or try to get a nearby librarian to do it for them. Which ever they could accomplish first.

As she walked over to the desk she peered at the front door hallway to see a group of about ten people coming through, most of them splitting up to various tables and reference sections without glancing in her direction or even pretending to notice that she was there. It made it easier to spot the three stragglers left behind.

Not that it would have been easy to miss them. The two men were quite tall, taller than most people, which made them stand out even more. The taller of the two had his white hair pulled back with a blue hairband but several bangs had managed to escape it and were falling into his face.

And between the two men was a young women with nutmeg skin and dark brown hair that was so kinky it threatened to unravel out of its braid. She was staring around at the inside of the building, though she didn't look completely lost, as some people who hadn't been in an actual library since kindergarten did. But neither did she look like she knew where to go. Like she had expected things to be in different spots.

There was obviously no blood relation between the two men and the woman. But then whose girlfriend was she, and why did both of the men come along? No one liked being a third wheel.

The librarian shrugged and turned to her computer. Might as well check the latest gossip about the upcoming novel turned movie and simultaneously look like she was doing "very important library stuff so don't bother me." But as she started to type the website address a shadow fell across her desk. She looked up and gave a start on finding a pair of very green eyes staring down at her. It was the black haired man and she hadn't even heard him approach!

"Umm..." It was her turn to sound a little unsettled.

His eyes flicked down and his hands shifted nervously between his sides and his jean pockets as if he was unsure where to place them. "Books... how do we..."

He trailed off uncertainly and his eyes darted back at her and she clearly saw the nervousness in them. Had he never been into a library before? Well, there was a first time for everyone. His green eyes darted to the side as the woman with the nutmeg colored skin approached the counter.

"Raj, don't walk off like that without telling me," she scolded under her breath, too quiet for the the average bystander to hear. Then she sent a tentative smile across the counter, as if uncertain of the reception she was going to get.

"We'd like to borrow some books. Where do we start?"

They really hadn't been in a library before. The librarian contained another sigh, glancing at the doorway as it let in another flood of students. Hopefully the hour would go by quickly.

"You need to have a card for this system," she explained, giving her attention back to the woman and noticing her unusual amber eyes. A glance behind the woman revealed the white haired male hovering behind the other two, but not really close enough to be included in the conversation.

"A... card?" the woman asked, mentally drawing back at the word.

Oh please, not another one patron who doesn't know how to do anything by herself. The librarian groaned inwardly but put on her best "customer are way smarter then I am" smile.

"Yes, a card to borrow the books. It's how we keep track of which books you have out; otherwise we'd have no way to tell where our books are."

"And... do we need to have certain privileges to get this card?" There was a dark undertone to her question.

Where did this girl come from and who asked a question like that? "Uh, no. It's just for here, this building, nothing special needed to get it. All it does is allow you to take the books out and us to keep track of them for you."

"And what are the negative points that can be applied to the card?"

"Huh? Oh, you mean if you don't bring the books back when we tell you to?"

A head nod, short and firm to match the wary look in the amber eyes.

"We just charge you some cash, especially if the books are beat up, but we try to be reasonable. We don't keep track of the books or borrowing history once it's off your record. All we care about is getting the books back for other people to use."

"Ohhhh." It was more like a breath of relief than one of understanding. Her face relaxed and her eyes warmed up again. "Okay. Well, we don't have one of those types of cards. How do we get one?"

Those types? How many types of cards were there? Well, maybe she thought it was something like a credit line card. Weird.

"Uh, here." She reached behind her and swiped one of the dime-a-dozen pre-programed tablets. "Fill out the form on this tablet for me and then bring it back and we'll get you set up."

"Wonderful." The nutmeg colored woman took the tablet with a smile. She took a step back then seemed to remember something and dug an elbow into the side of her black haired companion. He bent away from it in what was obviously a well-ingrained reflex and blinked at her before his head went up with understanding. Once again she found the intense green eyes on her.

"Thank you," he said in a quiet voice before quickly turning after the nutmeg colored woman, the other man trailing silently behind them.

Chapter updated: changed descriptions and altered some wordings. The woman is suppose to have brown hair not black.