The magical chime echoed throughout the house. I sighed, stood up, and walked over to the door. I looked out the tiny window in my door, and saw a girl. I opened the door, and the girl smiled.

" Humpty!" She practically cheered. She seems to know my name, but I can't say the same for her.

" And you are...?" I asked. She gave me a look of disbelief.

" You saw me yesterday!" She told me.

" Irrelevant to the question." I replied, and the girl gave me the biggest look of confusion.

" What do you...never mind. But goodness Humpty, you're awful at remembering a face." She told me with a sigh. I gave her a cold glare. I steeped out of the doorway, so that I was a little bit closer.

" Excuse me, but I don't like it when people I just met insult me, and to your former statement, all of you humans look exactly the same." I told her, and the girl giggled.

" But you're a human, Humpty." She told me, as if I didn't know.

" I'm well aware of my species." I replied, and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around, and saw Moonue. He was my fifty year old butler. Alice's face lit up when she saw him. Moonue smiled.

" Alice, how are you?" He asked. Ah, so her name is Alice.

" I'm doing wonderfully. But Humpty doesn't care for me enough to remember my face." She told him. Again, here she was complaining about me, when we had just met. But apparently I saw her yesterday. I stepped behind Moonue, and let them do their thing. Whether they speak, or frolic through the tulips, I don't give a damn.

I made it about five steps, until Alice called me.

" Don't leave, Humpty!" She called after, I tsked, spun around on my heel, and walked over to them. When Moonue saw me, his eyes grew worried, He walked over to me.

" Are you alright, your Highness?" He asked me, and I just waited for him to explain why he was asking.

" Your hair." He told me, and I rolled my eyes. I swear, he does this every single fucking day. My hair, my hair, my hair. He won't shut up about it. My hair is a little odd. It's straight, and falls to my shoulders, and my bangs always cover my face, Well, not all of it. Just a little bit. Long story short, I just have long bangs.

Anyway, the thing concerning Moonue, is my hair color. My hair is white, with golden tips.

But once when I was a baby, I grew sick and almost died. That's when my parents found out about my odd hair. If I start to die, the gold in my hair start to rise up to the scalp. If my whole head is golden, then I'll die.

But on days like these, I just hit a wall, and Moonue thinks I'm about to die. Just because the gold rose one millimeter.

" What's wrong with Humpty? Is he sick?" She asked, and I sat down. Moonue and I agreed to never tell a soul, unless we really trusted them. But that's another thing. After I almost died when I was a child, it made my hands incredibly sensitive. Which is bad in some cases. Like whenever I'm nervous, I hit the nearest flat surface. By the third hit, my whole hand is covered in blood.

In case you didn't know, blood on your wall is incredibly hard to get off.

By the time I fazed into reality, Alice and Moonue, were already talking about something completely different.

" He's turning seventeen in February. February 2nd." Moonue told her. Apparently they're talking about my birthday. Creepy. I just looked at my nails, and wondered what color I should paint them tomorrow. I usually paint them blue on Wednesday, but I don't really think that color will suit tomorrow. Alice walked over to me.

" Geez, Humpty. You're so anti-social." She told me, but I didn't reply. It was true. I always had been. I like to avoid conversation as much as possible. I don't think people are worth the time. But as Alice had said, I'm a human, too. Then, Moonue walked over.

" Don't think ill of him. He just hasn't met the person who will make him change." He told Alice, and I looked up at him.

" You better not be talking about soul mates. Because if you are, you worded that wrong. Soul mates don't make you change. But if they do, then I don't want one." I told him, and all Moonue did was smile. Alice sat down next to me. I moved over the second she sat down, but Moonue forced me to move back. Moonue looked up at the ceiling.

" It seems to be raining. How wonderful." He exclaimed, but I just looked at my nails again. Moonue had always been obsessed with rain. The reason being, my father was born on a rainy day. Moonue was born into my family's service. He was ten when my father was born. Moonue and Alice started talking about the rain.

I stood up, and walked over to the door. Moonue didn't like it when I walked out side, but I did so anyway. The rain started to fall on me. I closed my eyes, and heard a wind chime.

Which was odd, because there wasn't a wind chime around for miles.

I started to follow the sound, but then there was no ground under my feet. I opened my eyes, as I fell to the floor. I took a face plant into the dirt, and I realized that I couldn't hear the wind chime any more. I looked behind me, and saw that I missed the stairs.

