The sun had already set and the moon was high, but Violet and Elaine were still in the library. This was much harder than Violet had thought because she didn't know exactly what she was searching for. She searched for every demon she knew in hopes something could relate to Vanroth, but she found nothing. As she finished another unsuccessful search, she closed the book and placed her forehead upon the desk. She peeked over at Elaine. She seemed to have as much energy as ever. Maybe it was the dragon blood? She closed a book and stacked it on top of an already leaning piles of books then got up quickly and grabbed another one from an almost empty shelf. Violet sighed and got up, looking for another demonic book. Perhaps there was a demon she did not know about. One who was not classified as a demonic god but just a lord. She looked around the shelves in hopes to find a book of all demons, great and not. She spotted a book called The Empathetic Demons of the Underworld.

Empathetic? Violet questioned. She pulled it off the shelf and took it over the the desk. Elaine slammed another book onto a different stack and went over to the shelf to pick out another book.

"What does empathetic mean," Violet asked. Elaine looked at her as she was about to pull a book off of the shelf. She pushed it back in and walked over to Violet.

"It means emotional or feelings emotions, depending on your point of view," she answered, "why did you find something."

Elained looked at the book and then brought a chair closer.

"Interesting," she said, "Demon's are not supposed to have emotions other than hate and destruction."

Violet opened the book and read out loud.

"Demons of the underworlds are known for many things, but very few are known for feeling. Feeling emotions of love, sadness, splendor and other such emotions that only us mortals are aware of. Many do not believe it is possible that a demon can have affections towards another demon or of a mortal, but it is quite possible. Through my research, I have studied and found that there are demons under our mortal plain that long for love and other desires other than feed and the destruction of mortal souls."

"Th...that can't be possible," Elaine said. Violet began to turn the pages and take in the images of demons that were supposed to feel more mortal emotions. She saw a demon who only felt sadness. A demon who only feel happy, even when the world was dark in terror. A demon who was afraid of mortals and their souls and prayed off the animals instead. There were so many demons that neither of them thought existed.

"Wait," Elaine said as Violet prepared to turn the page, "Stop….its him."

Violet looked down at the page. Nathair was written over an image of a very frightening red and black demon, but it was too similar to Vanroth. The demon had a large head of a snake and a large body of a man. with gold colored in as the eyes. Even though it was only an image, Violet could feel the gaze. An all too familiar gaze.

"Nathair, is a demon not known to the world at all," Elaine read the text beside the image, "He has kept himself away from mortals, not wishing to deal with them other than to feed off of their souls. He sees us mortals nothing more than enjoyment and has taken many souls to torture endlessly to relieve his boredom. Though he despises mortals, he wishes to walk among them. Just like the other demons, Nathair is unable to step out onto the mortal plain, but there is only one true way for him to do so. He is the only demon powerful enough to bring a dark lord among us mortals who will either cause destruction or bring peace, depending on the willing soul."

Elaine gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. Violet decided to pick up where she left off.

"The Willing soul is a soul who accepts Nathair into him. It isn't just enough to be accepted but the body of the soul must die. Once death has taken place, Nathair and the willing soul will bond and the Dark Lord or Light Lord, Vanroth will emerge."

Elaine stood up and began to sob. Violet saw more text and was about to read until Elaine spoke.

"He had every right to hate us," Elaine began, "No one cared for him except for Norm, Ramone, and I. Helen didn't care, but he was so desperate for love he accepted her."

Violet realized that Elaine was talking about Jared, so she kept quiet.

"One night, Jared went missing, or supposedly. He went to the castle die. He was so ill and so weak, he accepted it was time, but...something happened. Norm didn't even know what could've happened but...he was healed. He felt better and he could do things. Ramone and Norm were still cautious with him, but Jared didn't care. He had strength and he used it. It was Nathair that gave him his strength then, I suppose."

Violet looked down at her dress. Elaine sniffed.

"I remember the day he told me he was going to be a father. 'Oh Elaine, I'm going to be a father. I'm going to be the best father the child ever will have. Whether a boy or girl, I will love them till the end of my days and then grant them strength after my passing.' I couldn't have children but Ramone chose to stay with me anyway. The advantages of love I suppose," Elaine smiled, "Jared wanted a girl more though. He wanted a daughter he could protect, cherish, and teach. Helen…she...wanted a boy. She had to have a boy. Helen was a council man's daughter so it was her duty to produce a boy to pass down the family name and titles of hers, and so she failed. Oh, but she was so beautiful. The baby girl was so beautiful, and Jared was so happy. He didn't put her down for the whole day she was born, making promises and giving kisses, we've never seen him so happy," she paused then took a breath, "Each evening for the next three days, he went and sang to her. She liked to hear him sing and it seemed like the only way she could sleep. On the last night, he walked in and saw Helen. At first he thought she had sang to her, that was until he saw a dark coloured bottle. The pain he must've felt...I couldn't imagine. What must've hurt him worse, was that she wasn't even sorry. She wanted to try again for a boy so she killed the girl. His girl. He had a dagger on him."

Violet's eyes shot up and him mouth opened slightly.

"Stabbed her right in the heart, or where her heart was supposed to be, and then….sliced all the way down. I was told it was a gruesome sight, but it was nothing more than she deserved."

