My eyes fluttered open, and I shot my eyes around the room. Trying to figure out where I was. Then Kaido greeted my vision, which answered my question.

But it's not like I calmed down any more, though.

" You took quite a hitting, there." Kaido told me, and I didn't reply. Not only is he on their side, the sentence all in itself just didn't sound right. I looked at him, and then cocked my head. He then looked at me like some puppy.

" Do you need anything?" He asked, more slowly than I would have preferred. My foot shot out, and kicked his leg.

" I'm not stupid, ass hole!" I told him, but then instantly regretted it. I threw the blanket over me, and curled up. I didn't like how this whole, being kidnapped thing was making me act. Disgraceful. But I don't want to get hurt. I know if I get hurt, then it might make a bruise. Or a scar, and if I get one of those, Moonue will freak out when we're reunited.

If we're reunited that is.

But I couldn't shake how pitiful I felt, so I threw the blanket off of me, nearly hitting Kaido in the face. The face he was giving me was clear. He was questioning my being.

" What are you?" He asked.

" I knew it!" I cheered, which only confused him more. I just looked at him. But then I saw two chimes behind him. They were side by side, and I felt the need to ask about them. Kaido touched one.

" They're the inspiration for the chime I'm about to make." He told me, and I looked at my nails. Too bad I couldn't paint them.

"Soul mate." I found myself saying, and Kaido looked at me in shock.

"How did you know?" He asked me, and I cocked my head.

"Know what?" I asked.

" The chimes on the wall, are supposed to symbolize soul mates, and their love is always closer than anything." He told me, and I rolled my eyes.

Then, as if calling them, Moonue's words appeared in my head.

" All of the intolerable nonsense about soul mates. If such thing existed, then none would know because of their pitiful minds and their inability to read their hearts." I scoffed, and Kaido just started at me. I felt my face grow hot, and I glared.

I always hated the thought of soul mates. But, right now I'm not too disinterested.

I was thinking about the maybe slight change heart, but then a thought occurred to me, and fear filled my heart.

"Wait, what time is it?" I asked, and Kaido checked the clock on his wrist.

" Five fifty-seven." He replied, and I shot out of his bed. I ran to the door, and threw it open. I turned my head around, so that I was looking at him and said,

"I'm so sorry, but I must be going!" I told him, and I flew out the door. I bolted towards the car, and saw that Stephen was smirking. Which of course made me want to fly away like high heaven, but I didn't. Then I stopped dead in my tracks.

They're waiting for me..all the way over there. So maybe I should just run. I mean, what's the possibility that they'll catch me. I know that they're driving a van, and it's probably faster than me. But I could always find a route that'll be hard to drive through. Or better yet, I could run down an ally way.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and shrieked.

"I wasn't thinking about running!" I shouted, but it was Kaido. Who jumped back by my previous action. I whipped my shoulder away.

"Excuse me, but you're going to make me late!" I snapped.

"Oh, really? Because it seemed to me that you were prepared to bolt." He told me, and I glared at him. Then Kaido plopped something in my hands.

" Get used to what you're going to be working with. These are some supplies we'll be using. Study them over night." He told me, and I just continued my glare.

"To be honest, that glare is quite undeserved." He told me, and my blood started to boil.

"What do you mean, undeserved?" I asked, and he laughed.

"You show up here, kick me, more than once may I add, knock down my stuff, get knocked out, and then leave. Not a very productive day if you ask me." He told me, and I had to refrain from kicking him again.

"Well, I didn't ask you." I told him, and he laughed.

"Actually, you kind of did." He replied, and I put my hands on my eyes.

If ever I got too pissed off, I put my hands around my eyes. It was a bad habit, that took me years to break, with the help off Moonue. But hey, if I'm going to be stuck in this awful situation, I may as well keep tabs on the old me.

"What, you blind?" He asked, and I huffed.

"No, I'm just trying to calm down." I told him.

"I didn't know werewolves did that." He replied, and I uncovered my eyes just so I could looked at him in shock. I walked closer to him.

"Did you just say, werewolf?" I asked, and he nodded so casually that I almost kicked him again.

"What makes you think I'm a werewolf?" I asked.

"Why, you're the one being defensive." He told me.

" I'm not being defensive! I just want to know why you have such an idio-" I started to yell, but then a car honked so loud that I screamed. Then I turned around, with out finishing my sentence, and ran over to that stupid van.

I jumped into the back, and was greeted by a very pissed off looking Stephen.