" Your highness!" Moonue yelled, as he ran over. I have no idea how he knew that I tripped. I didn't make a single noise, and yet he came running over. Alice followed after. Moonue leaned down, and lifted my face.

" Are you alright, your highness?" He asked, and I pushed his hand away.

" Yes. I just misplaced my footing, that's all." I explained.

" Oh, I just thought you hadn't been outside before. You know, and that you were new to all this." Alice joked, and I glared at her. I stood up, but fell back down. I wouldn't have been so embarrassed if Alice wasn't here. But Alice didn't laugh.

" You don't have to tell me but, why did you trip?" Alice asked me, and I looked up at her.

" I heard a wind chime. I just wanted to know where the sound was coming from, that's all." I answered.

" Wind chime? There's only one place that has wind chimes. It's a wind chime shop. It run by a man named...Hmm..I forgot." Alice told us, and Moonue took Alice's hand.

" How about you go find his highness, an handkerchief." He told her, and I tell he just wanted her to leave.

" Oh..okay." Was all she told us before walking away. Once she was out of sight, Moonue looked down at me.

" Are you sure you're okay?" He asked me.

" I'm sure." I replied, and a maid ran over, and started talking to Moonue. It must have been important, because Moonue started to stray. I took that an excuse to walk away.

So I stood up, and started walking over to the water fall.

In my mansion, there was a room with a waterfall in it.

I'll never tell a soul, but that one is my favorite room. The reason being, it's the soul mate teller. When I say that, it's said that if you look into the waterfall at your most favorite moment of your life, you'll see the face that of which is your soul mate. I never believed in that, but maybe that's because I'm destined never to love.

I was never told that I would never love, I've just never felt the feeling.

I don't think I ever will. But I don't mind that much. But I had just talked to that girl and Moonue about soul mates, already. I never liked that conversation. It bores me. I heard a twig snap behind me, and I turned around. He wore a suit that my butlers wear, so he must be a butler.

" Why hello, Humpty." He told me, and I felt as if ice covered my whole entire body. His build was a lot larger than mine. He had black hair, but it wasn't that long. It was just ruffled at the top. He had facial hair and I was slightly confused about his age. Not a lot of butlers are that age. I would say I don't even remember hiring him, but I don't remember hiring any of them.

Moonue was already my butler before I was born. But I already explained that, also.

Just then I remembered that I never replied to the man's hello. But I also know that I don't like him. This man seems awful.

" Hello." I replied coldly, in a low voice.

" Do you like this room, your highness?" He asked, and I just turned around.

" I guess." I answered, and I walked over to the waterfall. I placed my hand under it, and let the water run over my whole hand. The thing was, the waterfall was the size of any normal waterfall, but for some reason the water ran over my fingers so gently.

The butler is looking at me, I can feel it.

I felt another chill flow through me, and I stood up. I started to walk through the door, but the butler grabbed my wrist. I froze, and the butler whispered down my neck,

" It will all end here. Well, at least for you." He told me, and I froze. It will all end here. The words flew through my mind. I blinked and a second later, the butler was gone. I looked around for him, but I knew that I was alone.


Moonue and I sat at the diner table, eating our dinner. I always have to order Moonue to sit down, otherwise he won't. I won't ever tell a soul, but I don't like to eat alone. Meanwhile the other maids and butlers just walked by, cleaning up what needed to be cleaned. Doing whatever needed to be done.

I felt someone poke my shoulder.

" Excuse me your highness?" I heard a maid ask. I turned around so that she could talk to my face, and not the back of my head.

" Yes." I told her.

" May I skip work tonight? I have to baby sit my son." She informed me, and I just shrugged my shoulders.

" If you'd like. Honestly, I don't even know if you're really a maid or not." I told her, and she took that as a yes. I know that because she bowed, and walked away all in a second.

Then I turned around, and focused my attention on my food.

Whatever the maids and butlers want to do is no concern of mine. I have my own things to deal with. I looked up, and saw the butler that was at the waterfall. I had my eyes glued to him. Something was off about him, and I don't feel all that safe. I looked over at Moonue, and he was glaring at the other butler, as well.

I'm not sure if it's because I was doing it, or he didn't like him also.