Elaine growled the last word and Violet flinched a little. Elained turned around and looked at Violet.

"He was going to be arrested and executed. He wasn't of noble blood. He was an adopted child of Norms, he wasn't Daroon blood. He would've died that's what he did. He died. He threw himself from the window. Ramone and I were walking in the garden's that night, enjoying the summer moon and then...he fell right in front of us. I'm not sure what happened after that. I looked into Jared's lifeless eyes and watched as his blood ran through the pathway cracks, and I passed out. When I came too Ramone told me that a demon had taken hold of Jared's body before it grew cold and ran away. He spent days hunting the woods and nearly all of Daroon looking for Jared's body, but never found it. He didn't want to give up. I was already a dragon at the time, but Ramone had finally grown too old, so him and Norm conducted a spell. A spell that would make him stop aging and so he would live on, but the only disadvantage is his soul would not be welcomed in the heavens but in void. A between, a place for souls to go when they die long after their due date. They cheated their death and the gods so they are not welcome. Norm too. He's so old that it's doubtful he'll even be welcomed there."

Elaine and Violet remained silent for a while.
"I wanted nothing more to believe that he was...its horrible, but that he was a prisoner, not really this. Jared would never harm such, makes sense now. His care for women and children. Because of his own heart."

Violet stood up and approached Elaine.

"Maybe you're still right," Violet said, "Maybe he didn't bond. There's more text."

Elaine looked over at the book and a tear fell. She smiled and looked at Violet.

"You should get to bed now. Don't want you looking too tired for the nobles. Goodnight, Violet."

"Wait," Violet began but Elaine quickly left the library and shut the door behind her. Violet's arms dropped to the side and she went and sat back down in the chair. She looked at the image and growled.

"You are not Vanroth. You are not Jared. Let him go."

Violet looked back over the text and found the place where she left off and this time read it to herself.

"The bonding can be preformed while in a sleeping state as well, the soul just has to leave the body, but Nathair prefers the death. He wants a rebirth. Nathair is a very dramatic theatrical demon and wishes to create a scene. Nothing is more loved than Vanroth being born around a swarming group of people. However, the bonding can fail. Nathair may not wish to frighten the soul by mentioning such thing, or he may just wish to have the soul. Nathair is an empathetic demon and his emotions revolve around love and care, even though he does not wish to express these emotions towards mortals, a mortal can win his affections. Either he chooses this soul for the purpose of Vanroth alone, or because he has grown to care the mortal. Wishing to be showered with love and care from the mortal as the mortal wishes the same. Nathair can develop a type of bond with the soul that will allow Nathair to take place in the body instead, but he will not be Vanroth. He will have power and a human vessel that he can walk around in on the mortal plane, as well as his immortal properties of agelessness. Nathair is powerful and would much to invoke fear on us humans, but every now and again, a human wins his heart."

Violet smiled.

You could be alright. You could be there! Vanroth doesn't exist!

She marked the page and closed the book.

"I need to find Norm," She said as she got up with the book, "No, Elaine."

She swiftly left the library and made her way to Elaine's chambers. She ran fast and hard that when she was standing infront of the door, her breath was heavy. She thought to gain it back before knocking but thought against it and lightly knocked, not wanting to scare Elaine. Instead of Elaine, Ramone opened the door, surprised to see Violet. Violet swallowed.

"Where's Elaine," she asked.

"She's asleep. She came in quite upset and told me what you two found."

He looked at the book in Violet's hand and sighed.

"Don't give her hope that may not be there, she needs to accept it."

"No she doesn't," Violet said, "And neither do you. Nathair took your brother and made him believe no one could love him more."

Ramone shook his head.

"Get to bed, Violet," he said then closed the door. Violet's mouth fell open and she angrily stomped.

No one listens to me!

"Why are you always so pouty," came a dreadfully familiar voice. Violet looked over and saw Vanroth walking towards her. She backed up a couple of steps. Vanroth chuckled.

"I thought we were past that now," he said. He looked at the book and tilted his head.

"What on earth is that wretched thing," he asked.

"A book," Violet bit back.

"My could've confused me," Vanroth said, "About what exactly."

This time, Violet smiled a devious smile before she answered.


Violet dashed and ran down the hall. She needed to get to Norm and she wasn't going to let anyone stop her. She was unsure if Vanroth was chasing her, or if he even thought about going after her, but she didn't really care. She hoped it filled his fake heart with fear that Violet knew. Violet knew that Vanroth was Nathair and that Jared was still an imprisoned soul.

She passed and bumped into servants and guards, apologizing when she could, as long as it wasn't going to slow her down.

Why does Norm has to sleep so far away!

"Violet," she heard his voice. She halted and then looked back and saw Norm approaching. He had quite a frightening look upon his face.

"What's the matter, Violet," he asked, "What's wrong."

"I know," she spoke, "I know who Vanroth really is. Elaine was right! Jared is imprisoned, though he may not know it."

Norm's eyes widened.

"I ran into him and I said I knew and I ran. I wasn't sure if he came after me to stop me from telling you but I had to run in case."

"Alright, alright," Norm said, "Come, lets go to my room. I didn't see him anywhere and I want you to tell me everything.