" I don't remember this being day care." He told me, and I glared. Stephen then walked over to me, and I had to try my hardest not to flinch. But he didn't hit me. Instead, chains were on my wrist and ankles, linking me to a steel thing on the van floor.

" Just so you won't leave." He told me, and I rolled my eyes.

" Really? I though it was for the costume party we're going to." I told him, and I felt stupid for saying it. Not only should I not mess with Stephen, but that joke wasn't funny in the slightest. Stephen didn't do anything, though.

Then I kind of wished he did. Because now I'm wondering if he'll stop hitting me, but add up all of my snarky comments, and then hit me all at once. Or worse yet, the joke was so bad that even he felt bad for me...don't ask me why I think that's worse.

It just is.


Moonue walked inside a food store, and saw a man.

It wasn't anyone he knew, but he wanted to talk to the person for some reason. The man was tall, and dark. But he was completely enveloped in something else. Moonue didn't want to bother him. Especially if he had to no real reason, to bug him in the first place.

Moonue stood there, debating to walk up to the man. The man was deep in thought, and didn't even notice the stare that Moonue had to give.

But Moonue knew. But what he didn't know, was what to do.

After a very long time of debate, he just left the store, and was greeted by Alice.

She was holding a magnifying glass.

"What are you planning on doing with those? His highness isn't two inches tall, you know?" He asked, and Alice laughed in response.

" I'll have you, that I found a hair sample that looked an awful lot like the one I found on your floor, earlier. I'm just holding this for fun." She replied, and happiness filled Moonue's heart.

" A hair sample? Another one?" He asked in a way that made Alice laugh again.

Sure enough, Alice pulled out a plastic baggy. In it, two hairs that looked similar enough. Moonue almost kissed her, but didn't. His heart belonged to someone else. But he still hugged her.

" Easy! I don't want you getting too excited. I'm gonna go run some tests, and when I get back, I'll tell you if it's positive or not." She told him, and he thanked her over and over. Alice then took her leave, but Moonue didn't feel lonely.

But he knew that even of he did, that wouldn't be a problem, because soon enough he wouldn't be lonely anymore.


When we got back, I was happy that the car ride didn't consist of hitting, or any kind of abuse. Well, at least for the ride home.

I also have no idea how tomorrow will turn out.

Instead of getting out of the van, the one with the name Stephen (or at least I think so), handed me a chip. But right before I grabbed it, he yanked it back. I glared at him. I was ticked off. I mean, what kind of game is he playing? Then, he pulled out a tiny razor.

Fear filled my heart, and I assumed he read my mind mind. But no. At least I don't think he actually did.

He put the icy cold blade up to my skin, and I flinched when it touched me. He pushed the razor into the face of my palm, and blood started to come out of it. The pain wasn't that awful, but no one (except for masochists-to which I am not!) likes pain.

"Wait, stop! My hands are sen-" I tried to explain, but then blood started to pour out of my hands, making me scream in pain. Stephen pulled back a little.

" What the fucks wrong with you?" He asked me, and I glared at him.

" What do you mean, 'what's wrong with me?'? I'm bleeding out of my hands, dumb ass!" I told him, and he rose his hand to slap me. But then another man, I think one I saw earlier, grabbed it in mid air. Stephen threw a glare his way, to which he did not care.

"Just do what you're supposed to." He told Stephen, and I saw that Stephen was angry. Meanwhile, so am I. You know, the person gushing blood.

A second later, Stephen dropped a chip where he cut open.

I screamed in agony, and Stephen smirked. He didn't even know that my hands will started flowing blood, at the slightest pain. But I bet all my money in the world, that he'll use it against me now. The one man whose name I do not know, pulled out a cloth.

"Good luck. Blood shed hardly ever stops once opened." I told him, but he just ignored me and out the cloth around my hand. I didn't complain. Even though I don't want this freak any where near me. But I was chained to a post, in a van. My options of movement are limited.

I sat there, and willed the blood to stop. I am not looking forward to Stephen, using this to his advantage.

Finally, the blood stop. I didn't feel too sick. Well, until I looked at my hair. The gold had moved up an inch, and I fell back, passing out in the process. I knew I had lost a lot of blood, but I didn't think it was that bad.

I woke up where I usually wake up.

In the stupid cherry blossom field. Great. I looked at my hand, and it was stitched. I figured that none of them did it out of concern. Only necessity. I placed it on the ground, and pain filled my hand. I felt the blood rushing to it. I clutched onto my hand, with my free one.