A maid got right into my view of the other butler, and smiled. The second she walked away, the other butler was gone. Apparently this butler was a wizard part time. Moonue stood up.

" Excuse me, your highness." He told me, and he started to walk away. I watched him with my eyes until he got out of view. I looked back at my food, and didn't really feel eating anymore. I am slightly curious as to what Moonue was going to do. But I just sat there, looking at my nails. Blue didn't feel right. Maybe, red.

I snapped my fingers, and a maid came running over to me.

" How white is my skin?" I asked her.

" pale as a ghost, your highness." She told me.

" And why is that?" I asked, and the maid seemed to be confused. I know what I'm about to say is a little rude. But hey, I'm very much cold, and she should realize that.

" I don't know, your highness. Are you sick?" She asked me, and I shook my head.

" It is because I am cold." I answered, and the man ran off to find a blanket. My skin was always extremely pale, but it grew even more worse when I get cold. She came running back over.

" Thank you." I told her with a smile, and she smiled back.

" You're welcome, your highness." She told me, and she walked off. I just sat there and wondered what Moonue was doing. Was he chasing someone? That's right, he's chasing the weird butler. Well, it could be the weird butler. I think it was. I'm horrible with faces. I had my head propped up in my elbow. I tapped the glass with my free hand.

Moonue walked over to me. He was panting, so I wondered if he was running. I tried to get up, but Moonue pushed me right back down.

" Don't move, your highness." He warned, and then I grew kind of worried.

" What's wrong?" I asked, and Moonue smiled at me.

" Nothing, your highness." He answered. Like that was the truth. He's forcing me to stay in my seat. But instead of interrogating him, I just sat there and waited for Moonue's okay. I sat for about a whole minute until he finally told me I could move.

" How about you go and rest, your highness." He told me, and I really started to wonder what was wrong. Is that man an intruder? I wouldn't know the difference.

" And he must be using that against me." I whispered, as Moonue led me to my room. He opened the door, and I walked inside of it.

" Am I in danger?" I asked, and Moonue laughed.

" Of course not, your highness." He told me, and then dark laughter filled the room. Fear filled my heart, and Moonue jumped to me, but my door slammed shut. My door was glass, so I could still see Moonue trying to get to me. But the bad thing was, nothing could break that glass. I felt a hand grasp my wrist. I froze.

" That's not for you to decide, butler." The man told him, and Moonue kept banging at the glass. The door would open if I just turned the door knob. That's all I had to. But the weird thing was, I couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried.

" Your highness!" Moonue yelled, and the mad wrapped his arms all around my body.

Then, he started to pull me backwards.

" He's mine now." The man told Moonue, and kept dragging me. Only once we got three feet away from the door, could I move. I started to claw at the mans arms, but he didn't seem to notice. I slammed my hand on the wall. Then I did it again. Then I did it a third time. I looked at my hand, and it was bleeding. It was my left hand. Since I'm left handed.

" Let me go!" I shouted, and the man grabbed my hand and kissed it.

" Sorry but, I need you." He told me, and he stopped walking. The man reached in his pocket, and pulled out a chip. He held it eye level, and clicked a button on it.

" Your highness!" Moonue yelled from the other side of the door.

" Moonue!" I yelled, and I felt myself getting lighter. I looked down at my feet, and saw that they were diminishing. It wasn't just my feet, it started spreading up my legs, and to the rest of me. The same was happening to the evil man, but he seemed unfazed. I can't lie when I say I'm scared, but I know that myself disappearing won't kill me.

Because if it killed me, it would also kill the evil one.

" Give him back!" Moonue yelled, but the evil one just laughed.

" You can call me Stephen." The evil one told me, as the disappearance rose to my stomach. It was still at his knees. I broke free, but the process sped up, and in one millisecond, I was gone.


Auto one sat in his head quarters, waiting for the call. Auto two and three, were standing next to him. Suddenly, three beeps echoed throughout the room. Auto one reached over, and pressed the Give button.

" Do you have Humpty Dumpty?" Auto one asked.

" Yes." Stephen replied.

" He's in the collect keep. He put up a bit of a fight, but that's expected. He's still asleep, though." He added, and Auto one smiled. Auto one was very please. He had been waiting his whole life for this, and now it would finally happen.

Project FT, was ready to commence motion.

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