"Stop, stop!" I demanded the blood, and it actually stopped. I sighed in relief, glad I wouldn't have a repeat of what happened. Then a face appeared in my head. It was my father. A woman was next to her. I don't know who it is, since they all look the same, but I assume that it's my mother. Moonue was next to her.

I closed my eyes, and wished I was someone else. Something I'm sure I'm going to continue doing.

I hated this. I hate hating things. I hate liking things. I'm kind of stupid.

I have no idea where I'm going, and I'm just going to sit around moping. But I don't want to. So, I must come up with a plan. There is a chance that Kaido isn't working for them. So maybe, I can spend the next few days trying to find out if he is or not. If he is, then I'll come up with a different plan. But if he isn't then I can make him help me.

Then again, if he wasn't working for them, then he should have recognized my face. I mean, I'm the prince for crying out loud.

So, I will make a plan if he is on their side.

If he is on their side then...I will turn them against each other. I will tell Kaido that Stephen said the plan is off, and then I'll tell Stephen that Kaido said the plan was off. Stephen will probably talk it over with him, and during that time, I'll run like hell.

But, what if he talks it over with Kaido and leaves me in the cherry blossom palace? I sat there. I looked to my left, and saw the materials that Kaido told me to study. Although I can look at them, I don't think much understanding will be happening. He didn't even tell me what the name's of the objects were. Sometimes, humans can be so stupid.

I hung one in front of my face. I tilted my head in many different directions, trying to understand the object.

Then, I turned it the other way around. Then it seemed to make more sense. It was about an inch long, and kind of oval shaped. It reminded me of a guitar pick. I flipped it like a coin, and it landed on my head.

"Ow!" I yelled, because it hurt a lot more than I had thought.

"Stupid thing!" I shouted, throwing it. Then I imagined Kaido. I smirked.

Haha. I broke your precious pick." I pretended to tell him. But, then I imagined him replying,

"Clearly I don't care for it much if I gave it to you." Then I grew pissed. I'm mad about Kaido saying something that he actually didn't say. Even though I find it oddly pathetic, I found myself picking up the stupid wind chime pick. I felt another presence join me, and I clutched the stupid pick in my hand.

It was Stephen, which was no shocker to me.

He walked over to me, and tossed a clip board over to me.

"That is where you will be tomorrow after you're done at the wind chime shop. You will also be there every day." He told me, and I glared. I hate things that beg at my attention. Which sucks when you're the prince.

I looked at the clip board, and cocked my head.

" Why there?" I asked, and Stephen threw a glare my way.

"Just do it, okay?" He asked in a sickening voice. It made me feel ill.

"Fine, fine. I'll go." I told him, wanting him to not stand his ground. Something about the way he spoke, wanted me to end it no matter what way I could. I felt I could kill him, just so I wouldn't have to hear it. Or let him kill me, and if he defeat me with just a voice, then I'll let him have this one.

Even though it is paining.

Stephen started to disappear.

"What, not in the mood for a chat today?" I asked, and he didn't even stay to yell at me. So, I just sat there as he left. Then, I felt odd at the position my leg was in. Both of legs were right next to my thighs. Of course I was on the ground, making it possible. But, I didn't know I had the ability.

I cocked my head, and tapped my leg. Then, I heard imagined a voice in my head.

"So, werewolves can do that?" I heard Kaido fake say, and I found myself standing a second later.

"No, no, no!" I repeated, and I started pacing. I'm not sure why I'm saying what I am, or why I am pacing. But sometimes, one learns that you must let your body do what it wants to. Because most of the time, it knows what you don't. So, I let my body pace. Until finally, I forced it to stop. I dropped to my knees.

I'm thinking too much. One must not be alone with their thoughts so much. They must not. They can not! It is intolerable, and suffocating.

" I'm so bored!" I shouted to the oncoming cherry blossoms. Then, one fell on my nose. I sighed a grumpy sigh, and let myself collapse on the ground. I swear, the worst part about being kidnapped is the boredom.

I opened my hand, and saw the stupid chime pick. I glared at it, but felt as if I was lying to myself a little. So I stopped.

I thought about my favorite room in my castle.

The waterfall room. I loved being there, but hated it for never being what I didn't want. I don't want it to be the room it is. I don't want to like it, but since it is what it is, I love it. Which, I hate. dilemma.